Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

January 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Sagittarius January 8

The first new moon of 2008 occurs in the auspicious sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter's fire sign. The meeting of Sun and Moon this month occurs at about 23°, in the lunar mansion called Purva Ashada, which means “the undefeated.” This nakshatra is energetic and invigorating, and can aid in improving life's situations. The presence of Jupiter in his own sign, at a respectful distance from the new Moon, lends a positive, expansive quality to any ventures begun during this time. Retrograde Mars from the early degrees of Gemini is the only aspect to the new Moon this month, and will lend a further spurt of energy to what we begin. Sagittarius is both an adventurous and philosophical sign, so this may be a good lunar cycle to shoot for the moon.

Sun Enters Capricorn January 15

The Sun joins Mercury in Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, on January 15. These two planets are currently the only solar system representatives to occupy any earth signs at this time, so look to your soul and your mind for an earth connection this month. Capricorn is a realm of hard work, deliberation, and tenacity, and is an excellent field for setting, working toward, and accomplishing goals. The only effect from other planets on Capricorn during this time is, again, from Mars. This is actually a favorable influence, given that Mars is exalted in Capricorn; Mars loves to inject his power and energy into situations where he can actually get some work done in a substantial way. This configuration gives us a hearty nudge in the direction of gaining ground for some serious work. The influence of Sun and Mars direct us toward individual effort and determination, while the influence of Mercury allows us to share our progress in group situations. It's sometimes refreshing to get serious after all of that holiday fun and celebration. This could be one of those times.

Venus Enters Sagittarius January 19

On Saturday, January 19, we see Venus enter Sagittarius to join Jupiter in his own fire sign. Venus moves into a direct opposition with Mars from Gemini, so that should create some amount of passionate tension for a couple of weeks. Venus is a bit out of her element in an unfriendly sign, so we may feel a bit awkward and challenged socially or relationally as Venus makes her way through Sagittarius, through mid-February. Part of the challenge may be to institute some changes or make some moves, inspired by the mutable natures of Sagittarius and Gemini. Pay attention to the way you receive and project love during the month between mid-January and mid-February. Don't resist change and be open to creating a new set of guidelines for how to relate to others. It may seem scary, but Jupiter will be with you, and you couldn't ask for a better guide in new territory.

Full Moon in Cancer January 22

The Moon reaches the peak of her cycle early in the morning of Tuesday, January 22 in her own sign of Cancer. The Moon is at her strongest when full and quite enjoys being positioned in her own sign. She directly reflects the light of the Sun, still located in Capricorn, and also exchanges influence with Mercury, still transiting Capricorn. The Moon is a representation of the mother archetype, and signifies our emotional mind and feeling nature (as opposed to Mercury, who rules our informational mind.) This full Moon will most likely be inspiring to all who have significant planets located in either Cancer or Capricorn. With the inspiration comes some amount of seriousness; viewing the Moon that night, you will see that she is flanked by Mars (Retrograde in Gemini) and Saturn (Retrograde in Leo.) The comfort that the Moon gives us could be somewhat influenced by Mars and Saturn, who both have the reputation of being difficult in their own unique ways. Let's keep in mind all of that positive hard work that Mercury and the Sun are about in Capricorn, and let's look to the support of Mars and Saturn to keep us focused on our goals. Find comfort in the fact that the planets are forming up to help you get some things done and to make you feel at home in the midst of forward movement.

Mercury Retrograde January 29 - February 19

Mercury jumps on the Retrograde bandwagon on Tuesday, January 29, while at 29° Capricorn. Apparently, he feels there is just more work to be done, as he doubles back on the path he just carved. Mercury will move back to the middle of Capricorn by the time he finishes his three-week retrograde period on February 19. One can always expect some forms of communication or transportation breakdown during Mercury retrograde cycles, however, experience has shown that these types of mishaps are somewhat reduced when Mercury does his thing in an earth sign, which is the case for this cycle. Nonetheless, exercise caution and deliberation when communicating, traveling, or clicking your mouse during this few weeks. Mercury is located in Saturn's sign, and we all know how merciless Saturn can be when we move carelessly and frivolously about. Keep your nose to the grindstone, but make sure you have the safety guard in place.

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