Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Gemini July 2

The new lunar cycle begins on the evening of July 2, in Mercury's air sign, Gemini. There are a few very harmonious aspects to this new Moon. First, Venus is located with the Sun and Moon, and is currently in an exchange of signs with Mercury, who is positioned in Taurus, a domain owned by Venus. This brings the capacity for compassion, communication, creativity, and exchange into the prospects for undertakings begun during this new Moon. Additionally, Jupiter, retrograde and in his own sign of Sagittarius, aspects the Sun, Moon and Venus, bringing in abundance and evolution into the mix. The lunar mansion within Gemini that contains this new Moon is called "Ardra," which is connected with expansion, brash activities and effort. The lesson of this nakshatra is that wielding power is a double edged sword that can both harm and benefit, and that humility and gratitude can aid in mastering the use of power. So, it would be a good starting time for projects that require a burst of effort, especially with other people. There is very little in the way of negative influence on the Moon during this time, which generally makes it easier to relate to others. She's also gracefully bowed out of the night sky just in time to make it nice and dark for fireworks.

Venus Enters Cancer July 6

Venus moves out of Gemini and into the Moon's sign of Cancer, a less optimal position. Cancer is not a friendly sign for Venus, and she will also be aspected by Rahu and Ketu, which can be hard on any planet. Venus transits through Cancer rather quickly, moving into Leo on August 1, and making an exact conjunction with Ketu on July 28. This transit may elicit the need to draw inward, the desire to nest and connect with the home and family. There could also be difficulty in relationships, especially around the time of the Venus-Ketu conjunction at toward month's end. Venus has some challenges ahead of her in the months to come, as she moves through Cancer and then through Leo, conjuncting with Saturn in August. Remember that Venus represents our capacity to find love, pleasure and beauty in the world, and that we don't necessarily need to quest much farther than our own yard to find those Venusian treasures.

Mercury Transits Gemini July 7 - July 23

Mercury, the representative of quick movement, intellectual thought, communication and trade, runs quickly through his own air sign, Gemini, from July 7-23. This will be a good time to write, speak, learn and travel. It should feel particularly freeing after the mucky Mercury retrograde period that May-June offered.

Mars-Saturn Conjunction July 10

First off, you may want to review what I said last month about Mars entering Leo. On that note, I look forward to seeing how Mars and Saturn's meeting will go. The last time they met, it was in the sign of Cancer in June 2006. Conflict is common when Mars and Saturn conjunct; it is the fundamental conflict that arises between traditional cultures (Saturn) and "pioneer" cultures (Mars). We see that conflict reflected in the wars that have been ongoing in the Middle East and Afghanistan. This particular meeting occurs in the Sun's sign of Leo, which is the domain of rulers, nobility, leadership and centralized government. We could definitely see some action this month that manifests as flare ups of that fundamental Mars-Saturn conflict, especially in the arena of government. For example, the Prime Minister of Nepal just stepped down in a gesture that was meant to appease the newly elected Communist party majority, only one month after the country elected to officially depose the monarchy. Score one point for Mars.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 18

Very early in the morning of Friday July 18, the Moon enters the sign of Capricorn into opposition with the Sun (which we know as a Full Moon) in Cancer. The Sun will have recently joined Venus and Ketu in Cancer. There is always a bit of crazy making when the Moon and Rahu combine, things do tend to get a bit fiery when the Sun and Ketu combine, and Venus' presence in the mix won't do much to calm things down, unfortunately. At least Jupiter is aspecting Saturn-Mars and neither Saturn and nor Mars are aspecting anyone else. So, it could be a wild ride. Perhaps something exciting will happen re: Election '08, as Barack Obama has a pretty strong Cancer/Capricorn thing going in his birth chart. Have fun, be safe!

Venus-Ketu Conjunction July 27

Sunday, July 27 has the potential to be a pleasantly interesting day. Venus and Ketu will conjunct exactly at about 24° Cancer, with the Sun and Mercury also located in Cancer. This could be a great day for opening new dialogs within your family unit, for getting in touch with deeper levels of your own self, and for compassionate communication in general. I see this conjunction as Venus passing by and lending her energy to Ketu, which is really just a point in space that marks where eclipses become possible. Five days later, the Moon will reach this point, and we will experience a total solar eclipse on August 1. Stay tuned to find out more about the astrological implications of that eclipse.

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