Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus transits Leo September 1 - September 25

Venus enters Leo on September 1, putting her out of serious range of Saturn's influence. Venus is the last in the parade of planets to visit the grandfather planet this summer, as Saturn spends the last few months of his Cancer transit. Leo can be a bit much for the aesthetics of Venus, but this fair planet won't come close enough to the Sun, who occupies Leo until September 16, to suffer complete combustion. A planet is combust when it is within 5-10 degrees of the Sun; this will generally render the combust planet's effect null in the face of the Sun's intense rays. That said, though Venus and the Sun are enemies, they do share the qualities of creativity and enjoyment. This could be a good month to perform, to create art and music, or to gather with friends in celebration where one or two people are the focal point, like birthdays or weddings. Venus enters Virgo, her sign of debilitation, on September 26. The difficult road Venus follows from now until mid-October, when she enters her own sign of Libra, may provide a challenge for earthlings as we attempt to relate to others and create a beautiful, harmonious environment. We will have to dig deeply to cultivate compassionate responses when it appears that others may be acting selfishly or heartlessly.

Full Moon in Aquarius September 7

This month's full Moon could be rather less celebratory and romantic than we've experienced in the past few months. The Moon is full in Saturn's sign of Aquarius, which puts Saturn and the Moon into an exchange. This could provide a serious mood to the first Thursday of September. Jupiter from Libra will aspect the full Moon, but the beneficial effect of Jupiter could be slightly reduced due to the fact the Jupiter's current lord, Venus, is moving through enemy territory. Issues surrounding how the self relates to or influences the whole could come to light at this time.

Mercury enters Virgo September 9

Mercury comes into his own sign, and into direct conjunction with Ketu on September 9. The week of September 10-16 could prove to be quite interesting. Mercury's intellectual and flexible nature could possibly create confusion and further scattering of energy or, due to occupation of it's own exalted sign, lend some discriminating thought to an environment in which Mars and Ketu's intensity encourage impulsive behavior. Whichever way you may choose to wield Mercury's quickness, keep in mind that it may pay to spend extra time thinking and analyzing possible outcomes before you act this month. This type of reticence will be supported by Saturn's aspect on Virgo; so when you feel the coursing, passionate power of Mars combine with the impulsive nervousness of Mercury propelling you toward actions that may not be steeped in wisdom, take a moment to consider what your grandparents (who hold the wisdom of age and experience) would do in your current position. It will be a challenge this month to remain firmly planted.

Sun enters Virgo September 16

The Sun will move through Virgo's earth sign from September 16-October 17, and as with Mars and Mercury before him, will enter into a direct conjunction with Ketu immediately upon entry into Virgo. The south node of the Moon can be particularly dangerous to the Sun, as it has the power to "swallow" or internalize the solar power. Bear in mind that internalization of the Sun's power could be very useful if directed toward spiritual pursuits. Also, The fact that this occurs with Mercury occupying his own sign and being friendly to the Sun will probably be no more dangerous than any other planet's encounter with Ketu this month. The bottom line is that there is much firepower in Virgo this month, and we've all learned (well, some of us) by this point to be utterly careful when playing with fire. None of this is bad or good inherently, in the way that coal, bullets or gasoline aren't bad or good inherently; it's what we do with the materials on hand that turns out for good or ill.

New Moon in Virgo September 22

While Mars and Mercury will be further down Virgo's road by this point, the new Moon (always conjunct the Sun) occurs within a close orb of influence to Ketu. This new Moon with such strong influences from the nodes signals the beginning of a shift, one that has to do with the nodes. The Rahu-Ketu axis has passed backwards, as always, through the 30 degrees of the signs of Pisces-Virgo since February 2005, during which time we have experienced Rahu's aspect on the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and Ketu's aspect on the signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. On September 22, the Rahu-Ketu axis will be at 1°26' Pisces-Virgo, indicating that the axis will soon transition to a new sign placement. I feel that this new Moon would be best used to address any unfinished business you may have with Ketu in Virgo. Certainly you'll be aided in this endeavor by the preponderance of planets in Virgo this day: Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury.

While Virgo does represent Mercury, who we associate with quickness and adaptability, it is an earth sign, which gives some weight to flighty Mercury. Much work can be done in Virgo. Virgo is the realm of data, analysis, and interpretation, general concepts that apply to various activities including health care, scientific research, marketing and media presentation.

On a global scale, this new Moon conjunct Ketu in Virgo reflects an audible buzz of fear that seems to have gripped many people, especially in developed countries that have been "targeted by terrorists." The recent spate of planes being diverted due to a "suspected threat" and/or innocent people arrested for "suspicious behavior" while on airplanes shows in a certain sense that the terrorists have already completed their mission. People are terrified, jumpy and suspicious of strangers, and in some cases, neighbors. Think of the collateral damage that could occur when we begin to shoot at every small noise in the darkness or the disruptions to a peaceful and prosperous life when people are afraid to use the high-tech transit systems we've worked so hard to create. Use this time to explore how fear and paranoia may be affecting your life and decisions.

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