Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Leo September 2

As we enter the month of September, the Moon wanes to new, joining the Sun in its own sign of Leo. Also present for that conjunction is Mercury. This new Moon kicks off a 28 day cycle that supports various Leo/Sun related activities. Last month I mentioned that the Sun's transit through Leo would be good for inner exploration, in the way of getting in touch with your true motivations and desires. Beginning with this new Moon, try to bring some of that self-knowledge you may have garnered into play by starting something new that allows you an arena for self expression. Leo supports acts of generosity, confidence, and benevolence toward others. An extra twist to this new Moon is that it is opposed by Uranus in Aquarius. Traditionally, Vedic astrology does not consider the outer planets, but they are nonetheless there, and I find it interesting to check in on them every so often. Uranus has the reputation for causing upheaval or abrupt changes. Uranus can be shocking, so be prepared for a bit of turbulence in the projects you may initiate during the very beginning of the month.

Venus Enters Libra September 7

Venus proceeds into her own air sign, Libra, at the end of the first week of September, which admittedly, I've been looking forward to. Her influence has been somewhat overshadowed by the influences of Rahu and Mars, as well as by her movement through Cancer, Leo and Virgo, which can be difficult for her subtle and beautiful ways. Venus will move through Libra, exiting on October 2, so take advantage of this month to enjoy the love. This will be a great time for entertaining, socializing, romance, and artistic or creative endeavors. If you've felt isolated in the past few months, reach out to someone else and relate this month.

Venus will not be out of the woods totally however, as Mars will be opposite in the sign of Aries. This dynamic sees both of these passionate planets in their own signs, in their full strength. This definitely lends some spice to the mix, so be aware that some conflict could arise, conflict that will generally be best met with the action of kissing and making up. Venus and Mars in this aspect to one another are very potent. Creative work is great to get involved in during this time.

Sun and Mercury Move to Virgo September 17

The Sun will spend the month between September 17 – October 17 in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. The Sun is joined in this transit by Mercury himself who moves ever more quickly than the Sun through the zodiac, passing into Libra on October 4. So, during the second half of September, we will see three planets in their own signs: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. This kind of set up generally makes life feel like things are running as they should, including conflicts that may arise. Mercury in Virgo is great for diagnosis and analysis, and for organizing thoughts as well as items in the physical realm. This capacity should be harnessed at this time. Perhaps it would be useful to review the past year that Jupiter has spent in Virgo, which may have inspired you to expand in the areas of health, medicine, or communications. Review how any new changes are settling into your life and make any adjustments before Jupiter moves on later in the month.

Full Moon in Virgo September 17

September's Full Moon is shaping up to be quite interesting. The Moon will rise full on Saturday evening, September 17 in the sign of Pisces, opposite the Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Jupiter in Virgo. Also in Pisces right now is Rahu, the north node of the Moon, which could truly generate some “lunacy” that evening. Rahu holds the ability to “swallow” the Moon, so there is often a sense of craziness that arises from their meetings, in this case exacerbated by the Moon being full. Because I consider Virgo the sign connected with the fruits of the earth, I'm calling this full Moon, which is opposite Virgoa “Harvest Moon.” The positions of the above mentioned planets, combined with the Venus-Mars opposition should make this night very passionate and beautiful, and possibly strange. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourselves, it looks like it could be a lovely evening.

Jupiter Begins Transit of Libra September 28

As I mentioned already, Jupiter will be completing his transit of Virgo this month and moving on into Libra. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficent of the planets, and his influence promotes expansion, gathering knowledge, teaching, wealth, and spiritual growth. Who can complain about that? The past couple of years have seen Jupiter's influence somewhat muffled by the oppressive aspects of both Saturn and Rahu, both of which are about promoting other useful, but often not-pleasant activities. So, with Jupiter moving out from under these aspects, we are about to be afforded a mood of hope that may encourage us to expand in new ways. The prospects for growth in relationships and financial expansion are favorable during Jupiter's transit of Libra, September 28, 2005 - October 27, 2006. As always, smooth sailing comes in fits and starts, and Jupiter's new position in Libra will be opposite Mars in Aries, who as mentioned last month, remains in that sign until January 2006. So, Jupiter has his beneficent work cut out for himself, but if anyone can shower Mars with good vibes, it's Lord Jupiter. Jupiter loves parties, indulging in food and drink, ceremonies, pomp, and the color orange, so I suggest that any month-end celebrations would do well to include Jupiter.

I feel that September is going to be a nice transition from the especially intense astrological summer that we have had, especially the months of June and July. So, take time to enjoy yourself and one another's company. Love is the answer!

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