Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

January 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Gemini January 3

We ring in the new year with the Moon waxing, reaching full during the early morning hours of January 3 in Mercury's air sign, Gemini. The Moon will be exactly opposite the Sun at this time, as usual, but will also oppose Mercury, who will be conjunct with the Sun. The Moon's aspect on Mercury should give our fastest planet some personality during this time, which can be difficult when Mercury is combust, meaning that he is so close to the Sun that his influence can be overpowered by Sol. This is a good position for outward, positive change. Both Sagittarius and Gemini are "mutable" signs, and support growth, interaction and movement. The dark nights and overwhelming Scorpio influence from December left us plenty of time for internal searching; the planets will be leading us up and out as the month progresses.

Mars enters Sagittarius January 9

Having been an instrumental part of the Scorpio journey, Mars moves into Jupiter's fire sign on January 9 and will move through Sagittarius by mid-February. During this transit, Mars and Jupiter will be exchanging signs which gives us the opportunity to expand and develop outwardly some plans or ideas that may have been born of Mars' passage through Jupiter-occupied Scorpio. Jupiter's beneficent influence on Mars is welcome during this time, as Mars will be passing through the lunar mansion of Mula from January 9-27. This period has the potential for some volatility, especially as Mars will be loosely aspected by Ketu in Leo during this time. Remember that playing or working with fire can be dangerous, but it can also be loads of fun and extremely productive if precautions are taken. The potential explosiveness that threatens during this time will probably come from within; therefore, the precautions to take include assuring that pressure doesn't build up from the inside. The temptation to press forward or to overextend may present itself during this time. It's a good idea to exercise wisdom and restraint when Jupiter and Mars are going to town together.

Retrograde Saturn re-enters Cancer January 10

Slow-moving Saturn continues his retrograde path back into the Moon's sign. When things seem difficult and painful, we can usually assume that Old Man Saturn is trying to teach us something. He'll be reviewing some of the lessons he's been delivering for the past couple years during the first part of 2007. Please read the description written in last month's forecast about how you can work through Saturn's School of Cancer.

Mercury transits Capricorn January 12 - January 29

Mercury will race through Saturn's earth sign during the latter half of January. His speed will take him out of the close orb of combustion with the Sun and allow him to have his own effects. Mercury represents our capacity for communication and exchange and can be found presiding on any occasion where information, ideas, or goods are exchanged. Capricorn is the realm of practical, earthy action that requires perseverance, determination, and endurance. This period would be a great time for making serious progress that requires Mercury's skills, such as writing (anything: business plan, computer programs, music, novels, tax forms, letters, etc.), speaking, or commerce. Capricorn has the weight and seriousness to harness Mercury's sometimes "flighty" powers to the end of some real work.

New Moon in Capricorn January 19

If you're not sure where to direct all of that serious, disciplined energy and you're looking to start something new, a good day to do it would be January 19, when the Moon and Sun make their monthly conjunction in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon will be joined in Saturn's earth sign by Mercury and Venus. As if all of these planets in practical Capricorn weren't enough to inspire us to happily touch our noses to grindstones, Saturn, newly returned to Cancer will loosely aspect the entire affair. So, if you're not sure what to do with all of this energy, perhaps exploring some of the questions Saturn is asking right now will inspire you.

Venus enters Aquarius January 23

Venus travels through Capricorn during the first part of January and moves into Saturn's other sign, Aquarius, on January 23. Venus and Saturn are natural friends, so Venus functions well while in both Saturn's earth and air signs. This bodes well for the human connection known as "relationship" this month. Venus' transit through Capricorn supports the work side of our personal interactions, the uphill climb, the long haul, and even the celebration of reaching the top of a mountain with another (or other) people. When Venus moves into Aquarius, the seriousness of Saturn manifests a bit differently. Venus' ability to empathize with others creates all sorts of love and beauty, and when combined with the humanitarian, idealistic realm of Aquarius could lead us toward considering revolutionary new ways of interacting with others. This is where Venus can learn the true meaning of selflessness as a method of connection and expression of love.

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