Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Four Planets Occupy Virgo October 1 - October 15

As the month of October opens, we find four planets in the sign of Virgo: Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and also exalted there, so the strength of this planet at this time combined with the intensity of the Sun, the power of Mars, and the expansive nature of Jupiter creates an environment where perception, intellectual capacity, and mental organization skills are at a high point. Take a good look around, assess, get your facts in order, and analyze situations during the first couple of weeks of October, because as the month enters the last half and into November, things may get curiouser and curiouser.

Another area that may be highlighted by this conglomeration of planets, is that of health. Indeed, while Jupiter makes his transit through Virgo for the next year, we may see some need for reform in the health care system, much of which may be based on the strategies of educating individuals and bringing awareness to the importance of personal choices for the creation of health and prevention of disease. Any major changes to your personal health care regimes/plans, including surgery or other major treatments, should be made during the first week of October, as we may be hitting some turbulence ahead as far as starting new things.

Mercury Enters Libra October 12

We may begin to feel a shift starting in mid-month when Mercury moves from Virgo into Libra on October 12. While no longer in the state of exaltation in Libra, Mercury will still carry the influence of the many planets still posited in his sign. The new Moon occurs while the Sun and Moon are in the late degrees of Virgo on October 13. This new Moon will occur close enough to Ketu, the south node of the Moon, to create a partial solar eclipse, visible to those in the US who live in Hawaii. The Sun moves into Libra on October 17, joining Mercury there. The Sun is at its weakest in Venus' air sign, traditionally considered its sign of debilitation. This year's Solar transit through Libra is also marked by Ketu's presence there, the lunar node most inimical toward the Sun. This could foster feelings of doubt and insecurity on one hand, although if one is able to take the tiger by the tail, so to speak, it could be a great time to turn the focus inward for a good session of self inquiry.

Full Lunar Eclipse October 27

The Sun passes close to Ketu during the days spanning October 24-27. As fate would have it, the full Moon this month happens on October 27 when the Moon is conjunct Rahu in Aries and the Sun is conjunct Ketu in Libra. This could prove to be quite an interesting time. There will be a full Lunar eclipse on that day, which will be visible to many parts of the US. Rahu and Ketu are viewed as malefic forces by nature of their capacity to "swallow" the light of the great luminaries, the Sun and Moon. I've already outlined above what a Ketu-Sun conjunction may feel like. The conjunction of Rahu and the Moon is often associated with insanity and other forms of erratic behavior; this combined with the position in Aries could result in actions of force or violence of some sort, natural or man-made. I predict that the end of this month will be marked by some kind of disaster or upheaval of one kind or another, or maybe both.

Presidential Election Forecast October 31

The 2004 US Presidential Election occurs on November 2. I believe there are four areas to check into astrologically in order to assess the situation: 1. The chart of the US, 2. The chart of GW Bush, 3. The chart of John Kerry, and 4. The chart for election day.

The US is currently in the Moon major, Mercury minor period. I see the Moon's period as generally a time of the feminine principle rearing her beautiful head from her marginal foothold in the US' chart. Mercury in the US' chart rules the 7th house of foreign relations as well as the 10th house of rulership, yet is located in the 8th house. This could indicate the loss or change of leader, so chalk one up for Kerry.

Bush's chart looks strong during this period. He just began his 2nd Saturn return as Saturn moved into Cancer. He's got a lot of planetary energy in that sign, which is ruled by the Moon. He's got Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, which means both that he's also going through a Jupiter return and that he's extremely lucky. With the Ascendant, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer he has the appearance of being the protective parent that so many US citizens yearn for. What is not so apparent except to those looking at his birth chart is that he has a serious drive toward aggrandizing his own financial situation, indicated by Mars in the 2nd house. Chalk one up for Bush.

Kerry's chart shows that he is in the beginning of his Mercury major period. In his chart, Mercury rules the 11th house of gain and is located in the lucky sign of Sagittarius in the 2nd house of personal resources, which is a good sign for him. I can also see the potential for his election as president of the US at this time by the nature of his Mercury houses matching the 7th and 10th houses of the US chart. Kerry has just stepped out of his Jupiter and Saturn returns, making it seem like the timing for him is a bit off. He clearly seems better able to identify with the common man, but he's not the father-figure that Bush appears to be. If the US was populated with people feeling less personal need for a father figure, Kerry would stand a much better chance. Kerry's chart is strong, chalk one up for Kerry, but the timing seems slightly off for him, chalk one up for Bush. So far, the candidates are running neck and neck, astrologically speaking.

On November 2, 2004 the planets will be positioned as such: Mars, the cosmic warrior moves into Libra, and into conjunction with Ketu that day. The last time Mars and Ketu conjoined, troops were sent into Iraq. The time before that, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center killing thousands of people. The Sun, debilitated, will also be in Libra. Mercury will be located in the early degrees of Scorpio, Mars' sign, which is useful to Mars if he has any strategies requiring communication, timing, and secrecy up his sleeve, such as tampering with ballots, for example. Rahu, the north node, will be in Aries, also Mars' sign, so the masses will also be under Mars' control. Score one for Bush. The waning Moon will be in Gemini, better for Kerry, so he gets a point. Saturn will be in Cancer which is good for Kerry, but better for Bush. Score one for Bush. Finally, Venus and Jupiter are located in Virgo, which is good for Bush, but really good for Kerry, so he gets one. And here we are, still even. This is going to be a close race, and once again, no matter what the charts show, it's free will that will decide the outcome, so please go vote and encourage others to vote, as well.

The worst case scenario I can foresee for the end of October/beginning of November is some kind of "terrorist attack" that the Bush administration will use as an excuse to postpone the election, giving Bush a chance to show everyone how big and tough he is by cleaning up some kind of mess, which would really just be a way of redirecting attention from the majorly Vietnam-esque mess that exists in Iraq. Question the truth of what you are shown through the mainstream media, which utilizes the glamorous aspect of Venus as misdirection.

Aside from the large scale view of life which includes the US Presidential election right now, the planets are showing me that in general, this October is a time to sit tight and not branch out into new arenas too heavily. Try to catch the wave of clarity and perception that will grace us at the beginning of the month and ride it as long as possible. As we approach the second part of October, strap yourself in for events that could be earth shattering in one way or another. It seems to be one of those Lord of the Rings moments in time when the fate of mankind, and all earthly creatures, hangs in the balance. Remember that Frodo symbolizes the small part inside all of us that holds the strength and power to do great things, to save the world, in fact, if only we will fuel him with the courage to set forth.

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