Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Retrograde July 5 - July 29

Mercury begins his second retrograde cycle of 2006 on July 5 at 7° Cancer. During the 24 days of this upcoming retrograde cycle, Mercury will edge back into his own constellation of Gemini on July 20, resuming direct motion at 27° Gemini on July 29. During retrograde cycles, a planet is relatively closer to Earth, and can provide an abundance of the kind of energy or power represented by that planet. Mercury symbolizes the faculties of communication and interchange and specifically represents written and spoken word, the analytical mind, commerce, and communication networks like phone systems and the Internet. Excessive Mercury energy can urge us to speak and act impulsively based on quickly formed thoughts that may not take into account the practical framework based on the big picture. Therefore, beginning new ventures, signing contracts or making large purchases is not recommended until after Mercury's retrograde strength begins to wane, by the beginning of August. Mercury also symbolizes swift movement and travel, which should be fine for this period, keeping in mind that circumstances and minds can easily change under Mercury's influence, giving us all the opportunity to access our capacity for flexibility. July would be a good month for refinement in projects that have to do with writing, speaking, or business. Much better to pull out an old piece of writing to edit than to sit down with a blank page this month.

Jupiter Resumes Direct Motion July 6

Jupiter has been beautifully bright in the night sky in the past weeks as it has come closer to the Earth during its four month retrograde cycle, which will end on July 6. Jupiter is spending this year in Venus' air sign of Libra, so carries with him the tendency for expansion in Libra-themed realms like beauty, ideas, truth, justice and balance. We will have until late October 2006 to enjoy Jupiter's benevolent influence in this arena, at which time he takes his propensity for positive growth and expansion into Mars' sign of Scorpio. Jupiter is called "guru" in the Vedic system, which many of us recognize as the word for "teacher" or "guide." Beautiful Jupiter in Libra can lead us toward finding balance: both within ourselves and in how we relate to the world and others. As Jupiter comes to the end of his retrograde period, it's a great time to explore your personal philosophy and hone its definition, and then to put things into place that can create a sense of balance in your life, whether it be in the physical, spiritual, or thought realm.

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 10

The Moon reaches its point of fullness this month during the evening of July 10, in the late degrees of Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius. This full Moon will be influenced by Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius, as well as Venus, who is currently acting as the "Lord" of Jupiter, due to his current position in her air sign, Libra. Venus is currently located in her own sign of Taurus, giving us all the benefit of a great combination of Venus' propensity for relationship, beauty, and compassion, combined with Jupiter's strong sense of expansion, evolution, and adventure. July 10 is a Monday, the day of the week ruled by the Moon, and could prove to be a day better spent in recreation than at work. The Moon is currently the "Lord" of several planets occupying her own sign of Cancer: Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. The undertones of this fact may manifest as difficulty with intellectually based communication. This state of affairs will be in effect from the beginning of the month until a couple of days after the full Moon. Trips to the beach or park, spending time with family and friends, indulging in creative pursuits and giving time to spiritual practices will be much more successful than projects that require intellectual precision, timing, and decisive action. Sounds like fun

Mars Enters Leo July 12

Mars finishes his six week sojourn in Cancer on July 12, as he moves into Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun. Mars is debilitated in Cancer, and it could be that his presence there, in conjunction with Saturn's, has facilitated some of the disastrous flooding on the East Coast of the US. Mars' transit of Leo will last through the end of August, and his presence there will likely become more prominent toward the end of July, as Mercury's retrograde cycle ends and we can begin moving forward in all kinds of ways. More on what to do with Mars in Leo next month... At any rate, the friction caused by Mars' proximity to Saturn, while both are in Cancer, should diminish by month's end.

Venus Enters Gemini July 13

While Venus' transit through her earth sign, Taurus, has been lovely, all will not be lost as she moves on into Gemini. While in Gemini, she comes under the benevolent aspect of Jupiter, as well as sharing quarters with Mercury in his own sign once he slips back there on July 20. Some of the same Venus-Jupiter related energy as spoken of above will remain, but with an increased ability to communicate and relate to more mind-related pursuits, especially after Mercury resumes direct motion on July 29. Venus will remain in Gemini through the first week in August. Beginning projects that require Venus' aesthetic sensibilities, creativity, and communication (like writing or making music) will be better begun at month's end or during the first week of August.

Sun enters Cancer July 16

With the Sun's entrance into the Moon's watery sign on July 16, we will continue to be "at sea" in the decisively emotional sign of Cancer. The Sun, however, may provide a point of focus, light, and power that may serve to dry up the flooded areas of our lives. In places where we may have felt overwhelmed by emotion or unable to express the truth of who we are, the Sun's presence could act as a great balance: providing light and warmth, confidence and growth in areas where we may be feeling swamped. Again, let the Sun do its repair work through the end of the month, and don't plan on making too many forward strides until the dawn of August.

New Moon in Cancer July 24

The new Moon occurs in its own sign of Cancer only once per year, and normally this fertile event would be great for planting the seeds of our next venture. This month, however, a couple of factors come into play that would advise us to hold back on too many new shoots at this time. First, Saturn's presence in Cancer prohibits unchecked growth. Saturn warns us to use caution and consider outcomes carefully. This is a sign to proceed down new paths slowly at this time. In addition, Mercury will be very strong in its retrograde path at that time, and could act as a wild card in new ventures until he resumes direct motion at the end of the month. So, if possible, don't plan on much "new stuff" starting this month. All signs point to taking it easy, reviewing, refining, researching and maintaining this month. Wait until August to begin whatever it is you may be dreaming of now.

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