Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Look at the Planets February 1 - February 28

February will be a great month if you like to view the planets in the night sky. Just after sunset in the west, Venus as the evening star will be visible. As Venus disappears below the western horizon, Jupiter will rise in the east, remaining visible for the remainder of the night. Early in the evening, Saturn is seen slightly to the east and overhead, while Mars occupies a position further to the west. As the month progresses, Venus and Mars will appear closer together in the sky. I hope for clear skies this month, so we can gaze on our neighbors in the solar system as they make their own journeys around the Sun.

Many Planets in Saturn-Ruled Signs February 3 - February 28

The Sun is posited in Capricorn at the beginning of February, and will move into the stars of Aquarius on February 13. Both Capricorn (earth) and Aquarius (air) are signs ruled by Saturn. Mercury begins the month in the tail end of Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn on February 3. This will put Mercury and Saturn into a relationship of mutual exchange, as they will each occupy a sign ruled by the other. This exchange will last will last through March 9, after Mercury has made swift tracks through Capricorn and Aquarius. Venus begins the month in Aquarius, but is poised to enter her sign of exaltation, Pisces, on February 4. Venus spends the month enjoying her position, but in seemingly hot pursuit of Mars, leaps into Aries on February 29. Mars is stationed strongly in his fire sign Aries throughout the month with the north node of the Moon, Rahu. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in the midst of retrograde cycles, giving them the tendency to exercise a heavier hand in the celestial activities. Jupiter is in Leo, opposite the Sun in Aquarius during the latter part of the month, and Saturn is in Gemini, Mercury's air sign.

As mentioned before, Saturn has some influence this month. He is the lord of the Sun and Mercury by their placement in his signs. In addition, from his position in Mercury's sign of Gemini, he aspects Jupiter in Leo and also Venus in Pisces, meaning that Old Saturn, Lord of Time, is setting the beat this month. Keep your pace steady and slow, and see to it that you schedule enough time for the kind of stuff that makes all of that Mars energy expenditure worth it, like enjoyment, sharing, and love, Venus' significations. Venus being exalted in Pisces is like introducing love to the cosmic ocean; bliss is experienced and craved in this kind of position. Saturn's moderation of Venus by his aspect could provide the perfect key to balance the Cosmic Bliss of Venus in Pisces with the General Go-Getter Drive of Mars and Rahu in Aries. Saturn is also aspecting Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is the guy who ultimately decides where Mars is going to put his energy this month. Because of Saturn's influence, the propensity for pomposity and self-centeredness that Jupiter in Leo could embody is lessened. This should become especially apparent when the Sun moves into Aquarius, Saturn's sign, and opposes Jupiter in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun. This nicely checked and balanced Jupiter in turn casts aspect on Mars and Rahu in Aries, giving us all the chance to choose wisely, plan intelligently, and execute expertly so that we may enjoy the comfort provided by Mars' efforts and share it freely.

Full Moon in Cancer February 5 - February 6

The full Moon in Cancer happens at about midnight, February 5/6. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and it happens once per year that the Moon reaches fullness while in her own sign. The chart for this full Moon looks especially strong. There is quite an axis of power as many planets fill the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, what in western astrology is called a Grand Cross. Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn oppose the Moon in Cancer, who is being giving boundless compassionate emotional support by Venus in Pisces. Rahu and Mars in Aries, who also projects his energy toward the Moon in Cancer, oppose the south node, Ketu in Libra. The way this chart renders, the shape of an arrow is suggested, symbolizing the potent energy of this combination.

New Moon in Aquarius February 20

The new Moon occurs this month in the wee hours of February 20, and the chart for this day shows the beginning of a cycle that is firmly rooted in the rhythmic routine of hard work inspired by a wisdom-tempered vision. As the moon wanes from its fullness on February 6, take time to meditate on the best channel for your energy for the next lunar cycle. Try to see the big picture first, and then decide where to place the focus in order to accomplish your goals. Do watch out for Rahu's seductive ego trick of becoming too absorbed in what you want to do/think you can do, especially because it may lead to the inconsideration of your fellow earthlings.

I would also like to mention that the Chinese New Year occurred on the new Moon of January 22. This is a link to a forecast for the Year of the Wood Monkey. Enjoy the bliss of hard work and the wisdom of moving slowly and choosing carefully this month, and thank you for tuning in.

Mars Conjunct Rahu February 24

Mars is back this month. All over the news, we can read of the Mars landing expeditions that NASA is conducting. It is interesting to explore Mars in its inner manifestation as an archetype of the human makeup. Mars, as an astrological archetype, among other realms of life, rules exploration, adventure, science, technology, engineering, and military action. Mars is the force within each one of us that does, makes, builds, plans, and acts. Our manifestations of Mars' energy are what provide for many of our physical needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. We use Mars when we need to research and engineer solutions or when we need to protect our resources and ourselves. Mars is associated with farming, scientific research, building and design, competitive sports, physical vitality, prowess and fighting. In short, as a world culture, we all rely heavily on Mars energy to define the way we live on this planet. In a sense, we are the Martians.

Mars' occupation of Aries this month enhances his strength, and the current association with Rahu is what has brought Mars into the spotlight in the media at this time. Rahu functions as a conduit for mass consciousness, and tends to bring to the fore of the mass mind whatever he associates with at any given time. Mars will move toward an exact conjunction with Rahu which occurs on February 24. As we all watch the Spirit and the Opportunity four-wheel over the rocky surface of Mars via the TV and Internet, epitomizing the classic application of Mars' power, we also are seeing the spotlight on political leaders who have disastrously rallied for war based on intelligence that seems sketchy at best. As with most archetypal forces, Mars has the potential for giving both positive and negative results. Rahu with Mars can give an abundant store of energy and the ability to accomplish much work. On the other hand, Rahu can pervert Mars' energy toward ends that are the result of aggression and lack of sensitivity. In order to avoid succumbing to this dire possibility, one could perhaps look toward Saturn, Mercury, and Venus this month to create the necessary balance.

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