Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Virgo April 2

The moon reaches the halfway point in her cycle at 18° Virgo on the morning of April 2. This full moon is the culmination of the cycle begun during the partial eclipse of last month's new moon. The moon in Virgo this month will be aspected by retrograde Saturn, currently occupying the Moon's own sign, Cancer. This could be a heavy influence on the Moon, causing mental turmoil and doubt to prevent change and forward motion. The Sun, opposing the Moon, will be under the positive aspect of Jupiter, so while our hearts may be ready to expand and move ahead, we may still suffer indecision or inertia due to oppressive thoughts and worries. Jupiter also aspects Saturn from his position in Scorpio, indirectly affecting the Moon, so the overall feeling will be one of hope and expectation, despite the possibility of swirling mental analysis. It's a good time to lay groundwork and take stock of materials on hand; take time now to envision, dream, and plan.

Venus Transits Taurus April 6 - May 2

Venus entering her own sign on April 6 may create long-awaited feelings of sociability. Venus is the planet that represents the forces of love, beauty and compassion, forces that compel us to relate to others and to our environment. Taurus is Venus' earth sign , and is associated largely with the enjoyment and appreciation of the physical world. Venus touring through Taurus, as she does each spring, awakens us to the beauty of the earth and its inhabitants. It is an excellent time to celebrate relationships and to open oneself to exploring that which attracts on a physical, sensual level. Socializing, appreciation of beauty, and vocal expression are all common manifestations of Venus' energy. While in Taurus, Venus will enjoy the expansive aspect of Jupiter from opposing Scorpio, which should aid in amplifying the good vibes.

Mercury Transits Pisces April 6 - April 23

Mercury makes a quick dash through Jupiter's water sign during the middle part of April. Mercury is considered to be debilitated in Pisces; his fleet movement and capacity for quick exchange are somewhat hampered in the vast, watery realms indicated by Pisces. This could make precise, efficacious communication difficult for this period of time. Much like trying to describe the details of a fading dream or relating the events of a drug-induced experience, communication and analytical thinking while Mercury transits Pisces may be difficult at best. It's not that our perceptions are unclear or that our memories are faulty, it's that we may feel like its impossible to translate them into words that can convey the information in a practical way. So, while attempting to write technical manuals may seem difficult, expressing perceptions of vastness through poetry, music or art could seem natural and easy. Depending upon one's orientation, it may become frustrating to convey or understand information that is verbally presented during this time. Don't expect things to happen too quickly or efficiently.

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio April 7 - August 7

Having traversed nearly the whole sign of Scorpio since November 2006, Jupiter will enter a four month long retrograde cycle on April 7 which will take him back to the middle degrees of Mars' cold water sign by early August. Jupiter's function in Scorpio has much to do with exploring and expanding the type of power that lies below the surface. Mars is the planet of drive and power, and his domain of Scorpio represents latent powers and hidden resources. For some, Scorpio is a dark and frightening place, but Jupiter, with his boundless store of optimism and faith, is an ally of Mars and functions well in Scorpio. With his adventuring attitude, Jupiter will happily go even deeper in to Scorpio's dark, hidden places during his retrograde cycle. This could be a good time for a spiritual journey or for expanding one's resources, health and inner power.

Sun enters Aries April 14

The Sun is exalted in Mars' fire sign and gets his annual opportunity to shine as strongly as he can while traversing Aries April 15 - May 14. The day star may be the herald of some new times on the horizon. Various factors over the course of the past months have created a somewhat static environment. What may have been an intensely hibernatory winter may finally emerge into the blazing glory of Spring as Sol occupies Aries. The Sun represents the "true self," that which makes us shine as individuals. The Sun in Aries encourages us to stride forward confidently in our self expression. Aries is an excellent lens to focus and harness the power of the Sun. What we make of our lives is a reflection of who we truly are. Use Mars' initiative to check the alignment between who you are and what you do this month.

New Moon in Aries April 17

The new Moon of April 17 occurs at 3° of Mars' fire sign, Aries, and in the lunar mansion of Ashwini. This will be a great starting point to initiate changes or new projects. Ashwini is associated with the power of healing and bestowing bliss and happiness. The new Moon will gain the seed of the Sun in its exalted position, lending great potential power to undertakings begun during this time. The only planets aspecting this new Moon are retrograde Saturn from Cancer and Ketu from Leo. The influence of Saturn may cast a faint shadow or fear or doubt about one's actions; but the influence of Ketu can be drawn upon to remain inwardly focused on the strength of true purposes and motivations. The lord of Aries, Mars, is positioned in the 11th house from the new Moon conjunction, bestowing the quality of gain through hard work. With Mercury positioned in the 12th house from the new Moon in Pisces, it may be a better time for action than talking. Begin your planning in early April in preparation.

Saturn Resumes Direct Motion April 20

So much stagnation has been blamed upon old Saturn in the past few months as he ground his way slowly through the late degrees of Cancer. On April 20, Saturn does a ponderous turn-around in order to resume direct motion through the zodiac. As he makes his way forward through the latter part of the Moon's sign during the next few months, we have the opportunity to finally sew up any unfinished business from the past that may be hanging around in our minds. Saturn's return to direct motion is auspiciously and strongly aspected by retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio. Jupiter's influence will lend an air of hope and faith in the face of lingering fear or reticence about taking care of business that has been closeted away or buried. Jupiter's aspect on Saturn continues through month's end through the middle of May. We may be experience shifts in power and leadership as Saturn moves on toward Leo this summer.

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