Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Libra November 1 - November 18

Mercury exits Virgo on November 1, leaving his own earth sign where he's been stationed for the past 10 weeks, including his recently exciting retrograde period. As Mercury enters into Libra, we could feel a shift from a time of review, analysis and harvest toward a short period where Mercury could help us to inject new life into our interpersonal communication. Libra, ruled by Venus, is a friendly sign for Mercury, so we can use these first few weeks of November to share with others how we are feeling and to speak in a compassionate way within relationship. I stress compassion, because the other two planets that are located in Libra when Mercury enters are the Sun and Mars, both masculine, fiery, self-centered planets. Be aware in communication that receptiveness, sensitivity and listening are half the job. As I mentioned last month, until November 6 Kala Sarpa Yoga is in effect, meaning that all of the planets are hemmed in between the Moon's nodes.

Mars Transits Scorpio November 8 - December 18

Mars transits his own water sign, Scorpio, from November 8 - December 18. When we find Mars in a place of power for himself, as he is in his own signs of Aries or Scorpio, or when he's in his sign of exaltation, Capricorn, we have the opportunity to use the initiative and drive of Mars to our advantage in directing our own power. We also run the risk of unconsciously using Mars' energy in a harmful way through misplaced aggression, anger or vengeful behavior. Scorpio shows the underbelly of Mars energy, and reflects how we can place our power "below the surface." This could include things such as exploration of the subconscious, expression of deep or hidden feelings, or exploitation of resources that must be excavated, such as coal or oil. Mars in Scorpio during this period will act rather independently: neither giving or receiving aspects to the other planets. This would be a good period to work through issues that exist below the surface, to lay groundwork for projects that involve the organization of power or resources, or to explore new areas of life that involve digging deeply.

Venus Transits Sagittarius November 8 - December 2

While Venus isn't technically in a friendly sign while transiting Jupiter's fire sign of Sagittarius, we must keep in mind that it is Jupiter's sign (Jupiter being the most auspicious of the planets) and that she will join Jupiter himself in that sign. This will be Jupiter's last full month of occupation of his own sign before he moves on into Capricorn in December. Sagittarius is a sign associated with expansion, spiritual growth and adventure. A nice image for Venus in Sagittarius is of a graceful woman stepping aboard a train with her fancy luggage, embarking upon a journey, filled with faith that her capacity for relating to others and finding the beauty in the world will see her through any rough spots she may encounter in uncharted territory. This could signal a time for exploration of new relationships, for beginning an adventurous approach to creative projects, or to connect with a beautiful new aspect of a spiritual journey. Venus, like Mars during this time, will be operating independently, receiving no negative aspects from other planets, while at the same time being gently supported by the ultimate guide, Jupiter.

Full Moon in Aries November 12

The Moon reaches fullness during the evening of Wednesday, November 12, at about 27° of Mars' fire sign, Aries. This is the culmination of the New Moon cycle begun on October 28. The full Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Krittika, which means "razor" and is ruled by Agni, the god of fire. This nakshatra rules battles and disputes and has the capacity to destroy and burn up negativity, providing a place to purify that which has been tainted by undue hostility and to nurture the growth of that which is wholesome or righteous. Use the span of time between October 28 and November 12, when the Moon is waxing, to begin and work through a project or effort to identify that which needs cleansing or purification and which culminates in an event which provides the fire to burn away the negativity surrounding a situation.

Jupiter Aspects Saturn November 14 - November 24

While Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and Saturn has been stationed in Leo, Jupiter has aspected Saturn in general, but this aspect will be exact during the ten day period between November 14-24. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, while Saturn represents contraction. Interestingly, during this short period, Saturn will be directly aspecting the Sun and Mercury as they move through the final degrees of Libra. Saturn provides the energy of restraint upon ego-centered communication and action within relationship, which could be helpful, but which may also feel confining as we try to reach out to others. Ultimately, it will be a positive energy, especially as Jupiter then provides the energy of expansion onto Saturn, which could ultimately lead to positive growth surrounding communication and self-expression within the arena of relationship. Venus' proximity to Jupiter further solidifies this potential. In short, we have the chance to replace selfish modes of expression within relationship with more positive, open and compassionate ways of sharing with and receiving from others. A valuable lesson for all to take advantage of.

Sun Transits Scorpio November 16 - December 15

The Sun joins his buddy Mars in Scorpio mid-month, escaping the restraining aspect of Saturn and freeing himself up to self-express at will. The Sun will bring even more firepower to Mars' underground pursuits during his annual trip through Scorpio. This is good energy for entering new territory with a pioneering and independent spirit. Watch out for the potential of an overly self-centered perspective or for insensitivity to the needs of others as you forge ahead on your path. There is a fine line between taking care of yourself and bulldozing over others on the way.

Kala Sarpa Yoga in Effect November 19 - December 2

This is the condition that was mentioned in last month's forecast that occurs when all of the planets are positioned in between the Moon's nodes, Ketu and Rahu. Kala Sarpa Yoga translates literally to "time snake union," and gives the feeling that events occurring within that time frame are powered by fate or destiny. It's difficult during this type of planetary configuration to feel like we have power over our own lives. Pressures or events from outside ourselves, combined with our own inherent tendencies can make us feel somewhat out of control. As mentioned before, Kala Sarpa Yoga is in effect during the beginning of the month as well, from October 23 – November 6, so it should be fascinating to witness the events surrounding the US Presidential election. This is a good time to reflect upon the palpable sense of fear that seems to be seething from the pores of the United States itself at this time. Many people feel powerless to direct their own lives and frustrated at the seeming lack of choice for positive change; the declining economy, the run-away stock market, and the dirty nature of the election campaigns seem to be squelching any hope that things will improve in the foreseeable future. It seems that there is not much to be done but to surrender to the nature of the situation and to build a positive framework within that includes intention to participate in activities that honor and serve the highest good of all. Succumbing to fear and negativity will only fuel the feelings of powerlessness that seem to be dragging people's hopes for the future through the mud.

Mercury Enters Scorpio November 20

Fleet as ever, Mercury quickly tours through Scorpio from November 20 – December 8, passing by the Sun on November 26 and Mars on November 29, making up for the time he spent dallying in Virgo during the autumn. His exit from Libra takes him out from under Saturn's influence as well, so we may feel the lines of communication open up a bit during this time. That means we'll be on our own as far as thinking before we speak and using responsible communication, since cranky old Saturn won't be watching everything that comes out of our mouths. Mercury in Scorpio could be helpful in conveying some of the feelings and findings that Mars and the Sun may be unearthing from the depths. Do be careful of the harmful potential of words during this time.

New Moon in Scorpio November 27

The new Moon occurs at 11° of Scorpio on Thanksgiving day, putting the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all within three degrees of one another. This new lunar cycle is begun under the auspices of the nakshatra Anuradha, which is symbolized by a lotus and ruled by Mitra, the god of friendship. Honoring others, both friends and family, is the focus of Anuradha, and seems appropriate for a Thanksgiving celebration. Gratitude for our connections with others could be an excellent balm to the turbulent times that may occur due to the nature of the Kala Sarpa Yoga. This could also make things touchy with family situations, as deeply seated feelings could rise to the surface due to the Scorpionic nature of this new Moon. Be kind, careful and loving as you attempt to connect with friends and family during this time. Anuradha is also associated with appetite as well as stomach and digestive ailments, so restraint is recommended during this time of feast.

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