Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Cancer/Full Solar Eclipse August 1

August offers us two new Moons, the first of which occurs in the Moon's own sign of Cancer on August 1. The monthly conjunction of Sun and Moon is joined by Mercury and Ketu, the south node of the Moon. New Moons and Full Moons that conjunct with Rahu and Ketu result in eclipses, and parts of the world will get a chance to see the full solar eclipse that occurs this month. The ancients viewed eclipses as ominous signs of calamity or hardship. What essentially occurs is that the shadowy planets, Rahu and Ketu occult the light and power of our major luminaries, the Sun and Moon, which represent the self and the mind. With these lights dampened, the nodes have a chance to channel subtle and unseen energies that can interfere with the normal routine of life. Therefore, it is not recommended to participate in important worldly matters at eclipse times, for example to schedule a surgery or to sign a contract. It is a better time for reflection on the unseen and mysterious aspects of life.

The new Moon occurs at about 16° Cancer, in the lunar mansion of Pushya, which means "to nourish," and generally has the distinction of creating abundance, stability, and tranquility. The action of eclipse in this domain may create rather feelings of lack, famine, and insecurity. It may be difficult to start new ventures this month due to the eclipse factor.

Venus Transits Leo August 1 - August 25

Just before the Sun and Moon join, Venus will have moved from Cancer into Leo, where she will pass by Saturn on August 13 and then enter Virgo on August 25. Venus' presence in Leo should be a positive turn for the Sun's sign, which has been the location of some rather difficult conjunctions during the past six months. Those people whose charts have strong placements on the Leo-Aquarius axis may have especially felt the difficulty and turbulence created by the Ketu-Saturn and then the Saturn-Mars conjunctions. Venus will offer some solace to Saturn and Leo as she transits through, offering her beauty and compassion. Although Venus is not at her best in Leo, the combination serves well for socializing and celebration.

Mercury Transits Leo August 7 - July 25

Mercury makes a quick jaunt through Leo during August, getting far enough ahead of the Sun to actually express himself without getting drowned in the light and power of the day star. He chases Venus through the Sun's sign, finally catching up to her as they enter Virgo together on August 25. Mercury and Venus are natural friends, and Mercury tends to be easily influenced by other planets. (“Oh, it doesn't matter to me, I'll do whatever you want to do!”) Mercury and Venus acting together may be able to soothe, rearrange and generally ameliorate the ruffled feathers of the Leo-Aquarius axis that has been under duress these past months. August 13-15 is a time when Mercury, Venus and Saturn will be conjunct in Leo, which could afford a sense of healing and harmony.

Mars Enters Virgo August 10

Mars leaves Saturn and the sign of Leo behind on August 10, where he makes camp in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, for about seven weeks. This is an excellent placement for getting things done, especially in the realm of agriculture, information technology, social networking, science and the healing arts. The combination of Mercury and Mars energy is essential for many of our modern-day pursuits that involve communication and technology. We should also finally feel some peace due to the passing of the tension created by the Mars-Saturn conjunction which occurred during June/July. Mars' confidence and fire may assist in plunging forward into action despite feelings of fear or insecurity that may have arisen due to the eclipse/new Moon on August 1.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 14

The Moon reaches full at about 28° of Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, on the evening of August 14. The full Moon's beneficent gaze aspects the Sun and Saturn located in Leo, making this somewhat of a fiery full Moon. The Moon is in Aquarius and more specifically in the lunar mansion called Purva Bhadrapada, which encourages passion, independence and vigorous activity. What is sown during the new Moon of August 30 should come to fruition at this time. Look out for anger, impulsiveness or injury during this time, but also try to harness the opportunities for purification and for forming clear visions of the future, the difficult and beneficial sides of Purva Bhadrapada.

Sun Enters Leo August 16

The Sun enters his own realm on early on August 16 for his one-month-long promenade through the royal hall. While the Sun in Leo often evokes strongly our sense of personal sovereignty, we may feel somewhat less confidence and independence than normal due to the eclipse energy that the Sun carries forward from August 1. We must bear in mind that the planetary influences that may be manifesting in our day-to-day lives are phases, and take measures to maintain balance within life's cycles. So, chin up. You're stronger and more courageous than you think.

Full Moon in Aquarius/Partial Lunar Eclipse August 16

On the evening of August 16, the Moon reaches its full point in the very early degrees of Aquarius, opposite the Sun, newly stationed in the early degrees of Leo. While the nodal axis is actually in the late degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, Rahu and Ketu will still be close enough to the Sun/Moon axis to cause a partial lunar eclipse, which will be visible in Africa and Europe but not at all in most of North America. The Moon will be located in the lunar mansion called Dhanishta, "the star of symphony." Dhanishta represents the concept of universal compassion and understanding, which when under eclipse may create ground for strife, especially within marriage or partnership. Do remember that allies Saturn, Mercury and Venus are nearby to the eclipse degree, but not affected by the eclipse, thereby offering a sense of harmony and friendship within difficult situations. If circumstances become difficult to maneuver, use communication (Mercury), compassion (Venus) and restraint (Saturn) to maintain balance. Also, beware of Leo's tendency toward drama. While it can be entertaining, the point can also easily be lost in theatrics. Again, eclipses are times to avoid important but mundane activities in favor of creating space to explore what is hidden or unseen in the shadows of life. Listen to the silence within to hear what Ketu has to say, and put your ear to the ground for Rahu's message.

Mercury and Venus Enter Virgo August 25

Mercury escorts Venus out of the royal hall of Leo and into the ripening fields of Virgo on August 25. They join Mars in Mercury's own earth sign, to help with all of the work that Mars has planned. Mercury's presence in Virgo with Venus nullifies Venus' debilitation while in Virgo, allowing Venus' love and beauty to spread and combine with the power of Mars and the facility of Mercury. For those passionate about creative work, September is looking like a good time to get to it.

New Moon in Leo August 30

August closes in an equally dramatic fashion as it opened with a New Moon conjunction with Saturn. This Sun-Moon-Saturn conjunction occurs in the lunar mansion called Purva Phalguni, which translates as "full bloom." This is a place of enjoyment and pleasure (no eclipse this time!), but Saturn's presence always gives a sense of restraint, caution or timidity. The transition between August and September could be marked by a turn-around in what many feel has been a difficult time. Jupiter's direct aspect on this new Moon is auspicious and creates a sense of hope and resolution, but we may still feel an underlying sense of caution due to the recent eclipses and Saturn's presence with the new Moon. This placement encourages us to move forward with our work and play, but to do so with caution and respect.

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