Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Saturn moves to Leo November 1

Old Man Saturn moves into Leo November 1 where he'll reach only 1° Leo by December 7 and then begin a retrograde cycle. By early January, Saturn returns to Cancer for a reprise, resumes direct motion in April 2007 and officially enters Leo in July 2007. We'll explore Saturn's Leo transit more at that juncture, but for now, it's enough to be aware of the transitional mood that Saturn's plodding may set for the next nine months. Saturn's main function is to reveal the reality of consciousness, generally by causing situations that force us to confront our attachments to the transitory nature of worldly life. His main tactics include taking away or ruining things that are really important to us, such as health, wealth, relationships, and life itself. The idea is that the pain and suffering caused by these losses will lead us to realization of the true nature of the Self, which permeates life and consciousness, yet cannot be grasped by the classic worldly pursuits of name, fame, enjoyment and wealth. So, it may seem for a short while that wherever Saturn has been pressing on you for the past couple of years, relief will be felt. Don't get the idea that you're finished. While things may lighten up for a brief time, know that there are still plenty more worldly attachments to be reckoned with before you move on to the next set of Saturn's lessons. Saturn in Cancer influences family life, communities, the nation in which you live, the mother, and the capacity to give and receive nurturing

Full Moon in Aries November 5

The Moon is full in the late degrees of Aries on November 5, opposing the four remaining planets in Libra: Mars, Sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury. This is a strong Moon, as it is positioned in Mars' fire sign while aspecting Mars, and also because it is aspected by Venus in her own sign. This could signify auspicious results in any work having to do with personal or interpersonal work being done at this time. Mercury retrograde opposite the full Moon could cause a surge of crazy computer/phone/Internet occurrences due to the nearly exact opposition of the Moon and Mercury during this time.

Rahu/Ketu change signs November 8

It is ever difficult to predict how the moon's nodes will affect us, but the move of Rahu/Ketu axis from Pisces/Virgo to Aquarius/Leo is bound to change the mood of things during this time. This axis changes signs about once every eighteen months, moving backward through the zodiac. Rahu is the force that compels us to act in the world, and Ketu is the force that draws us into the self. A chart with a strongly placed Rahu can indicate fame, while one with a well endowed Ketu could indicate spiritual richness. Rahu passing through Aquarius may bring a more humanitarian approach to the way we approach the world for the next 1.5 years while Ketu passing through Leo brings us closer to what has heart and meaning for our spiritual lives.

Venus enters Scorpio November 13

Venus transits into Mars' water sign on the heels of Jupiter, leading the exodus of planets from Libra into Scorpio. Venus is not a friend of Mars, although they create chemistry together. This position for Venus may encourage the exploration of the underside of relationship. Venus makes her way quickly through the underground caves and will emerge into Sagittarius on December 7. While Venus may not feel comfortable in Mars' sign, at least she is not afflicted by malefic influences and is supported by the beneficial influence of Jupiter. This few weeks could be a good time to confront underlying relationship issues or to delve into the subconscious for creative inspiration. Because of the exchange of signs between Mars and Venus, the mood during this time will likely have an edge of passion and intensity.

November 17 November 17

The Sun brightens the depths of Scorpio from November 17 to December 16, providing some light for Venus as she goes, though never gaining enough speed on her to catch up and overpower her exploration. Scorpio is a much better position for the Sun than Libra, where he is debilitated. The Sun represents our heart and soul, that which is definitively individual. The transit of the Sun through Scorpio is a great time to shed light on the hidden things that dwell in our hearts and to rediscover forgotten pieces of our souls that need to be addressed and revived.

New Moon in Scorpio November 20

Jupiter blesses the new Moon by an exact conjunction on the evening of November 20. Projects conceived at this time will have the good influence of Jupiter, especially ones that involve Scorpio related issues such as research, excavation, psychology, athletics, or anything that requires secrecy.

Mars enters Scorpio November 27

Mars joins the Scorpio expedition at the end of the month, providing fuel and staying power for any work being done in the veins mentioned above. Mars in his own sign during this time will make him the ruler of many of the other planets, giving a distinctly Mars flavor to the mood of month's end. This position favors work that is repetitive, such as fitness training or many forms of building. Be sure to give your energy (Mars) an outlet during this time, as undirected Mars energy can lead to cruelty or danger. Jupiter's presence in the sign during this time may help to quell a bit of Mars' potential for mischief. Mars favors jet black and red as colors, so the wearing or utilizing of these colors during this time may help to keep your energy on track.

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