Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Libra October 21

The October new Moon occurs in the early degrees of Venus' air sign, Libra. Most of the planets that occupied Virgo last month will have moved to Libra by the middle of October. Within 2° of the Sun and Moon on October 21 are gathered Mars on one side and Venus on the other. The late degrees of Libra are occupied by the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, making a total of six planets in Libra. This new lunar cycle may truly usher in a new start, as it will be followed by the movement of the slow moving planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu/Ketu to new signs. Today is the day to kick off new things. Because of the new Moon's location in Libra, relationships may be a focus in the upcoming month, especially due to the conjunction of Venus with the new Moon. Libra is an air sign and thus rules the realms of mind and thought. Shifts in ideology, philosophy or communication may be more prevalent than in the material realm. Mars' close conjunction may certainly provide an element of passion, as any interaction of Venus and Mars can. While Venus provides inspiration to move in new directions, Mars provides the action and will to make practical changes.

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 27

Jupiter's transit of each sign of the zodiac lasts about one year, and at the end of October, he moves from Libra into Mars' water sign, Scorpio. We will see the expansive nature of Jupiter manifest itself in a different realm, until November 2007. The last time Jupiter transited Scorpio was December 1994-December 1995. It may be interesting to revisit that time period in order to see how expansion occurred in one's life during that time. As mentioned before, Libra is the realm of ideas and how they connect people. Scorpio is a markedly different environment; it is the realm of what lies below the surface, of power that penetrates deeply. In practical terms it signifies resources such as oil, water, and other forms of energy as well as deep emotions and the subconscious. Jupiter as the benevolent leader of the planetary brigade, with his traits of expansiveness, truthfulness, and general auspiciousness will function well in Scorpio, as Jupiter and Mars are considered to be friends (each rules both a fire and a water sign, so they have something to talk about.) We may not see the end of all the bad stuff going on in the world, however. We are still talking about Mars' influence on Jupiter, which will no doubt provide intensity in the direction of the individual/national/global pursuit of power. It may not be until 2008, when Jupiter transits Sagittarius, that we will find some "good" resolutions to whatever fray is currently at hand. On a personal level, one will have the opportunity to beseech Jupiter's aid in manifesting truth and righteousness into the "hidden" or private realms of life. It will be a great year for spiritual work, and I stress the word "work."

Mercury Retrograde October 28 - November 18

As if Jupiter changing signs isn't enough excitement, Mercury begins a retrograde cycle shortly after moving into Scorpio, which will quickly take him back into the middle degrees of Libra where he resumes direct motion on November 18. Mercury retrograde in Venus' air sign may seriously affect communications, whether it be interpersonal, digital, or written. We may have trouble not only saying what we mean, but also in sorting out our thoughts and ideas. Beginning relationships or writing projects could be very difficult and/or harmful at this time. Reviewing or repairing existing projects and relationships is much more likely in this three week period (and a few days on either side.) The potential for ungroundedness is great, so be sure to take care of yourself by maintaining a good routine and scheduling ample down time. As usual with Mercury retrograde, double check all communications, move slowly, and try not to get frustrated when your cell phone suddenly doesn't work. Backing up all important computer files BEFORE October 25 is highly recommended.

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