Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars enters Pisces June 3

As I mentioned at the end of last month's forecast, I do have a bit of concern about the potential friction that may arise due to Mars' entry into Pisces, as he approaches a conjunction with Rahu, which will be exact in mid-July. There are some similarities between the planetary configuration that we will see beginning this month, and that of the period of time surrounding September 11, 2001. We will see Mars and Rahu (Moon's north node) in Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter, opposite Ketu (Moon's south node) and Jupiter in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. In September 2001, we had Mars conjunct Ketu in Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury. While the combination of Mars and Ketu in Sagittarius is admittedly a more incendiary combination than Mars and Rahu in Pisces, be alert to echoes of that time that we may experience this month. The potential for large scale disaster, whether man-made or natural does exist. On a personal front, do make sure to keep track of how you expend your power and resources this month, as it may have effects that ripple more widely than usual.

New Moon in Taurus June 6

The Moon and Sun conjoin this month in Venus' earth sign, Taurus, extending the spring time feeling for a bit longer. The new Moon under Venus' influence encourages new beginnings in relationship, and with Venus posited in Mercury's air sign, Gemini, energy for communication and idea sharing is also supported. It may be a good month for rearranging mental furniture in light of finding new ways to communicate and relate with others. It should be noted that Pluto's influence could also be felt, as Pluto has moved retrograde into the late degrees of Scorpio, which is opposite Taurus. Don't be surprised if in rearranging that furniture you find items consciously or unconsciously shoved behind the couch or swept under the rug that demand your attention once again.

Mercury transits Gemini June 9 - June 23

Mercury makes a quick jaunt through his own sign during two weeks in the middle of the month. This short window supports all things Mercury oriented, including communication, computer oriented activity, commerce, and analytical thought. It should be noted, vis a vis the Mars/Rahu vs Jupiter/Ketu configuration that Mercury will be occupying a sign that he rules, just like during September 2001, when he occupied his earth sign, Virgo. Mercury in his own sign supports the type of coordinated communication that was needed to pull off the terrorist attacks against the WTC and Pentagon. Mercury has a propensity for deception and mutability, which was useful in that regard. Do remember that any kind of planetary energy can be harnessed for either good or ill, depending on the intention of the wielder. Mercury in Gemini this month could just as easily be the intelligence force that exposes some nefarious scheme in the works.

Sun enters Gemini June 15

The Sun joins Mercury and Venus mid-month, for his annual dose of Gemini energy. Ordinarily I would recommend that this time of year is good for traveling and movement in general, but I am inclined to advise hunkering down this year as I will be anxious to see what occurs when...

Moon conjuncts Jupiter/Ketu June 15

I believe that the events of September 11, 2001 were triggered by the Moon's transit through the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Gemini on that day. This month, we see the Moon transiting through the Jupiter/Ketu conjunction in Virgo on the 15th. If the world is going to rock this month, I predict it will be during the 15th-16th. Note that in both cases the Moon is transiting over planets in Mercury's signs. Mercury and the Moon share similar qualities of fickle and unstable behavior which is a reflection of their notoriously rapid movement through the zodiac. So, if you are slated to pull off any grand projects that involve timing, coordination, large scale force and expansive planning, this would be the time to do it.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 21

The full Moon occurs on the evening of June 21, in Sagittarius, Jupiter's fire sign, and coincides with the summer solstice. The formation of the planets and nodes at this time will make a grand cross in all of the mutable signs. The Sun, Venus and Mercury will occupy Gemini, the Moon will be opposite in Sagittarius, Jupiter and Ketu will be in Virgo, and Mars and Rahu will occupy Pisces. So, we have the majority of the planets in signs owned by Jupiter and Mercury, indicating a culmination of the expansive and movable energies represented by these planets. In general, this looks like a powerful time, and could indicate completion or fulfillment of events that may begin earlier in the month. Indeed, this coming month gives us the potential to witness events that may change our lives, both in a collective and a personal way.

Venus and Mercury enter Cancer June 23

This culmination during the solstice/full Moon will disperse as the month ends, and we move into yet another interesting phase in July which involves Mars moving into Aries, which I will certainly discuss more in next month's forecast. Venus and Mercury, two planets that are considered friends, will be moving from Gemini into Cancer on June 23, which brings them into territory occupied by Saturn, also considered a friendly planet to both Mercury and Venus. However, even good friends harmonize best with some space between them, so there may be a slightly cramped feeling surrounding issues of relationship, responsibility and communication toward month's end. Compensate by making time for solitude and personal space in order to maintain a sense of harmony. This would actually be a great time to analyze and/or communicate with friends and partners about the responsibility and expectations involved with maintaining a relationship, whether it be familial, romantic, or friendly. Explore boundaries and gain footing while you can, for when Mars moves into Aries in July, he's there to stay for quite awhile, which may create some friction with Saturn, so it's a good idea to know where you stand. Hang tough, people, and stay grounded. Things may get more interesting than they already are this month. May the force be with you, and you with it.

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