Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Libra November 1

The new Moon occurs on the morning of November 1, at 15° Libra. This is another month when I do not advise moving into new enterprises, even though we have a new Moon in Libra, a forward thinking and creative sign. The theme of this November includes resolution of long standing conflict. This will be a good month for finishing the reviews and making a decision on how to move forward. Retrograde Mars opposite the new Moon strongly influences the planetary weather this month, bringing his qualities of force, courage, aggression, and confrontation close to the surface. Remember that Mars energy is akin to the element of fire, which has the power for both great help and disastrous harm. It is up to each one of us to choose how to channel our own personal fire, our Mars power, which if bottled up or allowed to explode out at random can cause harm and sorrow. This would be a great time to explore anger in any regard, and an even better time to decide what useful part it can play in life.

Red Alert! Mercury retrograde November 14 - December 4

The last three Mercury retrograde periods we've experience in the past year were all rather benign, in my opinion; perhaps it had to do with Jupiter's beneficent presence in Mercury's sign during that year. Without that influence, Mercury, easily influenced by whoever is waving something in his face, will take on the energy of the next strongest thing. At this point, that would be Mars. Mercury's retrograde begins in the middle of Mars' water sign Scorpio and travels all the way back to the beginning of that sign by early December, stationing direct at 0 degrees Scorpio on December 4. This implies two things: One, Mercury is influenced by the Lord of the House (Mars) through which he travels and Two, Mercury will be under that influence for awhile, for all of November and December 2005. Not only that, Mars has the tendency to influence other planets in the 4th, 7th, and 8th houses from his position, and Mercury in Scorpio meets that requirement.

So, that means that we're going to experience even MORE of that review, rehash, reversal energy, especially in the areas where Mars and Mercury's energy combines, for example: communication technology, medicine, global media conglomerates, war/terrorism, anything that requires precision, exchange, resources, and information. So, especially during this retrograde period, it is advised that there could be disruptions/eruptions in travel plans, communication services, real estate deals. This is not the time to begin a new enterprise. Finishing, honing, editing, or revamping are fine. Even dredging up unfinished business - emotional, financial, or otherwise - is supported right now. There's a good chance that closure could be made on issues such as this. Resolution or completion could come for long standing situations. It may not be smooth, and there may be name calling, and it may hurt, but, like cauterizing a wound, it may be worth it.

This Mars-retrograde-aspecting-Mercury-retrograde cycle may really bring tempers close to the surface, especially in conversations. If you're not in the mood to work out those old tangles and have closure, or to call someone to account for their wrongdoings and pay the consequences of that type of confrontation, it is advised that you avoid getting into deep and meaningful conversations of any kind this month. Keep it light and focus on fun socializing, and/or spend time alone. But don't be surprised if the good times are tainted by your neighbors' argument or news stories revealing lies, corruption, terrorism and accidents.

Sun enters Scorpio, Full Moon in Aries November 15

The middle of this month is particularly sensitive. On November 14th, when Mercury begins the retrograde cycle, it will also be at the exact degree of full aspect from Mars, who is accompanied by a nearly full Moon in Aries. The Moon reaches the full point in the last degree of Aries with the Sun in the last degrees of Libra in the early evening of November 15, which makes for the second full Moon in Aries this year. Mars is really running the show right now. Only hours after the Moon reaches fullness in opposition to the Sun, they move into Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. This couple of days, Monday (Moon Day), November 14 and Tuesday (Mars Day), November 15, may be particularly sensitive in light of the issues mentioned above in the Mercury retrograde section. Be alert and pay attention, aware of what work you can do to prevent or recover from mishaps or attacks.

Saturn Retrogrades through Cancer November 23 - April 1

As if there isn't enough from keeping us from forward motion at this point, the grandfather of planets, Sir Deliberation himself, will also begin a retrograde cycle this month, and because everything Saturn does seems to take a long time, it will last well into the Spring. This will make three planets total: Mars, Mercury, and Saturn retrograde as we complete this month. If you are interested in looking back at the past, you are supported during this time. If you're wise, you'll use the opportunity to bring closure where it's needed in preparation for the inevitable forward motion that is to come. We'll most likely see more indictments of political figures for lies, cover ups, and manipulations that will come to account as the spotlight swings around to the past and Mercury digs deeply for information that has lain hidden. Saturn in Cancer, slowly retrograde for the next five months, will most likely have many asking questions about whether our government has truly been "securing the homeland" or not. He'll prompt us to consider how stable our lives truly are, on both a collective and individual basis. He'll show us how what we think is permanent can be washed away, like a house in a flood, or the bill of rights in the current political tide. He'll demand the review of our conceptions of love and care, and hopefully inspire us to restructure them if we find them hollow and dysfunctional.

So, hunker down, sit still, and observe this month. Look back at your mistakes, find peace within yourself, and let yourself learn from those mistakes. Use the information that comes up from the past as a valuable tool for building a better future. Consider how the truth can sometimes be painful, but how suppression of the truth can be devastating. Watch and make choices about new directions, but wait to act on them for awhile longer as you gather resolve. This will be a prime Thanksgiving for true, humble, grateful giving of thanks.

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