Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Cancer February 1

We kick off February with the full Moon in its own sign of Cancer. Things that have been brewing in the Cancer-related realms of life may come to a head at this time. Cancer rules the home, the mother, real estate, countries of origin, commerce, and related issues. Retrograde Saturn has slowly moved back into the late degrees of Cancer, adding an element of resistance to the mix. Saturn energy tends to obstruct, deny or hinder progress in an effort to remind us relentlessly that nothing is real in the outer world: Life is an illusion that should be seen through and the ego is its agent, urging us to grasp and hold what is clearly impermanent. For the most part, it's easy to complain about how hard Saturn makes our lives, but when we do, we're bound to run into more and more resistance. So, this full Moon is giving us a glowing spotlight on the reality check we must make in Cancer, the Moon's realm. Sitting quietly at home in contemplation is recommended at this time. Consider the responsibilities you hold concerning family, business and property.

Sun enters Aquarius February 12

The Sun enters Saturn's air sign February 12, joining Venus, Mercury, and the shadowy planet, Rahu. The Sun will have moved from Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, where he was under the influence of retrograde Saturn. This may have caused progress to have slowed in some ways, and feelings of oppression will most likely lift toward mid-month. The Sun symbolizes the soul or the "true self," so it could be that we have an opportunity to recognize and implement that which has real meaning for us as the Sun moves out of the influence of Saturn, whose current position and direction may have us too focused on what has gone before rather than what is on the horizon.

Mercury retrograde February 15 - March 8

Hold on to your sense of timing, because Mercury will begin his first retrograde cycle of 2007 on February 15. Our winged-footed planet will appear to move backward through Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, for three weeks, which has the power to warp our perception that time moves in a linear fashion. Mercury's retrograde effects can be perceived for about a week both before and after the retrograde cycle. Because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, who is walking through a longer, stranger retrograde cycle of his own at this time, there is potential for chaos to leak into our daily lives during the latter part of February and into the first part of March. The realms of life that Mercury is in charge of can sometimes go haywire when Mercury goes retrograde; these include anything related to communication, information, youth, education and commerce. Exchanges of large commodities, signing of contracts, and planning events that require precise timing could all be difficult during this time and should be avoided. You can expect things that have to do with organization of time, like schedules, to be challenging to follow. As far as travel goes, it would be a great time to stay at home or to return home. Slow movement and deliberation are your friends during this time.

New Moon in Aquarius February 17

The monthly conjunction of Moon and Sun occurs late in the day on February 17 in Saturn's sign of Aquarius. As you may remember, that Mercury-retrograde-thing is also going on in Aquarius, so will certainly have some effect on the flavor of the upcoming lunar cycle. Normally, the new Moon is a time for beginnings, so what to start when you're not supposed to do anything that requires communication and timing? If your projects include writing of any kind, I would suggest reading, editing, and review. Other activities that would be a good use of Mercury and Saturn's retrograde energy would be cleaning out and discarding things that no longer serve a purpose in your life, mentally, spiritually and physically. Therapeutic, repetitive activities such as exercise, knitting, or meditation would be great to begin during this time.

The first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar, when Chinese New Year is celebrated, is February 18. We ring in the year of the Fire Pig!

Mars moves to Capricorn February 17

Mars enters Capricorn for a six week tour of Saturn's earth sign, where Mars reaches his degree of exaltation on March 26. This means that Mars energy functions particularly well in the realm of Capricorn, where we find the power of practical realization and manifestation through discipline and perseverance. When introducing Mars' power, energy and force into this environment, we are afforded a combination that can take us to our goals through well executed hard work and application of energy. Mars has tendencies toward impatience and aggression that would best be curtailed while Mars makes his way through Saturn's sign. Saturn's position in Cancer also directly aspects Mars through this transit, so slow progress and caution will be an essential part of the work we are doing through late February and March.

Venus enters Pisces February 18

Enough of the dry stuff! Venus plunges rejoicingly into her sign of exaltation, Jupiter's watery sign of Pisces on the heels of the new Moon. She will take a bit less than one month to make it through, and reaches the exact degree of her exaltation March 10. While Mercury rules communication, Venus rules relationship, and it could be argued that one can't really exist without the other. Hence, Mercury's retrograde state will have some effect on relationship, as well. However, I believe what this upcoming planetary configuration has in store for us is to reveal a level of communication that goes much deeper and reaches to places that lie beyond the scope of the practical, informational mind from whence Mercury communicates. Venus governs our interactions with other beings and lies behind the feeling of attraction to people. Pisces represents the infinite possibilities that the universe holds, a reflection of the expansive nature of Jupiter. Pisces represents the great cosmic sea where we easily lose our sense of identity in favor of union with the Divine. In light of relationships, this creates a very comfortable ground to come into union with others, as the sense of oneness is extremely strong in the realm of Pisces. Venus in Pisces can teach us about communion, the act of sharing thoughts and feelings, which is another essential part of relationship. Something to pay attention to during Venus' transit through Pisces is the concept of boundaries, which tend to dissolve in the nectar of ultimate union with the Divine. Remember that the goal is to walk in both worlds: to recognize the oneness behind all phenomena while maintaining an individual identity in this phenomenal material existence. Recognizing boundaries will help you reach this goal.

Like Saturn aspecting exalted Mars in Capricorn, Jupiter aspects exalted Venus in Pisces during this time. Jupiter's influence is considered beneficent, and expands the exaltation of Venus. Jupiter is currently located in Scorpio, and from his position also aspects Saturn in Cancer. This gives a sense of forward movement, learning and growth to the upcoming weeks even though we may be doing it through slow movement, quiet contemplation and reevaluation of past occurrences.

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