Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars and Saturn Square Up August 1

The last couple days in July and the first few in August see Mars and Saturn in an exact aspect at 2° Taurus and Leo respectively. The initiative of Mars may act to push some transition or transformation that is precipitated by Saturn's recent transit into the Sun's sign, Leo. In return, Saturn's wisdom and restraint may cast an influence on creative work that is inspired by Mars' presence in Venus' earth sign, Taurus. The flow of things may feel stuck during this time period, due to the interaction of natural enemies Mars and Saturn both located in fixed signs. Rather than breaking through any blockage impatiently, give equal consideration to what is holding back and what is pushing forward.

After clearing the obstacle of Saturn, Mars turns his gaze on retrograde Venus, also in Leo, directly aspecting on August 7. This occurrence could be a catalyst for creative projects. Mars can inject energy and power into work that involves Venus' qualities of relationships, beauty, art, and love during the second week in August.

Mercury transits Cancer August 2 - August 16

I love it when Mercury really gets revved up. This month, Mercury enters the Moon's sign of Cancer and dashes through in a couple short weeks. Mercury plunges headlong toward the Sun, and overtakes the day star on August 15 in the late degrees of Cancer. Although Mercury generally prefers a drier intellectual climate, he's aspected by beneficent Jupiter from Scorpio which could enable Mercury to help with communication of thoughts and feelings that dwell close to our hearts. A sense of objectivity or humor could be quite instrumental in sharing sensitive information through the middle of the month.

Jupiter resumes direct motion August 7

Jupiter has been quite the bright spectacle in the night sky during the past months, as his retrograde cycle has brought him a bit closer to Earth. Jupiter resumes direct motion on August 7, whence he proceeds to transiting through the latter half of Mars' sign, Scorpio. Jupiter represents the qualities of expansion, positivity, and evolution and is currently located in Scorpio, which is the realm of darkness, mystery, and all that is hidden by nature or device. Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is powerful and intense. The expansive nature of Jupiter has been happily stirring things up beneath the surface during his transit, however, during the past few months while Jupiter has been moving in retrograde motion, there may have been feelings of stagnancy at deep levels. Jupiter's resumption of forward motion should have a positive effect on any situation where change is needed at a very fundamental level. Jupiter's Scorpio transit lasts until mid-November, when Jupiter enters his own sign, Sagittarius.

New Moon in Cancer August 12

The Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury this month in the lunar nakshatra Ashlesha, which resides entirely within the sign of Cancer. The symbol for Ashlesha is a coiled serpent, which is associated with divine wisdom and sexuality as well as danger and sudden attacks. Due to the influence of both Mercury and the Moon, there is a mental and philosophical bent to this lunar mansion. This configuration could also lend us a sense of magnetism and sensuality that can influence others. Be on the lookout also for attacks or outbursts that are unexpected: the snake hypnotizes with rhythmic movement and ancient eyes. This is a good new moon to begin projects associated with business, commerce, and anything that requires seduction and intelligence.

Mercury Transits Leo August 16 - September 1

Beginning his dash away from the Sun, Mercury enters Leo, the Sun's territory, on August 16 and transits through in a couple short weeks. Mercury first conjuncts with retrograde Venus on the 16th, with Saturn on August 18th and then with Ketu, the moon's south node, on August 22. Mercury's presence in Leo may act as a catalyst to energize any

Sun Enters Leo August 17

For the full royal treatment, we have the Sun's annual visit to Leo, his own sign, from August 17-September 16. Like Mercury, but at half the speed, the Sun will pass by Venus, Saturn and Ketu on his way through Leo. We have a chance during this month to get our souls seated and aligned with any recent transitions. The Sun's qualities include extreme brilliance and generosity, but also a tendency toward selfishness and making satellites of others. The Sun also represents the force within us that defines who we truly are, so this time would be a good time for soul searching and establishing right orientation with our true purposes in life. On August 31, the Sun exactly conjuncts Ketu, which could be a powerful occurrence. This conjunction allows us to internalize the Sun's energy, creating spiritual clarity, intense perception and insight. It can also amplify the heat and intensity of the Sun, so make sure you have some water and earth around as a base note while you're coming into your own.

Total Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius August 28

At about 2 am on August 28, we experience a Full Moon total eclipse that occurs at about 10º Aquarius. Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon conjunct with the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. In this case, Rahu and the Moon join in Aquarius while the Sun and Ketu join in Leo. The eclipse will be readily visible to people in the United States that live west of the Rockies. Not only can we expect a visual feast for this event, we may also feel the effects that the nodes can exert on our main luminaries. The nodes have a wild power that can “swallow” the power of the Sun and Moon, and can often lead us to places both within and without that we never imagined. Eclipses are seen as disruptive forces, so be aware that something beyond your power could stir the pot strongly toward month's end. The Moon will be positioned in the lunar mansion Shatabishak within the sign of Aquarius. Shatabishak has the qualities of healing and vitality and is strong due to its fullness. However, since the action of an eclipse is to obscure, it may be wise to pay attention to preserving and maintaining health during the final days of August.


Otherwise, enjoy and respect the strength and power of the Sun this month, positioned strongly in Leo, and positively influencing Saturn and Mercury who join him in his fiery sign. These planets in Aquarius and Leo bring to the forefront both what is important inherently for us as individuals and also as a collective. This could be a favorable time to get clear with priorities and to establish boundaries for any newly settled situations.

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