Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Libra May 2

During the night between May 1-2, the Moon reaches its full point at 18° Libra, Venus' air sign. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, currently positioned in Mars' fire sign, Aries, and tightly conjoined with Mercury. The influences on this full Moon also include a full aspect from Rahu, currently positioned in Aquarius and a strong foundation from Venus, lord of Libra, who will be in the late degrees of her own sign, Taurus. This planetary setup is perfect for a classic Beltane celebration. The Sun carries the vitality of Mars, while the Moon carries the sensitivity of Venus. Rahu's influence on the Moon will encourage mass participation and attention. Jupiter and Saturn are exactly trine to one another at this time. The combination of Jupiter's current controlled energy expansion and Saturn's current capacity for emotional restraint serves to guide and support what could be a powerful and passionate full Moon time.

Venus Enters Gemini May 3

Having done her part to make the full Moon party enjoyable, Venus moves out of her earth sign and into Mercury's air sign, Gemini on May 3. Moving, she will escape the aspect of Mars for a few days until he moves signs, almost as if pursuing her, on May 7. During this brief few days, use Venus' ability to relate emotionally while at the same time using the clear lens for thought created by the conjunction of Mercury and Sun in Aries. Venus spends only a short time in Gemini, entering the Moon's sign of Cancer on May 30. Gemini is a favorable position for Venus, as Mercury and Venus are natural friends. This makes May a good month for communication in all forms, especially when used to express artistically or to build relationships.

Mars Enters Pisces May 7

Mars moves from Saturn's air sign of Aquarius into Jupiter's water sign, Pisces, on May 7, where he remains until mid-June. Like Venus, Mars will be entering into the sign of a natural friend, putting him in a good position to distribute his drive and power. Not only will Mars occupy Jupiter, but he also receives the auspicious benefit of Jupiter's aspect from Scorpio, Mars' water sign. Because Jupiter and Mars exchange signs for the next six weeks, we can expect good results in the realms of truth, spiritual work, speculation and work in general. Jupiter's influence on Mars can temper Mars' tendency toward self-centered behavior, so it is a good time to channel the focus and drive of Mars onto projects that require broad scope and vision.

Mercury Transits Taurus May 8 - May 24

With Mercury's move into Venus' earth sign on May 8, we gain the unique situation of having all of the planets positioned in different signs from one another for about one week's time, until the Sun moves into Taurus. This affords the planets a unique opportunity to function outside the influence of conjunction with others. The second week of May could be a great time to gain perspective on our own current position and development. It especially gives Mercury a chance to do his job, which is to gather, analyze and convey information. Mercury and Venus will be in exchange of signs through May 24, when Mercury enters Gemini. This two week period will be a good time to order our thoughts and get grounded in our communication and relationships. Take time with and enjoy the thought process consciously. Mercury, like Mars, will gain the beneficial aspect of Jupiter during this time, lending both insight and expansiveness to the practical side of our minds.

New Moon in Taurus May 16

The New Moon in Venus' earth sign is a great point of departure for new projects and beginnings. There is great harmony as the monthly conjunction of Sun (entering Taurus on May 15) and Moon occurs near the degree of exaltation of the Moon and under the aspect of Jupiter. This bodes well for communications, relationships, creative projects and any work involving tangible objects, which covers quite a few bases. With Rahu's influence on Venus at this time, we may feel drawn forward to participate in the world through social events and collaboration, which may feel refreshing after coming out of a period of very inward-turning planetary configurations over the winter. With the end of Saturn's retrograde cycle having occurred in April, we may all feel that we can finally begin to tread on new soil and to look forward with fresh faces. The wheels that will continue to drive us forward into new territories as the summer progresses will begin their rhythmic motion this month.

Mercury Enters Gemini May 24

Mercury's tendency to race through the zodiac begins to bend a bit when he enters his own air sign, Gemini, on May 24. Perhaps he just likes being home, and has a lot of memoir writing to do, but Mercury is settling down for a nine-week long hiatus in Gemini, and yes, there is a retrograde cycle planned for June, which is always interesting. Take advantage of Mercury's communication and analytical skills during this time. This is good time to work on writing or editing projects, to analyze data and make business connections, and to do anything that requires the part of our mind that likes to track, compare and exchange. While the new Moon in Venus may inspire us to get our hands dirty in tangible projects, Mercury in Gemini may lead us through the mazes of abstract thought, wherein we make leaps and bounds, connecting with ideas and plans that could surprise us. Be open to thoughts and plans changing on a dime and concepts that may require leaps of faith. Yeah, Mercury gone wild can be a bit ungrounded, but oh the fodder for your travel journal!

Full Moon in Scorpio May 31

Look out for something to happen once in a blue moon this month. The second full Moon in May occurs in the middle degrees of Scorpio, close to Jupiter and past the point of debilitation for the Moon. This represents the culmination of events that are associated with the new Moon on May 16. In all, May promises to be a pleasant and productive month, opening and closing with full Moons that occur in the humanistic and passionate signs of Libra and Scorpio. This month is a good time to gain footing on the surfboard of life, as an interesting swell is growing in the coming months.

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