Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion November 2

After a fairly benign retrograde period, Mercury resumes direct motion in the last degree of his own sign, Virgo, on November 2. He re-enters Libra on November 5, and traverses Venus' air sign through November 28, whence he exits to Scorpio. Things that have been put on hold or that may have been stuck or waiting should begin to move forward again during the end of the first week of November. Mercury in Libra gives great support to communication of ideas and the exercise of philosophical thought. Venus' rulership of Libra puts the communication focus on emotion and relationship. Difficult items of business may be a bit easier this month, so don't miss your chance to say what's on your mind.

Venus Transits Virgo November 3 - November 29

In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered to be debilitated while in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. Venus travels through Virgo during almost the same time period that Mercury will be transiting Libra, putting those two planets in mutual exchange of signs and in friendly position to one another, on top of their natural friendship. This bodes well for canceling some of Venus' debilitation, and in fact gives strength to Venus. It will be interesting to see how Venus fares on her own, now that she has moved out of the influence of Saturn, with whom she has been associated for many months. Virgo is an earth sign of mutable nature, so we may see reorganization within relationships during this month. The Mercury/Venus pattern strongly encourages self-inquiry and emotional analysis, as well as creative work with the hands and healing.

New Moon in Libra November 9

The new lunar cycle begins on Friday, November 9 at 23° Libra, in the lunar mansion of Vishaka, which is called "the star of purpose." Vishaka generally supports all mundane daily activities, so the new Moon located here bodes well for taking care of business. Vishaka is ruled by Jupiter, and also carries a Venus influence due to its location in the latter part of Libra. Jupiter gives hope and optimism to new beginnings this month, while Venus lends a grounded sense of love and compassion.

Mars Retrograde Begins November 15

The red planet begins to apparently move backwards through the zodiac on November 15 at 18° Gemini. This cycle will take him back to the first degree of Gemini by late January, when he resumes forward motion. Mars will be transiting through Gemini, back and forth, through late April 2008, making his stay in Mercury's air sign over six months long. What to do with this manifestation of raw force and power that is Mars? Information technology, networking, business trips, and so on. Mars is the "get it done" guy among the planets, never afraid to use resources to build his systems. He represents personal power and physical vitality, and can be called upon during times when strength and courage are needed. Gemini is a mutable sign, a realm of exchange for ideas, words, and other intangible but significant concepts that help us to communicate with one another. During the 2.5 months while Mars moves slowly backwards through the first half of Gemini, we have the opportunity to focus on work that encourages exchange and transformation. The progress we make may feel circular or zig-zag rather than straight toward a goal. This will be a good time for laying groundwork, planning, and testing. Forward motion of projects of a Mars in Gemini nature will then likely seem to move in a more linear fashion during February, March and April of 2008. During retrograde times, planets are actually at a point in their paths around the Sun where they come closer to the Earth. We may all feel Mars more strongly during this time. Watch out for his temper, but enjoy his action.

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius November 21

Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, and moves on from Scorpio to Sagittarius on November 21. Jupiter functions well in Scorpio, as Scorpio's ruler is Mars, a natural friend of Jupiter, but will really fire us up while in his own sign, Sagittarius. Jupiter's nature is expansive, hopeful, and optimistic, and we can associate him with adventure, spirituality and religion, and higher education. During his time in Scorpio, he took us on a quest to the underworld realm, bringing truth and hope to the dark and hidden places, both within and without. Bearing the treasure he's unearthed, Jupiter's prow is pointed toward the open sea as he navigates into Sagittarius. Jupiter's transit through his fire sign for the next year signals positive growth, journeys into uncharted territory, and the integration of truth and hope into our lives. This could be quite refreshing after a recent spate of difficult situations inspired by Saturn's transit into Leo and his subsequent conjunction with Ketu that set the mood for the past couple months. Jupiter's presence in Sagittarius also bodes well for channeling positive energy into any Mars related activity while Mars remains in Gemini (through April 2008), under the direct, positive aspect of Jupiter. The wonder of hope is born again!

Full Moon in Taurus November 24

The Moon reaches the point of fullness this month at about 7° Taurus, just past the point of exaltation for the Moon. As debility indicates difficulty for the functioning of a planet, exaltation indicates facility and success. This is the culmination of the new Moon in Libra which occurs on November 9, so we are seeing Venus as the Lord of both the new and full moons this month. Venus' current position in Mercury's Virgo brings relating, loving, and compassion into a state of movement and change, due to Mercury's mutable influence. This full Moon occurs in the lunar mansion Krittika, which translates as “the cutter” and is also known as “the star of fire.” Krittika is located in the constellation of the Pleiades, and supports both mundane daily activities (much like Vishaka, the lunar mansion where the new moon occurred) as well as radical personal change.

Venus Enters Libra November 30

Elegantly and gracefully, Venus enters her own air sign, Libra, on November 30. Her transit through Libra lasts until December 25, 2007 and gives us the opportunity to connect with others through that which we find beautiful. Moving into an aspect by Saturn from Leo, which may offer some amount of resistance to personal connection, Venus also moves out of an aspect from Mars in Gemini. This could signal a mood change from intense and active (Mars) to restrained and passive (Saturn), relative to how we interact with others and with our own creative process. Venus was preceded by Mercury, who will have occupied Libra for the two months prior to her arrival. Mercury's job is to communicate and convey information; Venus' job will be to arrange what the messenger brings into a lovely, harmonious bouquet. Venus will be in hot pursuit of Mercury, catching up to him in February 2008, when he will do his next retrograde cycle in Capricorn.

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