Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus transits Pisces May 1 - May 23

Venus, while in her sign of exaltation, Pisces, can create a window to emotional receptivity and universal understanding. During this brief transit, that began on April 23, Venus will operate relatively unaspected by any other planet than Rahu, the north node of the Moon. The conjunction of Rahu and Venus occurs on May 6. This period of time could be fruitful if opening up new avenues of relationship is desired. Feelings of connection with others could readily flow, whether on a personal or universal level. Tapping into the human sensitivity represented by Venus that we all have access to could improve relations of all kinds this month. The first few weeks of May are a great time to plan social events and spend time with loved ones, as well as opening up to new relationships.

Mercury Dashes through Aries and Taurus May 2 - May 30

Mercury's coming out of his slowed down, retrograde winter and sprinting through Mars' fire sign of Aries and Venus' earth sign, Taurus in under 4 weeks. No wonder he's depicted with wings on his feet. From May 2-16, Mercury transits Aries, putting Mercury and Mars in the relationship of mutual reception for a fortnight. This bodes well for any telecommunications or information technology projects. Catch the wave and develop any new systems that will enhance your information transformation, at whatever level of technicality you require. Organizing thoughts and relating ideas to others should go really well during the first part of May. Mercury in Aries also enjoys the benefit of being aspected Jupiter from Libra, which is a benevolent influence, and by Saturn from Cancer, which could prevent “haste making waste.” These aspects may help Mercury to avoid tripping or slipping as he rushes along. Mercury travels through Taurus from May 17-30, and will help to spread Venus' exalted influence from Pisces. Communication in relationship will particularly be supported between May 16-23.

Full Moon in Libra May 12

May 12 is shaping up to be one beautiful Full Moon Friday night. The Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aries will oppose retrograde Jupiter and the Moon in Libra. The potential for enjoyment and passion run high this night. This full Moon is the culmination of events that will have grown from the new Moon in Aries on April 27. Whatever may be currently on your plate, if it carries a strong flavor of personal drive and motivation (Aries) and is focused on through the waxing part of this lunar cycle, it's likely that you can enjoy some of the fruits of your labor during a full Moon celebration on the evening of May 12. Aries and Libra, ruled by Mars and Venus respectively, represent the sexual male/female aspects of our beings, and play the role of the lovers. Mars located in Gemini and Venus in Pisces on this night further encourage the social nature of this full Moon. These signs carry strong motivation to relate to the opposite sex and to put energy into the work and play of relationship. This certainly applies to partnerships and marriage, but can also be extended to friendships and social interaction in general. (Saturn in Cancer suggests that we take a nap if we're going to be up until all hours, cavorting in the moonlight. Kids today!)

Sun enters Taurus May 15

The Sun spends his month in the constellation of Taurus from May 15-June 14. This puts the Sun under Venus' influence, which as stated above, is pretty nice this month. This placement of the Sun supports creative projects as well as, again, relationship. It would be a great time to evaluate whether or not one's heart and soul are being supported by the current relationship, and to find creative solutions to solving the problem if a lack of fulfillment should be found. Taurus is a great place to rest, relax, pamper and rejuvenate. Make time for recreational and social activities that make you feel good during this month, and shine the light of the Sun through your lens of creativity.

Venus transits Aries May 23 - February 18

Venus occupying Mars' fire sign, Aries, may serve to lessen the possible difficulties caused by Mars' current transit of Cancer. Venus could act as a calming influence in a configuration that aggravates Mars; her talent for relationship and interaction can be engaged this month in situations that become heated or disruptive. Her challenge is to endure the unpleasant side effects of Mars' aggression and irritation in order to devote her energy to relating to the root problems that Mars is facing. Venus also aspects Jupiter in her own sign of Libra during this transit, which further mitigates negativity from Mars, by his own aspect of Jupiter from Cancer. While Venus' position gives us a chance to balance any difficulties that may arise during the first part of June, the combination of Venus/Mars/Jupiter energy can be rather passionate and dynamic. In other words, I don't recommend auto-pilot this month. Vigilance is recommended, as we have strong forces in a delicate balancing act.

Mars enters Cancer May 25

Just when you are thinking that we've reached the golden age once more, Mars enters his sign of debility, Cancer on May 25. The last time Mars went through Cancer (July 2004), Martha Stewart was sentenced to 5 months in Federal prison, the ethnic cleansing of Muslim Africans in Darfur was already in full swing and receiving a bit of media publicity, and it was a particularly hot time for violence in Iraq. My mental symbol for Mars in Cancer is a tank rolling through the living room, which is, to say the least, disturbing. Cancer is the Moon's sign, and is associated with the mothering instinct to create a safe, nourishing environment, what the lucky people in the world call “Home.” Since Cancer and the Moon could both be described as “receptive,” the methods sometimes used to create this safe haven could be described as “manipulative” or “passive-aggressive.” The picture I'm trying to paint here is that Cancer doesn't achieve its ends by aggressive violence, one of the main reasons that Mars is debilitated by association with this sign. As we know, Mars has no problem with using outright aggression to make his ends, and feels frustrated at best when moving through Mother's doily decorated living room. Mars may be further frustrated by his arch enemy Saturn's current occupation of Cancer. Mars transits Cancer from May 25 to July 12, making an exact conjunction with Saturn on June 17.

I feel that this period of time may stir up some discomfort in certain ways, but I see it as a “necessary evil.” While upsetting though it may be, sometimes bringing an insensitive yet discriminating perspective to a problem that may be stagnating without a solution is just the thing to urge necessary change to come. While revolution can be unpleasant in its destructive aspect, it also paves the way for new ideas and energy for growth. Because of Saturn's presence in Cancer, we have the check and balance system that comes with age and wisdom to apply to any upheavals that may present themselves at this time. More to come, I'm sure, in June on this topic.

New Moon in Taurus May 26

The Sun and Moon conjunct this month at about 12° Taurus (ruled by Venus), in the lunar mansion of Rohini. The Moon is exalted in this asterism, which is ruled by the Moon and is believed to foster growth and expansion. The Moon in Rohini has the tendency to draw us toward the pursuit of worldly gains and gratification of the senses, which could be either accepted or fought, as our natures decree. With this in mind, one is encouraged to apply this energy to the creative projects of your choice during the lunar cycle beginning May 25. I feel that this new Moon's placement will actually lend a bit of extra sensitivity as we begin to contend with Mars transiting Cancer. Let us create firm resolve to enjoy the fruits of Venus' position during the first part of May, and to carry the lessons of receptivity and sensitivity we learn forward into the summer months, which may provide us Earthlings with some challenging situations.

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