Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Resumes Forward Motion May 1

We can all celebrate May Day this year along with Mercury's resuming forward motion. This past few weeks, as Mercury has gone through a retrograde cycle starting in Aries and then dipped back into Pisces, may have seemed challenging to many, especially along the lines of communication. Mercury in Pisces challenges facility of communication, and can often account for misunderstandings. Mercury stations direct at 27 degrees Pisces as the month of May begins, and he will indeed reach the shore, entering Aries on May 9, at which point we may find it a bit more pleasant to express our ideas and actually see some connection of these expressions with those on the other end of our communication. Not only will communication seem more productive, but we may also feel more organized in our thoughts as well as in the practical affairs of life.

Jupiter Direct in Leo May 5

Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since early January of this year. Jupiter's retrograde cycle in the Sun's sign of Leo may have been a time of examining who we think we are, as both the Sun and its royal sign of Leo often put ourselves into center stage. Jupiter stations direct on May 5 at 15 degrees Leo, in the lunar mansion called Purva Phalguni, ruled by Venus. It may be interesting to look back at what you were doing twelve years ago, during the summer of 1992, which is the last time Jupiter occupied this lunar mansion. Things initiated during that time may be coming full circle now, as Jupiter has returned to that station once again. Jupiter made a pass entirely through Purva Phalguni starting in October 2003, and then completely retraced his steps during his retrograde phase from January 2004 until now, giving us all ample time to revisit and review. Since planets are potent and comparatively close to the Earth when they resume forward motion, as is now the case, Jupiter's giving us a chance to take our self-expansion to a new level as he moves forward again in stately procession through this Venus ruled lunar mansion. This asterism supports the external energizing of our soul's work, meaning that it is here that we can connect with and make moves toward actualizing our life's purpose. It is said that the great god Shiva began his marriage procession under this lunar mansion, the symbolic significance of this being that this is the arena for Divine energy to penetrate our material existence so that it may become spiritualized. Jupiter will make his procession through Purva Phalguni during May, June, July, and the beginning of August, gradually disappearing from our sight in the evening sky as the Sun moves toward Leo.

Mars and Mercury in Aries May 8

Indeed, the connectivity of Mercury may be greatly boosted this month due to Mars' entry into Mercury's air sign, Gemini. Mars and Mercury will spend most of May in a relationship of mutual reception, meaning that each one resides in a sign ruled by the other. Passionate, vital Mars will transit through Gemini from April 28 to June 13, while Mercury will re-enter Aries on May 9 and cruise through Mars' fire sign until June 1. The combination of these two planets' energies is largely what is responsible for the communication technology that has become a driving force behind our global communications network. It would be a good month for learning, implementing, or developing in the sphere of computer/Internet technology. A word of caution, and that word is chosen purposely: Mars in the quick-exchange sign of Gemini would normally signal the opportunity for rapid progress, however, we must remember that Gemini is currently occupied by Saturn, the ultimate planet of caution, slow movement, and obstruction. Saturn's energy could slow things down. However, this could be a good thing as we all know that haste makes waste. I often describe the combination of Mars/Saturn as a feeling of driving with the brakes applied; the remedy for this condition often lies in the decision to drive slowly and with responsibility rather than wearing out your brake pads and suffering the frustration of being waylaid at the mechanic shop.

Although speed is never a huge factor when Mars and Saturn combine, there are other benefits to the combination of these two, even though in general they aren't the best of friends. For different reasons, both Mars and Saturn are excellent workers, and much could be accomplished while they conjunct this month if we can make room for each of them as Mars passes through Saturn's current territory. Mars gives us drive, power, implementation of ideas, and engineering, while Saturn gives us patience, forbearance, tolerance, stamina, and attention. The trick this month will be knowing when to go and when to wait; the other planets will support moving forward for the most part.

As already stated, Mercury resumes direct motion on May 1 in the late degrees of Pisces while the waxing Moon is in Mercury's earth sign of Virgo. This could be a great day to celebrate, to enjoy music, and to forget about all of those Saturn/Mars projects that are waiting in the wings. The first week of May will seem transitional: on one hand, our work and projects will be there, ready to go, but we may have trouble being organized due to Mercury's soggy emergence from Pisces. Mercury moves into Aries on May 8, and we will experience Jupiter stationing direct on May 5, which may also help us to feel that we are again able to move forward, rather than revisiting and expanding upon old situations.

New Moon in Taurus May 18

At the time of this writing, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and should be spectacular to view as it waxes toward fullness. The Moon will be full on the evening of May 4 in Venus' sign of Libra, opposite the Sun, who currently occupies its sign of exaltation, Aries, until May 13, when the Sun moves to Taurus. The Moon will then wane during the first half of May, until it reaches the beginning of its new cycle late in the evening of May 18, where it will join the Sun in Taurus. The very next day, we will see Venus enter into a retrograde cycle, wherein she will move toward the Sun and disappear from our view in the evening sky where she has made quite a spectacular sight during the past month. Venus will rise again as the morning star in mid-June. The synodic cycle of Venus was very important to the astrological traditions of many cultures, including the Mayan. The symbol of Venus, ruler of love, relationships, beauty, and desire beginning her descent into the underworld (much like Persephone) this new Moon (which occurs in her earth sign of Taurus) could prove interesting for those who are involved in relationships or creative endeavors. It is especially notable that both the new Moon and the full Moon occur in Venus' signs this month; Venus as the ruler of Taurus may provide some groundedness this month while many of the other planets are located in fire and air signs. When things get too heady,get yourself to the water, or into some other mode of nature in order to ground and keep perspective on what it is you're doing here on our lovely Earth.

Overall, it seems a month for new beginnings and coming around to the beginning of cycles again, as well as for the work that inevitably comes with new things. Use the power of Mars and the caution of Saturn as you move forward on your path, and above all connect with what's in your heart through Venus, a very influential planet this month. Work hard, love abundantly!

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