Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 11

The full Moon on June 11 falls in Mars' water sign, Scorpio, while the Sun is in the last degrees of Venus' earth sign, Taurus. Each of the two signs owned by Mars and Venus will therefore be occupied on this date, indicating the upcoming dynamic of a peace/war struggle that may be precipitated by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn a week later. Passions may run high during this full Moon, awareness of this could prevent the unwanted results of too much passion. Rahu will also be aspecting this full Moon from his position in Pisces. This aspect could be an omen for difficulties that may arise surrounding water. Scorpio full Moon can give an added surge of power to Mars, so watch out for tempers and frustration due to his current position in Cancer.

Sun enters Gemini June 15

Moving through Mercury's air sign of Gemini affords the Sun's power of self-expression a chance to speak and interact with others. The Sun represents our true selves, the soul, will power; the unmistakable force that defines who we are. Gemini is the region of quick thought, communication by word or pen, and ideas. The Sun's transit through this sign may encourage us to share ourselves with others in these ways. Gemini also provides the kind of space that allows us to explore who we really think we are. Use this time to "try on new clothes" in a metaphorical way by imagining new avenues for self expression, including careers, hobbies, or locations. Accessing the mutability and flexibility of Gemini could also assist in any diplomacy or compromise that may be required later this month and into July.

Saturn/Mars conjunction June 18

I see the potential for water related disaster or possibly even minor trouble surrounding the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the Moon's sign of Cancer. On June 18, Saturn and Mars meet at 15º Cancer, giving Mars direct aspect on Jupiter, and giving Rahu (in Jupiter's water sign of Pisces), accompanied by the waning Moon, an aspect on Mars and Saturn. There is also a "drying" configuration with the Sun and Mercury occupying Gemini under Jupiter's influence from airy Libra, but I see it more as a the wind accompanying a hurricane rather than a helpful breeze peacefully evaporating a puddle. To mitigate these influences, I recommend higher ground, literally and figuratively. Work hard to create a situation this month where you have space to contemplate any difficulties that may arise, rather than slogging through the trenches without looking up. Detachment and perspective will allow Venus and Mercury to do what they can to enact creative solutions to problems this month.

Mercury transits Gemini June 20

Mercury's occupation of his own air sign for the first few weeks of June will aid Venus' task mentioned above. Mercury in Gemini can facilitate communication, travel, and commerce as well as aid any endeavor that requires speed, flexibility and agility. Mercury is the journalist who gets the story even though he's entrenched in a war zone, and he's the information superhighway that allows us to make the connections we need in a flash. Use these three weeks to make connections, move where you need to go, and collect information and resources. These types of activities may become a bit more difficult toward month's end, when Mercury joins Mars and Saturn in Cancer, when attention to keeping the peace at home may become the focus.

Mercury enters Cancer June 20

Having the reputation for being easily influenced by others, we can't rely too much on Mercury to enter Cancer and act the diplomat between Mars and Saturn. Mercury's power to mediate may not be as weak as it could be, due to the fact that Mercury won't get too close to those planets before it begins moving in reverse through the zodiac as the next Mercury retrograde cycle begins July 5. The issues that arise with Mars and Saturn both occupying Cancer have much to do with the youthful enforcement of a new regime confronting the entrenched values of a traditional culture. While both the pioneer and the native both have useful dynamics to contribute to a new culture, there is not always an agreement between the two parties as to which new things are acceptable and which old things can't be discarded. Mercury, upon entering the scene, appears to be taken aback and wishes to hold his distance. This could perhaps afford us the boon of having a neutral party enter negotiations without becoming too entangled with either side. While not the lighthearted atmosphere that Mercury prefers, his talent for bridging gaps and seeing both sides may aid each of us in our own personal confrontations this month by facilitating compassionate communication and understanding.

New Moon in Gemini June 25

June's new Moon occurs at 10º Gemini, in the lunar mansion known as Ardra. Ardra is associated with Rahu, and with Rudra, the god of storms (an alternate form of Shiva, the god of destruction.) Ardra is associated also with the cool clarity that comes after a storm. Getting things done, effort, and expansion are also associated with this lunar mansion; the new Moon falling here implies that the coming month may lean toward activity and effort rather than inactivity and rest. Gemini related activities like writing, learning, and using the Internet may seem attractive toward month's end. Mercury's rulership of Gemini gives him some influence during this new Moon. Because the stormy nature of Mars traveling through Saturn-occupied Cancer will continue through mid-July, Mercury, also in Cancer, will be challenged in maintaining efficacious communication and connectivity. One way to protect and maintain Mercury's flow during the coming lunar cycle would be to make time to step back, think, and observe before becoming involved in situations. Deny the urge to multi-task or fit too much into one day.

To sum up, I see the next six weeks as possibly a "work period." When things get difficult, frustrating or uncomfortable, what we are essentially faced with is a choice to work at the problems or not. Perhaps the trick is to question our associations of "good" and "bad" with what we consider to be "work." Here again is an opportunity for us to learn from the archetypes of the "difficult" planets that the work required to solve problems and alleviate difficulties is actually a gift that enhances our life experience, rather than an endless force that takes away our enjoyment. Patience with our own situations and patience with others is a gateway to recognizing love and to acceptance of the world as it is.

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