Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Gemini July 8

July begins as the Moon wanes, reaching the new point early on the morning of July 6. During the last week of June, when the Moon came into Pisces and conjuncted with Rahu and Mars, many people seemed to be faced with transitions and minor traumas. By the next time the Moon reaches Rahu's position, Mars will have moved on, hopefully lessening the impact that the Moon and Rahu together can create each month. The Moon joins the Sun at about 20º Gemini. Mercury, Lord of Gemini, will be in Cancer, the Moon's sign, at that time, creating a state of “mutual reception,” when two planets are located in a sign ruled by the other. This could signal a month focused on family communication, as Mercury symbolizes our need and ability to communicate and exchange with others, and Cancer is the realm of home, mother, family, and roots. Saturn's presence in Cancer at this time could bring to the surface difficulties surrounding family situations. One of the best ways to confront Saturn-inspired hardship is with patience and humility. Hardship is always an opportunity to gain wisdom, though often at the expense of enduring some pain and discomfort.

Rahu and Mars conjunct July 8-9 July 8 - July 9

As Mars has been moving toward an exact conjunction with Rahu, I've wondered what their meeting will signal. Mars represents the energy of drive, force, and power that each one of us carries in their own unique way, while Rahu represents the overarching phenomenon of the collective consciousness. Rahu in a birth chart shows the way that we are drawn into our worldly paths and desires. Similarly, where Rahu is located currently can act as a gateway for the collective consciousness to express itself. Currently in Pisces, Rahu shows us the great beyond that Pisces represents – the boundless sea of cosmic understanding that, when swum in, grants an individual a sense of knowledge and unity. However, it is difficult to translate that understanding into terms that we can readily access in day-to-day life; it has been the endeavor of countless religions, sages, and seers to communicate that knowledge to the common individual. When Mars reaches that gateway on July 8-9, what will he do? Can a fierce individual such as Mars allow himself to dissolve and absorb the great wisdom that Pisces holds, the doorway to which Rahu holds open? I believe he can, especially if the Martian desire for power and control are subsumed in the interest of the greater good. While this combination can provide abundant energy for expansion, the massive quality of Rahu could overwhelm and irritate Mars a bit, bringing forth anger and aggression. Mars' transit through Pisces lasts only a few more weeks, and as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it is the place of endings and of transformation. Think about what your Mars needs to finish up during the first part of July; how can your human drive to accomplish feats both great and small be transformed?

Moon conjuncts Jupiter/Ketu July 13

This is a repeat of last month's configuration that occurred on June 15-16. For most of us, the world did not come to an end, and the only likeness of disaster that occurred around that time (that I'm aware of) were four large earthquakes in California. At any rate, there is a similar potential for “something big” to occur this month as well around July 13-14, especially since Mars will be even closer to Rahu and Jupiter will be even closer to Ketu. While the Rahu/Ketu axis represents forces that can be considered somewhat out of our individual control, remember that no matter what happens, it is our gift and responsibility as individuals to choose our reactions to the events brought about by these forces such that we further our evolution, both collectively and individually, while causing no harm to ourselves or others. No one ever said that life is easy.

Sun enters Cancer July 17

The Sun enters the Moon's sign on the 17th, joining Saturn, Mercury and Venus (who will be moving along soon.) This will most likely bring that family communication dynamic into focus as the Sun spends its summer vacation in Cancer. Be aware that the Sun's energy is self-centered and bold, and does not always support extreme sensitivity or receptiveness. Take extra steps to tone your self-importance down in group/family situations to avoid unnecessary friction.

Mars enter Aries July 18

As soon as Mars meets Rahu and wraps up any loose ends in Pisces, he will launch into the new endeavor of a rather long sojourn in his own fire sign, Aries. Generally, Mars takes about 6-10 weeks to transit through a sign. However, this year, Mars enters Aries on July 18, travels all the way to the end of the sign by October 3, begins a retrograde cycle which will take him back to the middle of the sign by mid-December, resumes direct motion, and will finally depart into Taurus during the first week in February. This Mars transit through Aries will last over 6 months, which should be very interesting. There are a couple of implications that I see right off the bat. First, Mars in Aries is a GREAT time for starting major projects or campaigns. The capacity to work, plan, accomplish, and execute is enormous, and the desire to move forward into unknown territory might arise. The workaholic inside me is already greedily rubbing her hands together, plotting to accomplish as much as possible during the next half year, riding on the wave of Mars' back-and-forth journey through his fiery lands. The second, and perhaps more serous, implication I see is that Mars in Aries will be in a position to influence Saturn in Cancer. I have spoken before about how Mars and Saturn energy can combine, with Mars' desire to go now and Saturn's tendency to go slowly often not combining harmoniously. In this case, I feel that the Mars' energy has an advantage, and we may feel pushed and compelled to move forward from old situations, even though we may not be ready to let go, whether out of fear of the unknown or attachment to people or situations of the past. While this is neither good nor bad, it may be both scary and exhilarating, painful and liberating.

Venus enters Leo July 18

I mentioned that the Sun's presence in Cancer might throw some self-centeredness into group dynamics. There could be some aid to that situation from Venus entering Leo on July 18. Leo is the Sun's sign, the sign of royal magnanimity, and a source of greatness and life-giving power. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relating to others may serve to soften the Sun's tendency toward taking center stage, which could provide some gentle relief in the midst of what seems like rough times. If times get too intense during the middle of the month, with the various transitions that might take place, get yourself away to a quiet moment by the water with Venus to soothe yourself, that you may be able to carry the strength and grace needed to commune with others.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 21

The Moon reaches fullness early in the morning of July 21, opposing the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer. While Cancer is the home, mother, and nurturing, Capricorn represents the dry lonely place that the father reaches after much hard work and determination- the mountain top where heady wisdom is found, and from where the home valley can be seen in the distance. This full Moon could grant us some detachment from our situations, a measure of objectivity that we may see things clearly and make wise choices.

Mercury retrograde July 24 - August 16

Last,but not least, everyone's favorite astrological phenomenon to blame for communication problems and mishaps of various shapes and sizes: Mercury begins a retrograde cycle in the late degrees of Cancer on July 24. Just when you thought it was time to move on from that family communication dynamic, you realize it's time to revisit all of it because you're not finished yet. Mercury will be taking you in for a much closer look this time... Be aware of what could go wrong with all of those Mercury things during this time: Travel, connections, communication, computers. Slow down and think before you speak, reconsider before you act, and then ask yourself if it's really necessary. Saturn's presence in Cancer during this Mercury retrograde demands observation, consideration, and most of all, deliberation. This may feel difficult, especially in light of Mars' new trip through Aries, pushing us forward impatiently. I advise extra caution, especially around anything water related during this time. Mercury stations direct in the middle of Cancer on August 16, and begins to make his way toward Leo, gaining the fleetness of his character along the way.

Keep it together as much as possible, for this summer seems to be a doozy! Peace be with you.

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