Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2006

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars enters Gemini April 4

Mars transits Gemini from April 4 – May 24. Gemini is Mercury's air sign, and from this position, Mars influences Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, and Ketu (South Node) currently placed therein. Mercury, Mars' lord during his transit through Gemini, will travel through four signs during that time. During April, Mercury finishes his final traverse of the late degrees of Aquarius, enters Pisces on April 12, and swims through Jupiter's watery sign for the remainder of the month. Take a look at last month's forecast for a description of Mercury in Pisces. Mars occupying Gemini, with his keen mind and ability to focus on almost any task, may make Mercury's transit through Pisces a bit less confusing and nebulous than it may otherwise be. Mars/Mercury energy combined is the backbone of our modern telecommunications technology. While perhaps not with the greatest sense of precision, this could be a very good month to focus on writing, speaking or computers. Working to manifest ideas into the physical realm is supported this month. The challenge is to stay focused and resist distraction; try to choose something and stick to it.

Saturn goes direct April 6

Saturn resumes direct motion at 10° of Moon-ruled Cancer. This occurs in the nakshatra of Pushya, which translates as “providing nourishment.” The boon of this asterism is the creation of spiritual energy. There is a stability here that allows for the nourishment needed for the blossoming of creativity. Saturn's return to direct motion at this spot may open the way to going forward with new ventures, such as opening a business. We may collectively feel the truth that hard work does pay off, and that it is time to approach our goals with a new sense of discipline and faith. This will be a great time for all forms of spiritual practice, as well. Saturn transits Pushya through April, May, and June, so get ready for some energy that will support careful growth and controlled expansion.

Full Moon in Virgo April 13

Early in the morning of April 13. the Moon is full in the last degree of Virgo. The first and last degrees of any sign are known as “sandhi,” the borderline between two signs. This type of placement for a planet can sometimes weaken the effect of the planet involved, and it is sometimes difficult to determine how the energy of that planet will manifest in such transitional territory. Many planets will aspect this full Moon, including Mars from Gemini, Saturn from Cancer, and the Sun, Rahu, and Mercury from Pisces. This full Moon could be a culmination point for many of us, but with the feeling that we're not really sure what's coming to a head. The Moon will be carrying the energy of the new Moon eclipse, which could account for the obscurity of purpose that may set the mood for the middle of this month. With so many planets occupying air signs or mutable signs, this could be a very transitional month. Be open to ideas, flexible with plans, and attentive to keeping a hold on your grounding wire.

Sun enters Aries April 13

Things usually start to warm up when the Sun traverses its sign of exaltation, Aries. Occupied by the Sun, Mars' fire sign can act like a magnifying glass does with a ray of sunshine. Aries takes the boundless energy of the Sun and concentrates it, creating a channel that furthers the potential of the Sun's power. This annual development can give us the extra power we need to create what we desire in our hearts. It should be noted that one of the things you can do with a magnifying glass and some sunshine is to start a fire. This fact, combined with the recent eclipse energy stirred up in “the scorching pair” begs a recommendation to be cautious when playing (or working with) fire. The astrological weather is leaning toward hot and dry, especially toward month's end. Compensate by “bringing the cosmic rain” yourself: consider the resource of water, visit bodies of water, indulge in showering love upon your family and friends. The Sun in Aries can energize some situations (like seeds sprouting from the earth) or exacerbate others (like cracking an already dry and scorched ground.) Almost any situation can be brought to balance by introducing the right element.

Venus enters Pisces April 28

With Venus entering its sign of exaltation at the end of the month, that brings the count to three planets exalted (Venus, Sun, and Jupiter.) Venus in Pisces is an appropriate balancing agent for the heat of Sun in Aries. Venus will sail through her exaltation on the cosmic seas of Pisces for almost one month, until May 23. This could quite possibly be a very nice time for those starting or participating in romantic relationships. Venus, the queen of opening up the heart and sharing it with others, does well in the vast expanse of Pisces, which is the home of cosmic understanding. Venus may also act as a catalyst for harmonizing the “outer” and the “inner” at this time; we could be afforded the opportunity to make peace by adjusting our situations to make room for both what pulls us out into the great big world and what pulls us into our unique, inner selves. Something to look forward to in May!

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