Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

March 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Aquarius March 10

The new lunar cycle begins on March 10th when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sign of the water bearer, Aquarius. This further adds to the theme of the human relationship to the cosmic ocean, which is strong this month.

Mars moves to Capricorn March 12

Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini begin the month maintaining their opposition which could feel like sitting in on a debate between a young, faith blinded religious fundamentalist and a well-educated, liberal retired scientist. This planetary position represents the polarization that we may feel on various levels of our existence, and which is generally uncomfortable, sometimes confrontational, and for the most part excellent fodder for evolution as well as revolution. This polarization should dissolve a bit as Mars moves on into Capricorn on March 12th, which is the sign of his exaltation. Mars in this position has the opportunity to propel us forward with endurance and determination through the task at hand. Mars remains in Capricorn through late April. This would be a great month to get outside and work the land. Mars is the original farmer, and Capricorn is an earth sign that encourages the beginning of projects.

Ketu and Jupiter opposite Mercury, Sun and Venus March 18 - April 10

This month, Jupiter is not only opposite the north node, Rahu, but also conjunct the south node, Ketu. Where Rahu represents "the world", that which is "outside" of ourselves and makes up the common thread of reality that we all share and mostly agree upon, Ketu represents the principle of the "inner self" and promotes activity that detaches us from worldly life. This year, we have this combination of Jupiter and Ketu in Virgo, which I see as a sharp tool for inner work, reorganization of spiritual priorities in the face of our day to day life, and the establishment of a positive, healthy life regime that makes use of our extensive scientific knowledge. This month, we will have several planets transiting through Pisces, and therefore through opposition to Jupiter and Ketu.

Mercury enters Pisces on March 2, the Sun enters March 15, and Venus enters on March 18, and with Rahu occupying that sign, we are in for a rather watery month. The symbol for Pisces is a fish, or actually two fish meeting one another head to tail, which portrays Pisces' quality of transition and regeneration. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and is the place in our journey where the individual perception comes to its end and dissolves into the cosmic ocean, while retaining the seeds of rebirth. Many forms of ego-dissolution are represented in Pisces' associations: hospitalization, incarceration, institutions,, monasteries, dreams, sleep, drug use, spiritual liberation, travel in foreign environments. It is an auspicious sign, ruled by the beneficent Jupiter. I feel that the procession of the various planets through Pisces this month heralds a new beginning wherein the collective mind will have the opportunity to reckon the knowledge that we are at the same time unique individuals with enormous personal responsibility and potential and we are also like drops of water that merge with the great ocean, knowing the oneness of all creation. On a personal level, I read that each individual could benefit by assessing practical day to day choices that contribute to physical, mental, and spiritual health, noting especially the habits and behaviors that fill that need for "getting lost" or escaping from "reality." Once identified, analyze those choices in the face of your real inner desires and decide what needs to come in and what needs to go out in order to achieve a balance where the desires to reach out and look within are both honored in healthy ways.

Vernal Equinox March 20

Spring officially begins March 20, 2005 at 4:34 AM PST. On that day, the Sun's path crosses the equator, which results in what we refer to as "equinox" which translates as "equal night." It is one of two days a year which sees our day and night of equal length. The Sun will be at about 6º Pisces this year, and each year, the equinox moves a bit closer toward the beginning of Pisces. This slight movement is known as the precession of the equinoxes, and takes about 26,000 years to move once around the zodiac. The Sun sign during the vernal equinox is what defines our "Ages" that last a bit more than 2000 years each. We are currently in the age of Pisces, heading slowly but surely toward the age of Aquarius, which is just about dawning, like the song says. The first vernal equinox in Aquarius will happen in roughly 400-500 years.

Happy Spring!

Mercury Retrograde begins March 21

One of those planets I mentioned that will be swimming the cosmic ocean this month is Mercury. In general, Pisces is considered Mercury's sign of debilitation, which makes sense in light of Mercury's qualities: swift, light, communicative, and mutable. Everyone knows it's hard to get a verbal message across underwater. While Mercury in Pisces may be difficult in the face of achieving the seamless exchange of practical communication, it may afford abilities such as psychic connectivity or mental understanding of nebulous subjects. With Mercury going retrograde in Pisces, these pros and cons may both be exaggerated. This could be a very intense few weeks on the communication mishap hot line. Mercury resumes direct motion on April 13. This may not be the best period for pulling off projects that require precise communication and timing, so if that kind of action is required, take your time, triple check your work, plan for unforeseen eventualities, and prepare to be calm in the face of probable frustration. In truth, this month looks like a much better time to assess and review, to plan and plot rather than charging forward and executing half formed plans. If you are coordinating something important and you have the choice to wait until April for it, that is recommended. Expect delays. Expect people to not understand what you are saying. Expect people to drift away before your eyes. Rather than getting angry, be an anchor if you can.

Saturn resumes direct motion March 22

As Mars moves out of opposition with Saturn, the old man of the solar system slows down even more as he prepares to station and begin to move direct on March 22. This will further speed the release of tension between Mars and Saturn. Saturn will then spend the next couple months retracing his steps through the late degrees of Gemini once again before he moves into Cancer. Saturn in Gemini combines the principles of experience and youth, and propels that wise child through communication, information, and exchange. This position could be helpful vis a vis the Pisces/Virgo energies discussed before. Take Saturn to the library with you when you are researching the potential effects of the lifestyle choices that you make. Saturn lends an objective, detached viewpoint to the review of information, and is the last planet in the zodiac to jump to conclusions. Read slowly and thoroughly, and avoid forcing your rational mind to absorb too much, because...

Full Moon in Virgo March 25

The Moon reaches fullness on March 25, when it will conjunct with Jupiter and Ketu. Jupiter continues to move retrograde through Virgo, appearing very bright in the night sky. The full Moon and Jupiter together should be quite a site. Watch for the Moon to rise that evening at about 7:30 pm.

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