Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Resume Direct Motion February 1

Mars finishes his 2.5 month retrograde cycle at 0° of Mercury's air sign, Gemini, on February 1. This past couple of months may have felt like a period of planning or review on the work front. With Mars resuming his direct path through the zodiac, we may also gain the benefit of true forward motion in the work arena, or anywhere that we apply our personal power and effort. Mars will work his way through Gemini for the next three months, making his total stay in that sign over six months long! This indicates that there is work to be done for all in the realm of communication, computing technology, real estate, business, and networking. Whatever has been pending in those areas of life will now get a chance to move forward with vitality and purpose. The time for editing, rehearsing and review has passed. Move forward and apply your energy to enacting the planning you have been doing. The power of Mars leads us to planting seeds and cultivation such that we may see the sprouts that spring brings by April.

New Moon in Capricorn February 6

The February new Moon occurs at about 24° Capricorn on the evening of Wednesday, February 6. The influence of Saturn, through ownership of Capricorn, will encourage patience and perseverance, and the conjunction of the new Moon with retrograde Mercury will further encourage a slow, cautious approach to daily matters. The new Moon falls in the lunar mansion named Dhanishtha, which translates as "the star of symphony." Dhanishtha's territory covers the constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin, which spans the latter part of Capricorn and the first part of Aquarius. Dhanishtha encourages the gathering of resources for the common good and also unifies people toward a singular purpose. It would be a good time to begin beating the drums, and rallying forces toward whatever cause or purpose you may have. The newly forward motion of Mars will assist in this conception, as he is also the ruler of Dhanishtha. Dhanishtha supports activities such as learning or practicing music, study of medicine, or beginning a journey.

This new Moon also marks the first solar eclipse of 2008, which will be visible from places in the southern hemisphere. This is an annular eclipse, which means that a ring of the Sun will be visible behind the Moon as the Moon passes in front of the Sun.

Venus Enters Capricorn February 12

Venus begins her 3.5 week transit through Saturn's earth sign on February 12. Venus and Saturn are natural friends, so this is a comfortable position for her to work her compassionate magic. Venus is our archetype of love, beauty and relationship with others, and she encourages us to ever find natural balance within our life activities. Her travel through Capricorn shows us that we need to maintain balance by staying grounded, find work that has meaning for us, and pay attention to how our actions affect our relationships with others. She encourages us to bring aesthetics and grace into whatever our work may currently be. Keeping beauty as an ideal can sometimes be challenging where Mars' influence is present, which is the case as he currently aspects Venus in Capricorn from Gemini. Do not sacrifice beauty for power. Find the balance and negotiate for it.

Sun Enters Aquarius February 13

The Sun departs Capricorn and enters Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, on February 13. With this, we gear up for a succession of planets passing through an interesting place in the next couple months. The nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, the shadowy, mysterious "planets" that wield immense karmic force, are currently located in the early degrees of Aquarius and Leo, respectively. Since the nodes move backwards through the zodiac at all times, that means they are coming close to changing signs, which will occur during the first week of May. So, we have the next few months to tie up any pressing karmic business that may come our way from the nodal axis occupying Aquarius-Leo. To this excitement, we note that Saturn is retrograde through late April in the first half of Leo. That means that the Sun will pass into a conjunction with Rahu and an opposition with Ketu and Saturn as he passes into Aquarius during mid-February. Saturn's influence on the Sun may create some difficulties through the latter part of February. Both the Sun and Saturn are known for their energy to cause separation, so we may be faced with some type of personal loss, which although painful, may also clear the way for new situations.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion February 19

Mercury, our fast-moving messenger, ends his first retrograde cycle of 2008 on February 19 in the middle of Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn. Remember to use the same caution with all things communication, schedule and travel-related for at least another week after direct motion is resumed. Mercury's position in deliberate and serious Capricorn underscores that advice. Take it slow, premeditate word and deed, and avoid starting or signing anything to do with a Big Deal. Doing this will take concerted effort, because a voice in your gut named Mars will be pushing you forward impatiently. Resist the urge to plunge ahead without care, at least through month's end.

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo February 20

The Moon becomes full during the evening of Wednesday, February 20 in the sign of Leo, flanked by Ketu (south node) and retrograde Saturn. We will also experience a full lunar eclipse this night, visible from most parts of the Americas and Western Europe. The shadowy planets, Rahu and Ketu, are actually points in space that mark where eclipses will occur when the Sun and Moon reach those points. Ancient cultures regarded eclipses with awe and woe, as the illumination of the Sun and Moon was visibly extinguished. This is why the nodes of the moon are regarded, at least astrologically, as mysterious and wild forces that seem to act of their own accord, disregarding our own personal effort and will. The Moon, Ketu, and Saturn all conjoin this night in the lunar mansion called Magha, which translates as "the great." This nakshatra is associated with royalty, ancient traditions, leadership, and lineage. We may see activities during this time which can destroy or suppress these factors. This could be both positive, in the possible destruction of outmoded leadership or traditions, and negative, in the removal of mechanisms that are put into place to protect and guide humanity. We may experience some interesting election-related events during this time. On a personal level, events could occur that stir things up in whatever ares of life are indicated by Aquarius and Leo in our own birth charts.

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