Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2005

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Retrograde continues August 1 - August 16

The month of August begins with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, about one third of the way through its retrograde cycle. As mentioned in last month's forecast, Mercury's transit through Cancer this year supports an in-depth review of how we conduct our familial communication. Saturn's position in Cancer at this time acts as the objective observer; this is an opportunity to disentangle from deep-rooted habits and automatic reactions to home/family related interactions. Move slowly and deliberately when it comes to communication and even financial exchanges during the remainder of August. Cancer is a sensitive sign and planets positioned in the Moon's sign can quickly change mood. During the first half of the month especially, there is much focus in this arena. Be careful of overstepping others' boundaries, and be aware of protecting your own. Remember: Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.

New Moon in Cancer August 4

To add to the sensitive Cancerian energy this month, we have the new moon cycle beginning in the Moon's own watery sign. This Moon cycle would be a great time to focus on the home or family in some way. That could be accomplished by visiting with family, making time for community interaction, or doing projects around the home that support comfort and safety. Mercury will be exactly conjunct with the Sun and Moon on August 5. This could be a great window for finding alignment between the heart, mind and intellectual faculty, especially in the face of deep-seated emotional reactions. Remember to use Saturn's detachment as an observational perch as you work through sensitive issues or emotional moments. Saturn tells us that time heals wounds and that forgiveness most benefits the forgiver.

Venus moves to Virgo August 12

Venus enters Virgo from her brief tour of Leo on August 12, moving through Mercury's earth sign until September 7. Traditionally, Virgo is seen as the “debilitation” sign for Venus, although I often have a hard time understanding why. Venus and Mercury are friendly toward one another, they are both rulers of earth and air signs, and they both have very social natures. I see a Venus transit through Virgo as a great time for analysis and transformation of how our relationships and our work support both our physical and mental health. I see the heavy Cancerian flavor of the first part of the month giving way to constructively finding ways to transform our lives so that we can integrate new ways of relating and communicating in our families, communities, or workplaces.

Sun enters Leo August 17 - September 17

The Sun will transit its own sign, fiery Leo, from August 17-September 17. At least in the Northern hemisphere, we move into the very mature days of summer during this time, when the Sun holds court as the lord of the planets. There are no major aspects from either the outer or the inner planets to the Sun this year as it transits Leo. This would be a great time to get to know yourself, to explore what really makes you tick, and to get in touch with your soul's purpose, as that very unique, individual core of ourselves will get a chance to shine this month, relatively outside of the realm of influence of other planets. Give yourself time to just be you and to pursue the things that really entertain you and feed your soul.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 19

The Full Moon in Aquarius will be one of the only aspects by another planet to the Sun as it transits Leo. Remember that this Moon carries the energy from the planets in Cancer at the beginning of the month, one of which was old Saturn, observing it all from his detached, meditative wisdom. When the Moon reaches full this month, it will be in Saturn's air sign, Aquarius. This Moon will reflect the bright, individualistic light of the Sun in Leo from a place of understanding and objectivity. Use it to see yourself for who you are, and to make any necessary adjustments in attitude or lifestyle so that you can create the physical and mental space to act from a place of authenticity. Take time during this period to integrate the changes that may have presented themselves during the past month; find a way to become comfortable with aspects of yourself that may be newly discovered or recovered. Explore how the true you can manifest in your daily actions and interactions. Try to keep some distance and objectivity (Saturn) around in case all of this soul searching results in an inflated ego. I know that Mr. Rogers told us that each one of us is special, but that implies that not only are you special, but so is everyone else.

Mars and Saturn hold their ground August 20 - August 31

While the bulk of this forecast has been mostly personal or interpersonal in nature, there is still one aspect of the current planetary configuration that seems to be setting an overall mood for the times. As mentioned last month, Mars has entered Aries for a six-month sojourn, while Saturn is stationed in Cancer for the next couple of years. Mars aspects Saturn, and Saturn in turn aspects Mars, which creates some amount of friction, as they are both directoly influencing the other. This friction could be harnessed or tolerated, depending on our level of organization and propensity toward responsibility. Both Mars and Saturn are very work oriented, although in slightly different ways. Mars wants to make plans, forge ahead, and engage in projects and battles. He is headstrong and self-centered, impulsive and willful. This is the energy that currently demands revisions in the military's age limitations and rules about calling reserves. Saturn, on the other hand, is cautious, slow, and carries the wisdom of age. He advises deliberation, consideration, and personal responsibility, and it is this energy that says, “What about taking care of the children in our homeland? What is their future going to be like if we continue down this road of unchecked military spending?” We can see how this scenario applies to the rampant mood of “terror watch” across the planet today. While there are incidents of terrorism occurring, it may not be of the ultimate wisdom to meet them with Mars' tactics alone. Saturn's detached wisdom allows us to identify the root of the problem and treat it, rather than battling the obvious symptoms, which is Mars' tendency. Finding a way to harmonize these two energies will put you in business for the long term.

There is a rumor going around right now that Mars is as close as it will be to earth in 50,000 years. This rumor is not true, but it is true that Mars came very close to the Earth two years ago... However, it has been looking redly handsome in the night sky.

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