Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

March 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo March 3

total lunar eclipse occurs at about 4pm PST on Saturday, March 3, at about 19° Leo, being visible for Europe, Africa, and western Asia. It's during eclipse time that the "shadow planets," Rahu and Ketu, really show their stuff. The full Moon will be temporarily "swallowed up by Ketu" as the shadow of the Earth blackens the Moon's reflection of the Sun's light. The Rahu/Ketu axis rotates in retrograde motion through the zodiac causing eclipses when the Sun and Moon line up with the Rahu/Ketu axis during new and full moons. Symbolically speaking, Rahu/Ketu is the force that churns: it goes against the normal flow of life, digging up both positive and negative aspects of life for us to address.

This lunar eclipse occurs in the Sun's sign, Leo, and in the lunar mansion called Purva Phalguni The influences of both the Sun and Venus are felt here, and it is a realm emphasizing wealth, enjoyment, passion and love A zest for the beautiful things in life and creative powers are the gifts of Purva Phalguni, where we are welcome to express our "selfish" human desires in a healthy way. The eclipse factor may cause a bit of the shadow side of Purva Phalguni to manifest for us, however, so take care to keep your balance with all of the churning going on. There may be strong feelings of dissatisfaction, craving, and impulsive behavior that fulfills those cravings. It's a good time for addictions to flare up; be aware of your sensory attachments. It's Saturday night!

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Mercury Resumes Direct Motion March 8

Mercury begins forward motion through the zodiac at 1° Aquarius on Thursday, March 8. After three weeks of rolling backwards through Saturn's air sign, Mercury, the planet of communication and exchange, will make his way through Aquarius, reaching a conjunction with Rahu on April 1. Mercury feels welcome in Aquarius, and that combined with receiving no difficult aspects from other planets should allow us to move forward with projects that involve communication and interaction with others. The last part of March will be good for developing ideas and writing down plans. Mercury's diplomatic skills may be called upon toward month's end as Saturn and Mars face off.

Venus transits Aries March 13 - April 7

The first half of March sees Venus transiting the second half of Pisces, her sign of exaltation, after which time she steps smartly through Mars' fire sign for a three week tour. Enjoy Venus' position in Jupiter's water sign of Pisces - it gives the opportunity to enjoy the universal aspects of Venus' capacity for love and beauty. Additional good vibes are delivered by Jupiter, who is aspecting Venus and Pisces from his current position in Scorpio. When Venus moves into Aries, she's moving into a more challenging position. For two weeks, she will feel some influence from Mars in Capricorn, which may highlight the fact that aside from the magical, sweet aspects of relationship, art and music, a framework and maintenance work are required to truly build connections between people. Venus will also feel the pull of retrograde Saturn as he aspects Aries from Cancer during her transit. Saturn always likes to remind Venus how fickle people are and how nothing ever lasts; he's always droning on about the pain of attachments and quietly insisting that love is an illusion. Try to maintain a positive attitude as Venus works her way through Aries.

Sun Transits Pisces March 15 - April 14

The Sun begins his annual passing through Jupiter's water sign March 15, moving into the beneficent aspect of Jupiter from his position in Scorpio. This year, he does receive the benefit of Jupiter's aspect as he moves through Pisces. We get a chance to glimpse vast spiritual truths, to plunge through the slick waters of intuition and dance to the music of the spheres as the Sun moves through Pisces. As the 12th sign, Pisces is the place for endings, for synthesizing what has gone before, and for gathering energy for rebirth into new forms. We enjoy the Sun's transit through the stars of Pisces at the time of the vernal equinox, the official beginning of spring, which falls on March 21.

Mars/Saturn Opposition March 17 - March 29

Toward mid-month, we may begin to feel the tension as Mars in Capricorn and retrograde Saturn in Cancer move into tight opposition. Mars and Saturn in opposition often creates a feeling of desiring to go forward while at the same time feeling too afraid to move. Mars symbolizes the human capacity to make, build, drive and wield power, while Saturn represents our tendency to constrict, limit and destroy. In the current battle, it's tough to say who will have the upper hand. Mars is exalted, but is the subject of Saturn, as Mars occupies Saturn's sign. Beware of feelings of frustration that may arise surrounding work and progress. The lesson in this current battle may be that caution and preparation are essential, even though they may seem to retard progress. So, wait for it. We may be able to begin rolling forward more readily in April.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 18

The new Moon occurs at about 4° Pisces March 18, creating a partial eclipse that will occur at about 4pm PST. The Sun/Moon will be about 10° away from Rahu, hence the eclipse that occurs will be only partial. This new lunar cycle begins in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, the "warrior star." With both a Saturn and Jupiter influence in this asterism, there is a combination of fiery abundance and self-restraint. Spiritual commitments such as marriage are supported in this nakshatra, as well as practicing music or seeking medical treatment. For the most part, this new moon eclipse in this lunar mansion firms my resolve that we may be in for another month of review and waiting before we launch into all the cool new plans and projects upon which we've been sitting, much like hens.

Mars Enters Aquarius March 30

Tension created from Mars' opposition to Saturn will begin to ease as the month ends. He moves into Saturn's other sign, Aquarius. His adventures there will be detailed in another forecast, but suffice it to say that Venus and Mercury will be able to exercise their hostess and diplomatic talents more easily when Mars moves away from aspecting Venus. As the annual "spring-like" planetary configurations appear on the horizon, we can all look forward to what will bloom in April.

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