Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus enters Leo July 4

I think it's going be nice having beautiful Venus in dramatic, bold Leo. Although Venus' refinement and subtle beauty can't compete with the sometimes bombastic royal attire one finds in the Sun's sign, Leo, her artful influence could be quite welcomed in our creative pursuits during the next six weeks. This would be a good time to do whatever art, craft, or creative pursuit that relies heavily on the quality of beauty for success. Get into the studio, stock up on supplies, and let the creative horses of your spirit run free.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion July 10

Although it can be fun wondering what kind of weird, funny, unexplainable technological glitch will arise next, some people may be relieved to find out that Mercury will resume direct progress through the zodiac starting July 10. A perhaps more secure feeling about your phone, car, or computer functioning "normally" may begin to emerge toward mid-month. Mercury's retrograde effects can often be detected for approximately one week before and after the actual retrograde cycle. This particular cycle seems to be strong, yet not utterly mischievous. At any rate, you may want to wait until about July 17th if you have some kind of mission impossible to orchestrate, including contracts to sign or businesses to launch.

New Moon in Gemini July 14

This month's new moon occurs at 27° Gemini, in the auspicious lunar mansion of Punarvasu. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter and also influenced by Gemini's ruler, Mercury. This combination connects Punarvasu with activities that involve communication, including writing, speaking, acting, publishing, politics, counseling and philosophy. Therefore, this new moon would be an appropriate starting point for projects thus related. It's also a good time to change career or residence. Other than Mercury's proximity to the New Moon in Gemini, the only direct influence from another entity comes from Rahu, currently positioned in Aquarius. Rahu's connection to mass consciousness would be favorable to projects that require public knowledge and interest for success. Good marketing strategies should be developed during the first half of the month and implemented mid-July.

Saturn Enters Leo July 15

Old Man Saturn slowly made his way through the Moon's sign, Cancer, and then popped into Leo in November 2006 for about one month before his retrograde cycle pushed him back into Cancer. He's been slowly beating back to the gateway of Leo, which he'll pass through on the afternoon of July 15. I envision Leo to be a shining, golden palace, richly endowed. I picture Saturn's entrance there somewhat incongruent, considering that I envision Saturn as a wizened man, humbly clad, walking slowly with the aid of a staff. What will Saturn's influence in our collective golden palace look like during the next 2.5 years? While Saturn in Cancer greatly influenced our "home" with his reserved nature, Saturn's presence in Leo may call to accounts that which is in our "heart." Let's face it: Saturn's seen it all through the years: plagues, the rise and fall of empires, love, loss, sickness, triumph. His message to us through his Leo transit: Cut the drama and discard that which does not truly further your purpose here in life. Accept the fact that worldly treasures are to be enjoyed but not needed. Cry not for loss, as it is from the field of destruction that new life springs. Realize that attachment to that which you create in this life can also be the very thing which keeps you separate from life itself.

On a more mundane level, Saturn's transit may call to accounts our leaders and rulers. Saturn is a champion of the meek and his destructive nature could work to expose corruption and misappropriation throughout the current ruling political forces. While in the short run destabilization may be necessary, it is for the greater good of laying the groundwork for a more human approach to government.

Venus Retrograde July 28 - September 8

Enjoy Venus' last days as the evening star while you can. Her brightness will continue to grow through the early weeks of July, reaching maximum brilliance on July 14. She will disappear from the evening sky on August 13 as she moves past the Sun, re-emerging as the morning star on August 21. Actual visibility of Venus in the early morning before sunrise will begin around August 25.

Venus represents the human capacity for relating to others and the earthly beauty that inspires us toward compassion for the earth and all beings. Like all bright, shiny things, Venus has a dark side. Venus' current descent into the "underworld" reminds us to seek awareness of the dark parts of the lady of love. Venus, in her quest for embodying beauty which attracts others, can resort to illusion, glamor, deception and attachment. This would be a good time to explore how one may be using Venus' charms in destructive ways. Venus retrograde also gives us the opportunity to renew, release and finish up business in regards to love and relationships.

Mars Enters Taurus July 28

Mars enters Venus' earth sign on July 28, where he will push through for a two month period. As we all know, Mars can be aggressive, which is a trait that comes along with being able to get the job done. When Mars gets in touch with Venus, things tend to become passionate, which is really one of the most fun parts about being human, even though these displays of passion aren't always comfortable. Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed in nature, and very much represents the concrete, material plane of existence. Mars in this position has the opportunity for some serious earth moving during August and September, which translates as: one could get some serious building, design, research, or any other type of work done that requires the use of materials.

It's always assuring to know which other planets are affecting Mars and vice versa. Adding a note of goodness, Jupiter aspects Mars in Taurus from his current position in Scorpio, which is a sign that Mars also rules. This is a solid, beneficial influence for those fighting the good fight. Jupiter's outreaching vision tends to temper Mars' tendency for self-concern. For the first couple weeks of Mars' transit through Taurus, he will be directly influencing both Venus and Saturn in Leo. We may feel this as a push on our hearts and relationships to move faster and harder than we are comfortable moving. Rather than fighting the push, listen to Mars telling us to get over fears or other emotions that hold us back from connecting with others and our true purpose. It may feel like someone pushing you onto the stage before you're ready; smile, throw your shoulders back, and walk with dignity.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 29

July closes out with the Full Moon in the middle degrees of Capricorn, opposite the Sun in Cancer. The planetary configuration for this lunar culmination looks stable and strong, an apt crown to work that was initiated earlier in the month, during the new Moon. The Moon has the opportunity to aspect her own sign from Capricorn, lending strength to her condition. The Sun's position in Cancer and the Moon's aspect there also seals the deal on the work many have done while Saturn transited through Cancer during the past 2.5 years. Our focus on the hard work is shifting from the feminine, home waters of Cancer to the bold, brilliant stage of Leo. Celebrate the transition in a meaningful way under the strong light of the deep summer moon.

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