Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Solar Eclipse October 3

October begins with many astrological changes. October 3 is a big day, including a new Moon, Mars going retrograde, Venus entering a new sign, and a solar eclipse. Traditionally, eclipses signal a disruption of the norm, although at this point, we may be looking at a disruption of the disruptions that have defined our current calendar year. The solar eclipse on October 3 occurs in Virgo, in the lunar mansion of Hasta, which literally means "hand," and indicates the actions of doing, giving, and receiving that the hand symbolizes. Therefore, the eclipse may bring disruption of things associated with this symbol. As we hold out our hands to receive, what we quarry may not show up. As the hand can also become a fist, the frustration associated with not getting what we want may promote contentious behavior.

Mars turns retrograde in Aries October 3

Mars has reached the point in his current turn around the Sun that brings him closest to Earth, in the late degrees of Aries. He appears brightly in the late night sky, rising in the east. October 3 sees the beginning of Mars' retrograde cycle, which will march him back across the battlefield, where he will reach the middle degrees of Aries once again in mid-December. This 2.5 month period could likely see a turning of the tide in "The War on Terrorism." Retrograde cycles of the planets are great times to review and reassess. This time is likely to be turbid rather than peaceful, given the nature of Mars in his own fiery sign. Many words that begin with "re" may surface during this time: revolution, reconnoiter, recompense, too many to list...

Mars' proximity to Earth, combined with his hot-under-the-collar nature could bring about quick tempers and irritability. Mars is the planet of energy and power. One could prevent angry outbursts by channeling physical energy into exercise or picking fights with friends. Just kidding, making sure you're awake, a little Mercurial humor to lighten the load! Seriously though, making sure to get enough exercise through sports or the physical activity of your choice could help quell Mars' abundant fire.

New Moon in Virgo October 3

The new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion of Hasta, as mentioned above. (Eclipses always occur during new or full moons, when they are conjunct or opposite one another, respectively.) So, unlike most new Moons, when beginning things is recommended, this new Moon would be better for analyzing the current situation and assessing needs and desires, rather than trying to do much to fulfill them.

Venus transits Scorpio October 3 - October 29

Venus makes a quick tour of Mars' water sign from October 3-29. While Venus isn't totally comfortable in the sometimes dark and dangerous waters of Scorpio, this new position does take her out of opposition with Mars himself, which may be somewhat of a relief after their passionate tete-a-tete last month. Venus in Scorpio is great for looking into the underside of relationships: with others, with god, with one's inner self. Venus' tour this month further encourages the review period suggested by Mars' retrograde cycle. She gives us a chance to bring beauty and love to the rejected, scary places that lurk beneath the surface of our lives. This activity requires commitment and courage, so make sure to gear up with those qualities before you scuba dive into the unknown.

Mercury transits Libra October 5 - October 25

Generally, Mercury, the traveler, the diplomat, the communicator, moving through Libra is great for bringing his gifts to meet those of Venus: love, beauty, relationship, art. With all of the analysis and review going on this month, Mercury's position supports discussion and council, exchange of ideas and verbal exploration of philosophical realms. However, Mercury does carry a bit of the eclipse energy with him, as he was in Virgo during the new Moon eclipse of October 3. This could manifest as disruption in communication or exchange of goods. Being armed with the knowledge of this possibility and letting those in your circle know of it could lessen any communication difficulties to come. Remember that actions communicate as strongly as words; act with purpose and deliberation this month, as the mood of disruption and review can be frustrating. Looking toward the past and at the discomfort of the present can open wounds and push sensitive buttons. Have compassion for this in your communication this month.

Lunar Eclipse October 17

The lunar eclipse of October 17 occurs in Virgo, in the lunar mansion Chitra, symbolized by a man weighing items on a small scale, and ruled by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect. The disruptions brought about by this eclipse may come in the form of difficulties with design, the arts, commerce, and valuable commodities. This eclipse may cause fluctuations in the economy or produce unexpected expenses, but is great for spiritual exploration.

In general, it is recommended to avoid beginning new ventures during the period 6 days before and after an eclipse, so that pretty much rules out this entire month. The disruptive nature of the eclipse is best met by stepping back and contemplating. The first part of the month, associated with the solar eclipse, is good for analyzing what may be before and behind you. The second part of the month, associated with the lunar eclipse, calls for contemplation of a less cerebral nature; exploring the question, "Who am I?" in a spiritual sense is highly recommended.

Full Moon in Aries, Sun enters Libra October 17

Just as the Sun enters Venus' air sign, Libra, this month, the Moon comes into fullness at zero degrees Aries. This will be the first of two consecutive full Moons that will occur in Aries. The second, in November, will occur at the very last degree of Aries. This phenomena further brings focus onto Mars' retrograde cycle. For two months in a row, we will see the full Moon and Mars opposite the Sun and Jupiter. I get the strong sense that the universe is trying to tell us something (all the time, but especially now.) Look at what you do, for that is who you are. (And I don't mean just your job!) If you find that you want to be someone other than who you presently are, then you must DO something in order to become that someone. Now is the time to find those answers, to explore your personal philosophy, to reassess and reorient, and to figure out what to do/be.

The Sun in Libra is considered debilitated. The Sun, which represents our sovereignty, our life purpose, and our ego, brought into Venus' realm of relationship is somewhat unseated. The tendency to turn inward is strong, for it is there that our personal light remains. This tendency is reflected in the season of fall, when the physical light of the Sun seems to wane dramatically, as our days shorten and our nights lengthen. As the leaves fall and the earth prepares for the renewing sleep of winter this year, the planets strongly encourage us to do the same.

Venus transits Sagittarius October 30 - December 3

Venus will take a bit longer than one month to move through Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius. Venus will be in mutual reception with Jupiter during this entire transit, as Jupiter currently occupies Venus' air sign, Libra. This month will also give us the themes of the search for social/personal justice and relating to Truth, by the nature of these planets and their current positions. This combination is actually great for socializing and celebration, so perhaps planning those kinds of activity will help to create an environment that thrives with truth, justice, and liberty for all. This environment is, of course, much more greatly appreciated by individuals who champion truth, forthrightness, and mutual benefit, so could be therefore uncomfortable for individuals who can not, do not, or will not live in an open, honest, and sharing manner. At any rate, it would be a great time to make the transition to Truth, if that were desired.

Spooky, Beautiful Halloween in Store October 31

The Moon wanes during the last week in October, making for a very dark Halloween night. The almost new Moon joins Jupiter and the Sun in Venus' Libra on the night of October 31. This trio in this position makes for a sense of companionship and could herald a lovely evening. The traditional view of Halloween as a celebration of the time when the "veil between worlds" is most permeable is supported well by the darkness and mystery of the new Moon. The spookiness will come courtesy of Mars, who is currently retrograde and powerfully, influentially close to Earth at this time. His position in Aries aspects Saturn in Cancer, the trio in Libra, as well as Mercury in Scorpio. Essentially, Mars' capacity for intimidation through both mind control and physical force could be well played on the one night of the year when many people (at least symbolically) go out into the night to face the darkness. Choosing to do so this year could be a great warm up for what could prove to be a challenging, yet ultimately satisfying month to come.

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