Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 2

The Moon reaches its full point for the cycle at approximately 10:00 pm, PDT on June 2. This full Moon occurs while in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars, and in the lunar mansion of Jyestha, whose primary function is connecting the individual to his path of spiritual evolution, and usually indicates radical transformation. The Moon will be both absorbing and reflecting the energy of Venus' upcoming conjunction with the Sun and her subsequent transformation. Jyestha being ruled by Mercury and Scorpio being ruled by Mars both point to Mars' current placement in Mercury's sign of Gemini, where he recently conjuncted with Saturn and actually rolled over the degree of the Sun's placement in the chart of the US (and George Bush's Sun, as well). This could indicate that the underlying nature of whatever transformation is to occur may be of the Mars variety, which is often decisive but not necessarily pleasant. This may not bode well for George Bush, but as the rest of us are in no danger of personally losing power as the leader of the US, this transformation as it manifests in our individual pictures, while not necessarily easy, may lead us to the auspicious new beginning for which we've been looking.

Mercury Races Through Two Signs June 2 - June 30

Mercury is cruising this month. His speed of movement could impact our mercurial culture with the gift of change, exchange and movement this month, while making time and events seem to pass quickly. Here's the Mercury agenda: On June 1, Mercury is charged up in the last degrees of Aries. On June 2, the day of the full Moon, Mercury moves into Taurus with the Sun and Venus to add his glib opinion about what Venus should do for her new cycle. He will then proceed to sprint through Taurus, pecking his friend, newly risen Venus, on the cheek on June 13 as he heads toward his home territory in Gemini. He will reach Gemini on June 17, a couple days after the Sun enters, and proceed to overtake the Sun on June 18. Toward the end of June, we will be able to see Mercury in the evening sky just after sunset. Someone's got to take up the post of evening star now that Venus has shifted, and Mercury is flexible enough for that purpose. One would think Mercury would linger in his sign for awhile, but no, he seems to be picking up even more speed and will reach Cancer at about midnight on July 1. Our messenger planet will be passing by Saturn at 21° Gemini on June 26. This action may be a catalyst for whatever event is going to be generated by the upcoming (in early July, more on this next month) of Saturn's transit of the United State's natal Sun. Saturn's penchant for karmic responsibility may precipitate some interesting events in the realm of our great nation's relationships, as its natal Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars all lie in Gemini in the 7th house of relationship.

Sun and Venus Conjunct in Taurus June 8

The fair month of June begins with Venus in the midst of her retrograde cycle. She re-enters Taurus on May 29, heading backward through the zodiac toward a meeting with the Sun. She has already disappeared from the evening sky and her brilliance will be completely outshone by the day star for most of the month, but she should reappear in the morning sky in late June. Venus begins a new cycle approximately every 1.5 years, marked by her retrograde cycle and heliacal rising. Venus began her last cycle in early November 2002 in her own air sign of Libra, and the one prior to that began in April, 2001 in her sign of exaltation, Pisces. The 2002 cycle began in the lunar mansion of Swati, and occurred during the time of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Swati, ruled by the wind God, Vayu, has the tendency to scatter energy as well as to promote self-centered behavior inspired primarily by the desire for self-gratification. (Who, us??) This new cycle will begin in Venus' earth sign, Taurus. The exact conjunction of the Sun and Venus occurs at about midnight on June 8 at 24° Taurus, in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira, which symbolizes an auspicious beginning, or the establishment of new momentum following turmoil. Perhaps, in the case of the United States, a new, kinder, gentler chapter in the saga of relating to our "enemies" can begin with Venus' emergence.

Mars enters Cancer June 13

Mars will move out and into his sign of debilitation, Cancer, on June 13. The nature of Cancer is psychic, sensitive, non-violent and has the tendency to nurse latency and potential rather than to manifest plans and encourage decisive action, which are two of Mars' favorite activities. Therefore, the virility of Mars can become a bit soggy while in Cancer which can be a bit frustrating to Mars inspired activities. Mars will remain in Cancer through the end of July. Given that, it behooves us to find a channel through which we may express our Mars fire despite his position in the watery womb of Cancer. Unlike the Sun, Mars needs fuel to feed his fire, which is difficult to find in th Moon's nebulous, psychic sign. Water sports, boating and related activities could actually be enjoyable under this influence, but by all means, be wary of accidents, which are a typical way of Mars expressing himself. Another way to capitalize on this position would be to use Mars' exploratory, adventurous nature to delve into the deep recesses of the mind and the psyche, if you are so inclined. Mars has immense capacity for research, experimentation, and observation that can be applied even to nebulous terrain such as the unconscious mind. Mars' last voyage through Cancer was July-August 2002. At that time, exalted Jupiter had just moved into Cancer, providing an escort and somewhat mitigating Mars' debility. That's not the case this time.

Sun enters Gemini June 15

After the conjunction with Venus on June 8, the Sun moves steadily toward the sign of Gemini, entering Mercury's air sign on June 15. The Moon will wane during the first part of June and join the Sun in Gemini on June 17 for new Moon, beginning a new cycle at 2° Gemini, in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira, mentioned above as the location of Venus' current return from the underworld. Since Mrigashira spans the end of Taurus and the beginning of Gemini, we will get to experience both flavors of auspicious new beginning this month. Mrigashira is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and power, which will propel us as we take our leap. The new Venus cycle's beginning occurring in the Taurus portion of Mrigashira will be marked by the inspiration and love of Venus, helping us to manifest creative ideas into matter, while the new Moon beginning in the Gemini portion of Mrigashira will reflect the desire for communication and exchange signified by Mercury, supporting writing, speech, and music.

Saturn Transits George Bush's Sun June 16 - June 23

Saturn will be transiting the degree of George Bush's natal Sun (located in his 12th house) from June 16 - June 23. It would not be surprising for some type of loss of face to manifest during this time. I'm on the edge of my seat...

Venus Resumes Direct Motion June 30

Venus stations direct (resumes forward motion) very early in the morning of June 30, and should be visible to early morning risers in the eastern sky. As the ruler of relationships, love, art, and beauty, as well as attraction, glamor, and materialism, her powerful station in the middle degrees of her own earth sign of Taurus could find us feeling able once again to move forward in our creativity and/or love relationships. While the current Venus cycle officially began when our bright neighbor went retrograde in mid-May, up until now we may have felt like we were in review mode: digging down and attempting to contact the source of our desires and feelings while we tried to make sense of how to act based on what we found. As Venus travels through the 2nd half of Taurus during July, we have the chance to gracefully advance through the territory we may have recently dug through, as flowers bloom at our feet and little birds fly around our heads.

Mercury Enters Cancer, Venus Resumes Direct Motion June 30

The end of June looks exciting as well. June 30 sees Mercury reaching the shores of Cancer as well as Venus stationing direct in Taurus. This means that her retrograde cycle will have ended and her orbit around the Sun will bring her relatively close to Earth. I suggest getting up early in the morning to behold the inspiring beauty of our lovely neighbor. Don't forget to celebrate the summer solstice, which occurs June 20, 2004 at 5:57 pm, PDT. This is our longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the pinnacle of the annual life cycle.

To sum things up for June 2004, it looks like a bit of a whirlwind. There will be opportunity for setting out in new directions and manifestation of creative ideas. Be cautious with your Mars energy: when tempers flare, you may be inclined to start one of those immature splash fights in the pool of your mind. Mercury's movement will be rapid and time may fly; take extra care that you don't succumb too much to the lure of haste, because everyone knows that haste makes waste. Remember, no matter what the planets are doing, you still have the choice about how to make them dance in your life. In the immortal words of Neil Peart:

What you own is your own kingdom
What you do is your own glory
What you love is your own power
What you live is your own story
In your head is the answer
Let it guide you along
Let your heart be the anchor
And the beat of your own song

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