Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter and Venus in Virgo November 1 - November 30

Jupiter and Venus will be close to one another in Mercury's earth sign of Virgo throughout the month. They are beautiful to behold in the eastern sky in the early morning. Look toward them for an organized source of wisdom and compassion while you may be treading through difficult times. The inherent natures and current position of these two planets remind us that we share human nature even with those whom we may consider our enemies, or with whom we may share irreconcilable differences or incompatibility. The point is that there is always some channel through which we are able to relate to anyone; sometimes finding that channel requires that we step outside of our own set of preconceived notions and comfort zone to find the common ground.

Mars Enters Libra November 2

As November begins, we find ourselves in the midst of some significant planetary activity. The Full Moon lunar eclipse of October 27 was amazing to behold, and as I observed it, I imagined how ancient people, who relied so much on the sun, moon, and stars to reckon the progress of time, must have felt in the face of such an event. As the eclipse began, an ominous shadow crept across the face of the Moon, swallowing it, eventually hiding its light and replacing it with a dull red glow. Certainly, I could see how such an eclipse may be perceived as an omen of ill repute. However, a couple of hours later, the full moon was riding brightly in the sky, reflecting back to us the powerful light of the Sun once again; the ominous eclipse was as a fleeting dream, but one not easily forgotten. I heard many people during that week noting that they have been experiencing a “weird” week, in some way or another. Based on the planets at this time, we may continue to experience some weird times through November, especially the early part.

As mentioned last month, Mars will be moving into Libra on November 2, which means that it is getting closer to Ketu, the south node of the Moon. Generally, Ketu/Mars conjunctions have the tendency toward violence or explosiveness in some way, so events of that nature could be on the horizon. The days of closest conjunction will occur between November 11-18. The fact that this conjunction is occurring in Venus' air sign of Libra may alleviate some of the destructive capacity in the physical realm, but the realm of ideas and relationships could be more the venue for any manifestation of this energy. For those of us with significant amounts of Aries or Libra in our birth charts, this Mars/Ketu conjunction may be felt more strongly.

New Moon in Libra November 12

The new Moon of November occurs early in the morning of the 12th, with the Sun and the Moon in the late degrees of Libra and Mars and Ketu occupying the early degrees. Given the current players, I suggest that this new Moon may be a good time to facilitate activities that require force, bravery, and power, especially if they require some amount of destruction, such as changing jobs or ending relationships. Remember to access your store of compassion and understanding when performing destructive acts, not only for the other party involved, but also for yourself. Mercury is posited in Scorpio throughout the month, affording us the capacity to speak of and communicate about subjects that we'd generally choose to leave below the surface. Mercury is also located in the 2nd house, which represents speech and material resources, away from the many planets in Libra, granting us a viable tool to perform any difficult acts with the speed and facility of well planned communication.

Sun Enters Scorpio November 16

Toward mid-month, the timbre of the times may begin to shift. The Sun moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on November 16, where it will join Mercury. Although for residents of the Northern hemisphere, the Sun may seem weaker from now until the winter solstice, it is actually a bit happier in Scorpio than Libra. We can use its boundless capacity for enlightenment to explore the caves and tunnels below the surface, as represented by Mars' water sign, Scorpio. Indeed, if engagement in the aforementioned destructive acts does occur during the first part of the month, we may well find ourselves on some kind of quest in unknown, uncomfortable territory during the latter part of the month.

Venus Enters Libra November 18

Venus will enter her own sign of Libra on November 18, joining Ketu and Mars there. Her presence could certainly have the effect of smoothing ruffled feathers and bringing beauty and understanding to traumatized places. Venus remains in Libra through mid-December, and normally allows for a healthy flow of creative thought, social gatherings and activities, and capacity to weave the threads of relationship. Venus' capacity for the appreciation and creation of art and beauty would be a soothing balm for the aftermath of this Mars/Ketu interaction.

The overall planetary mood of the month points toward inner work, decisions, exploration, and healing. Although outer activities may lead us, force us, or invite us to look within, the real work is inside and could seem hidden or obscured. So, gather your courage, strength, and lantern for a good session of soul spelunking. The autumn season, with its mood of ending and decay is a perfect backdrop for such adventures.

Soon we will know the real outcome of the presidential election, although some friends have alerted me to an article in which prominent Vedic astrologers predict Kerry's victory. You can help support the integrity of astrological prediction by voting on Tuesday! Until next month...

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