Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Transits Cancer May 1 - June 22

The red planet actually moves into the Moon's sign of Cancer on April 28, kicking off the first planetary shift that marks May as a time for change. Mars' position in Gemini for the past six months has provided a good backdrop for work, communication and forward motion, especially as Mars enjoyed the beneficial aspect of Jupiter during that time.

I talked a bit last month about planetary debility. To shortly re-cap, Mars' presence in Cancer will provide us the opportunity to fit our Mars' qualities like power, leadership, aggression and building into what we consider as our home, nest, and place of nurture (Cancer.) While this is a great position for a remodel job, it doesn't necessarily make for a peaceful, quiet home. Plan accordingly.

Saturn Resumes Direct Motion May 3

Saturn completes a five month-long retrograde cycle on May 3, resuming direct motion at about 8° Leo. Saturn's proximity to the moon's south node, Ketu, has created quite an interesting condition during the past nine months. Both Saturn and Ketu are planets that cause isolation and separation, and may have had their hand in whatever difficult events and situations may have arisen in the recent past. Saturn's direct motion will increase the gap between him and the south node, perhaps alleviating some of the intensity of their conjunction. The forward motion of deliberate Saturn should also unlock events that may have created stagnancy or too much focus on past events. Saturn will remain in Leo until September 2009, including another retrograde cycle in early 2009. Saturn's somewhat malefic tendencies will continue to be tempered by the beneficial aspect of Jupiter through November 2008. Perhaps that will have some bearing on the outcome of the presidential race.

Rahu/Ketu Enter Capricorn/Cancer May 5

The shadowy planets that are known as Rahu and Ketu, the Moon's nodes, change signs on May 5. The nodal axis always moves retrograde through the zodiac, so we see the north node, Rahu, moving from Aquarius into Capricorn and Ketu moving from Leo to Cancer. The nodes take about 18 months to move backwards through one sign of the zodiac, so they will remain in these signs until November 2009. Rahu's influence draws our energy out into the world: it is the force that causes us to desire participation in our collective reality. Through Rahu, we explore the aspect of ourselves that seeks to further our connection with the world "outside" our skins. Rahu will be occupying Capricorn, Saturn's earth sign that is the realm of practical manifestation. This could be quite a good 18-month period for starting, building, or maintaining a business or similar enterprise. Wise planning, hard work, and patience will be required, and remember to consider the mass culture (Rahu) when making decisions. On the other hand, Ketu, the Moon's south node, represents the energy that draws us within, that separates us from the group mind, that seeks enlightenment from within the body/heart/mind. This is an interesting energy to combine with Cancer, the sign of home and family. The next year and a half could be a good time to explore the balance between taking care of oneself and allowing oneself to be nourished by others. The desire to withdraw may be prevalent during this transit. In mid-June, Mars and Ketu will move into conjunction. This could be an explosive combination on the home front.

New Moon in Aries May 5

The new Moon occurs at about 22° Aries on Monday morning, May 5. The Sun and Moon will be loosely joined by Venus, who occupies an earlier portion of Mars' fire sign. This could help Mars feel ever so slightly better after his recent move into his sign of debilitation, but he can be peevish, as we know. At any rate, this would be a good day to put into action your carefully planned strategy to be ready for all of the stuff Mars may stir up in your home/house/office/store/town/country/planet. This new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Bharani, which means "she who bears." The image of a pregnant woman comes to mind, which is symbolic of many things, including the creative force of the union of male and female as well as the common burden that we all carry as human beings. An additional factor to the usual intensity of Bharani is that the Sun is exalted while in Bharani, which really should help Mars keep his composure. That said, feel the passion of life and allow yourself to become a channel for creative energy and soldierly forebearance such that you may mount the wave created by all of these planetary shifts, much as the Silver Surfer would.

Jupiter Retrograde May 10 - September 8

When planets appear to go retrograde through the zodiac, they are at a place in their orbits around the Sun that brings the planets a bit closer to Earth. Perhaps not so much that we can feel emanations coming from the actual planet any better, but enough to observe, symbolically, at least. Jupiter retraces his steps through the latter part of Sagittarius for the next four months and continues to benefit the signs of Sagittarius, Aries and Leo with his influence. Jupiter's location in his own sign only amplifies his already groovy vibes. So, in the face of change, or difficulty, Jupiter provides us faith, hope, and truth. He reminds us of the inherent abundance of our planet as well as the boundless reaches of space which cradle us in our evolution. For those of you who like Hindu deities, this planetary configuration is a favorite of Ganesh.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 19

May's full moon occurs on the evening of Monday, May 19 in the early degrees of Scorpio. Here we have the Moon in its place of debilitation, with the Moon's lord, Mars (ruler of Scorpio) also in debilitation in Cancer. The aspect of Venus, Sun and Mercury from Taurus only help marginally to uplift the condition of the Moon. This may be a time of intense passion, extreme emotional sensitivity and short temper. Friction within relationship may present itself, so plan on setting a mellow scene with a minimum of pressure or hurry. Make sure to create outlets for any frustrated Mars/Venus energy such as: exercise, sports, dancing, art or music.

Venus Transits Taurus May 19 - June 13

Venus transits her own earth sign between May 19-June 13. Amidst the various shifting planets during this month, Venus' occupation of her own sign could act as a great grounding wire. Venus here reminds us to enjoy the fruits of the earth as well as one another (for we are also fruits of the earth.) Taurus represents the perfumed madness of the earth in springtime, the inspiration to love, to enjoy, to glorify. Just remember, no matter how unsettled or nasty things can get, a bit of good food and gathering with friends reminds us of how simply beautiful life can be.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus May 27 - June 19

Just as we are getting settled in with our new Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu positions, our neighbor, little Mercury, will take us with him on his second retrograde cycle of 2008, this time in Venus' earth sign, Taurus. It's quite as if Mercury noticed that Venus entered the scene and decided to turn around for a quick rendezvous. All of the same things apply while Mercury retraces his steps through Taurus: double check plans, backup important data, ensure good working order of machines, expect delays and snags. Most important though, is to Slow Down. When you feel yourself splitting into two directions, multitasking, trying to accomplish too much in a short time, just cock your head to the left and listen for that sweet call of the earth, draw a deep breath and smell the life of the planet surge forth from all around you. This would be a good time to edit, polish and finish projects of an artistic or poetic nature, to enjoy good food, and to smell the blossoms.

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