Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Taurus June 3

The New Moon occurs mid-day on June 3 at about 19° of Venus' earth sign, Taurus. At this time, we see a small group of planets in Taurus, including the Sun and Moon closely followed by Venus, as well as retrograde Mercury coming back toward them. The new Moon joined by the ruler of the sign in which it occurs is quite auspicious, and for us marks a new lunar cycle which would be excellent for creativity and physical manifestation. This new moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Rohini, ruled by the Moon itself and marked by the red star, Aldebaran. Rohini fosters growth, creativity and fertility, and its energy promotes these qualities. Now is the time to conceive and manifest changes and growth materially, but toward an ultimately spiritual end. Be careful what you wish for...

Also, a reminder that Mercury retrograde is in effect during this time. Mercury in this state can often cause delays, changeable plans, and other obstacles to connection between people (or computers), exchange and movement. Mercury retrograde times aren't always the best for signing contracts or making big deals. Take your time and prepare the groundwork for your new creative endeavors carefully. Expect reversals and the unexpected.

Venus Enters Gemini June 13

Venus bows gracefully out of her own party on June 13, moving into Mercury's sign, Gemini. This puts Mercury and Venus into an exchange of signs that will last through July 6, and really creates a lovely, supporting environment for creativity, relationship and all forms of communication. So we've got that going for us. Mercury and Venus are naturally friends, so they both function well while in the sign of the other. Harmonious occupation, we could call it. This should help ameliorate any Mercury retrograde-related calamities that may arise. Use Venus' compassion to soothe the ruffled feathers of confusion. Express yourself, remember that communication is a two-way street (at least!), and take it slowly. This kind of sweet discipline could come in really handy in the times to come.

Sun Enters Gemini June 14

The Sun follows close on Venus' heels into Gemini, somewhat overpowering her subtle charms with his effulgent manner. It will be an effort for us to access Venus and her abilities to relate as the Sun generously reminds us of how luminous our own soul's purpose may be. The Sun, although with good intent, can sometimes create a bit of ego when it comes to communication or relating to others. Beware the tendency to put oneself into the center of attention during interactions with others as the Sun journeys through Gemini. Put your shades on so that you can work with that Venus-Mercury energy.

Mars and Ketu Conjunction June 15

Between June 10-20, Mars and Ketu will pass by one another. Watch out for a possibly explosive encounter on June 15 at about 26° Cancer, the Moon's water sign, when the conjunction is exact. Mars and Ketu are both intense, fiery forces that when combined can create intense and fiery situations. (They conjuncted in the fiery sign of Sagittarius on September 11, 2001.) This time around, they will be in a watery sign. We could see more of that Hawaiian volcano action, other tectonic activity that affects the water, or more likely, as Mars is so human in temperament, we could see man made violence that affects the Home, which the sign Cancer represents. At any rate, watch for volatility coming from what are generally considered as safe, nurturing places. Examine the root of situations and feelings, as there is quite likely something to be addressed deep down, that unheeded, could cause a ruckus.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 18

A strong, beneficial full Moon comes our way on the evening of June 18. The Moon joins retrograde Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius, which should be quite a lovely site to behold. The Moon reaches fullness at about 4° Sagittarius, in the fiery nakshatra of Mula. This could channel a bit of that fire created by Mars and Ketu who are currently occupying the Moon's sign, Cancer. At any rate, a dynamic atmosphere could be ours as we have Jupiter and the Moon opposing the Sun and Venus in the moveable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. There is much more a chance for motion and change than stagnancy as we sail through mid-June.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion June 19

Mercury stops in his tracks on June 19 and begins marching to the beat of the universal drummer once again at about 19° Taurus. Up until this time, we may experience some of the wild and quirky antics Mercury can pull on our daily routines when he goes retrograde. Take it slow and try to find the humor in the delays and obstructions that come your way. By the end of June, any chance of Mercury's antics interfering with the smooth running of things should have passed. Forward movement on projects that involve communication and precision will be much easier as the month matures. Signing of contracts and important business moves should be safe by about June 25.

Mars Enters Leo June 22

Mars' tour through Cancer, his sign of debility, as well as his mid-month conjunction with Ketu, is providing us with some rough road, so we can expect a slight improvement in conditions as Mars enters Leo on June 22. Don't get too excited, however, because Mars will quickly move into conjunction with Saturn, which becomes exact on July 10. Mars passes through Leo in about six weeks this time, and it should create an interesting dynamic. Mars likes to move, build and exercise power, while Saturn tends to stop, destroy and retain energy. There could be a push-pull feeling that interferes with our getting things done. On one hand, we may feel ready to blaze forward bravely, while on the other hand, we may allow fear and doubt to creep in and whisper in our ears. The good news is that these two malefic planets from their position in Leo won't aspect any of the other major planets, so if we can isolate our conflicting feelings and control them from within, we still have the support of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury to help us maintain balance and a sense of hope.

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