Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

December 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury transits Scorpio December 3 - December 23

Mercury moves rapidly forward through Mars' water sign during the first few weeks of December. Scorpio isn't friendly territory for Mercury, but the presence of the various other planets transiting that sign this month will likely influence Mercury more than the territory through which he passes. Mercury will pass by Mars on December 9 and Jupiter on December 10, but will not catch up with the Sun or Venus until they all move into Sagittarius. Mars as a planet in his own sign is strong this month, and can lend us the drive we need to work through situations that may be difficult, uncomfortable, or even unclear. Mars' friend Jupiter has moved into Scorpio for the next year, and will act as a positive influence on both Mars and Mercury during the first part of the month. The meeting of these three planets in Scorpio provides a backdrop for communicating difficult things, immersing oneself in learning a new language or working with language, expanding in new directions physically through exercise, or pushing through difficult, sticky situations. Scorpio in general can be a dark corner in that it represents many subjects that we tend to avoid: death, sexuality, taxes, all that lies beneath the surface of the life upon which we tread. Take the chance this month to move through what may be obscure, difficult or unpleasant while Jupiter is there to guide you; you may be surprised at how easy and rewarding the work actually is.

Full Moon in Taurus December 4

The Moon reaches full mid-day on December 4 at 19° Taurus, opposite the Sun as always, as well as the host of other planets in Scorpio. Taurus is Venus' earth sign, and is characterized by stability, comfort, and the beauty of the physical world. As we move through the darkest part of the year with so much planetary emphasis in Scorpio at this time, the full Moon this month will ride high in the sky, providing a light in the darkness, and a reminder of the beauty that the Earth provides us. This could be a great time to illuminate and bring hope to the situations you may encounter in the dark, below the surface.

Venus transits Sagittarius December 7 - December 29

Venus generally plays a big role in the holiday season by providing the initiative to gather together in merrily decorated settings. She's a big influence in gift exchanging and in communing with loved ones. Her transit through Sagittarius during this season lends an even bigger punch to her already social tendencies. Sagittarius is Jupiter's fire sign, a place where even the smallest ideas and gestures can explode into their fullness. Celebration, ceremony, and glamor could combine to make this holiday season one to enjoy, and not only on a mundane, cookie-eating level. We have the opportunity to jump into the real spirit of the season and ride it into places we may not have been in awhile, or ever. It will be interesting to see how we can balance the "serious" and dark Scorpio elements of this month with the light, beautiful expansiveness that Venus in Sagittarius will show us.

Saturn begins retrograde cycle December 7

Having recently entered into the Sun's sign, Saturn turns retrograde at 1°08' Leo to begin a cycle that will continue until April 20, 2007, taking Saturn back to 24° Cancer. As with any retrograde cycle, one of the main themes is review. Saturn dips back into Cancer presumably to bring to consciousness any trailing lessons we may not have gotten down pat during his recent transit of the Moon's sign. This review time will actually last until July 2007, when Saturn re-enters Leo. Because of Saturn, Jupiter and the Rahu-Ketu axis moving to new places recently, we could be looking at some regime changes in the upcoming year.

In analyzing what we could possibly have to glean from Saturn's retrograde cycle, it is interesting to consider some of the keywords for Saturn (responsibility, maturity, detachment) and for Cancer (home, mother, family, nurture.) The next six months may be a time of serious reckoning: it would be wise to meditate on our personal and collective alignment with what we consider to be our home during this time. A good Saturn practice is inquiry, and some questions to consider during this time are: How mature do I act in my familial relationships? Can I take responsibility for how I treat Mother Earth? How do my attachments to security prevent me from realizing the truth of my situation? How do my actions impact my family, community, country or planet? Am I willing to be realistic about what I need to feel nurtured? Can I let go of family patterns in order to evolve? Give yourself some quiet space to reflect on these things during the next few months, and allow yourself to slowly adjust to the truth that the answers may show.

Sun enters Sagittarius December 15

Though the Sun seems to have fled during this time of year, when it moves into Sagittarius it begins to carry a ray of hope for new life and new beginnings as the winter solstice approaches. Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents the heart and soul, that which is inherent in and at the core of each individual. Sagittarius is the realm of truth, knowledge and spiritual expansion. What is hidden in Scorpio is brought forth in Sagittarius; use the Sun's unrelenting light to expose that which you wish to expand upon in your life at this time. Scorpionic explorations may reveal a hidden desire to write poetry or to get the physical body into better shape. Take the fire and inspiration from the Sun in Sagittarius to motivate the action that it will take to create verses or get the body moving.

New Moon in Sagittarius December 20

It's not every year that the winter solstice occurs nearly simultaneously with a new Moon, but this year is one of them. The Moon and Sun conjoin at about 5° Sagittarius on the morning of December 20 in the lunar mansion of Mula, which translates as "root." This lunar mansion lies in the direction of the galactic center from our earthly perspective and holds the qualities of both spirituality and destruction. This new Moon occurs the day before the winter solstice and therefore sets the mood for the upcoming annual cycle. There will be a conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio occurring at this time as well, which signals the necessity of the loss or shedding of that which no longer serves. Even though destruction has a negative connotation in general because it often leads to loss and disappointment, it can have positive outcomes. The New Year's theme of "ring out the old and bring in the new" comes to mind as a healthy acceptance that all things pass and that life and death are two aspects of the same force.

This year's end will encourage expansion, beginnings and new starts while at the same time requiring us to let go voluntarily or involuntarily of that which no longer serves. We can be attached to things that aren't always healthy for us, and destroying habits that harm us can be difficult and painful, but this destruction is a necessary part of building new forms. On a personal level this could manifest as quitting a smoking habit, and on a global level it could manifest as quitting a petroleum habit, for example. The common theme is that a structure that we've relied upon must be destroyed to make room for another that will serve us more appropriately for the times and conditions in which we presently live.

May the balance of light and dark reveal the truth that you seek, and may the holiday season bring you peace and contentment.

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