Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2004

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Capricorn August 1

We have got lots going on with our neighbors, the planets, this month, most of it in the Sun's sign of Leo, and some in Mercury's sign of Gemini. We ring in the month of August under the auspices of the full Moon in Capricorn, with the Sun posited in the middle degrees of the Moon's sign of Cancer. The vitality and brilliance of the Sun while posited in the fecund environment of Cancer may foster at least the conception of what could begin with the new Moon of August, which occurs just as the Sun moves into his own sign of Leo on the evening of August 16.

Mars Enters Leo August 1

Mars enters Leo, the Sun's sign, on August first. Mars has spent the last six weeks in Cancer, his sign of debilitation. Mars' constructive abilities can sometimes turn destructive while in Cancer, which could be either positive or negative, depending upon the situation. Mars driving through Cancer, the sign of the home, the mother, and nurturing environments can disrupt the peace and unearth problems that may have been otherwise safely buried in the backs of our minds. Mars in Cancer aspects Libra, Venus' air sign that represents harmony and balance. So, while Mars may have stirred up trouble while in Cancer, his pioneering and engineering capabilities have a good chance at being utilized this month to do something about it. While Mars may not be the most sensitive planet or influence, he certainly has the great ability to formulate a plan, gather the necessary supplies, and march forward with passion and zeal. This is a great energy to harness when endurance and forbearance are called for, whether initiating a new business plan, starting a new chapter of life, or working with illness. Mars from Leo aspects his own sign of Scorpio, which gives him the power to see below the surface, exploring the hidden aspects of whatever project may be at hand.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo August 11 - September 2

As if all of the action in Leo mentioned so far isn't enough, we will also see a Mercury retrograde cycle in the Sun's domain this month. Mercury begins retrograde motion on August 11 and will station direct again on September 2. I'm not sure what to expect with this retrograde cycle because there is so much other planetary influence going on around Mercury this month. Mercury is easily influenced by other planets, and often acts as a communicator for those other planets. While communication and scheduling mishaps are often associated with Mercury retrograde, I've noticed that when the retrograde occurs in a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) that type of mishap does not seem as likely. I think Mercury's retrograde this month will lend his abilities of communication and motion to the Sun and Mars energy mentioned earlier. For example, if we take advantage of the solar energy by identifying our central purpose, and harness Mars' energy to formulate and execute a plan of action around that purpose, we can use the intelligent communication of Mercury to connect our work and purpose to a destination. A really great time to make a move or initiate something new would be during the new Moon time this month, August 16-18.

Mercury will also carry the energy of Venus and Saturn into the mix due to their placement in Mercury's air sign of Gemini. Venus, Saturn, and Mercury are all friendly with one another, creating a harmonious blend of relationship (Venus) and detached wisdom (Saturn.) Venus and Saturn will remind us that we need to spice whatever we may do under the auspices of Leo this month with sensitivity, beauty, steadiness and forbearance.

Five Planets in Leo August 16 - August 18

From the evening of August 16 until mid-day on August 18, there will be five planets occupying Leo: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. All of those planets aside from Mercury (who can at least fake getting along with anyone), are considered friendly toward one another, but the expression of some of their unique energies can be somewhat stifled by their proximity, especially with the Sun. The brilliance of the Sun, strong in his sign of rulership, can readily outshine the other planets, but everyone should get along fine if they go along with what the Sun wants to do.

What "doing what the Sun wants to do" could mean to all of us this month is allowing the creativity inspired by your soul to shine forth. The Sun in a birth chart represents the soul, the impact that one's personality can have, and our central purpose in life. Those of us with Sun or Rising sign Leo or Aquarius may be particularly invigorated by the Sun this month, however, anyone has the opportunity to harness the power, truth and strength of our central star while it traverses through its own region of Leo. The Sun is the ancient symbol in many cultures for the One God, and Vedic astrology also assigns the father principle to the Sun. Leo is a sign associated with royalty, magnanimity, nobility and prestige and those strongly under the Sun's influence through Leo posses these qualities, and can be found at the center of attention, be it on the stage as an entertainer, on the throne as a ruler, at the head of a company, or any permutation of these examples. So whatever sign the Sun falls in in your birth chart, allow its power this month to invigorate your own central purpose in life. Use the unfaltering light of the Sun to illuminate the truth about who you are and why you're here.

Jupiter Enters Virgo August 28

Jupiter will traverse the late degrees of Leo in the first weeks of August, moving into Virgo on August 28. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, and will have an awesome escort out of Leo this month, with the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in attendance. Next month's forecast will cover what we can expect from Jupiter in Virgo, as well as what we can expect from Saturn moving into Cancer, which occurs during the first week of September. With the two slowest moving visible planets both changing station within such a short time, we may certainly feel some kind of regime change, collectively as well as individually.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 29

The full Moon of August occurs late in the evening of August 29 in the sign of Aquarius. The Moon, the cosmic mother principle will shine fully on the Sun, Mars, and Mercury that night and all the next day, nurturing our efforts toward bringing forward our central purpose. As the month winds down, many of the planets will have shifted or will be preparing to shift into new signs; get ready for a new regime.

Overall, August 2004 appears to be an auspicious time. Rahu, the north node of the Moon will also aspect the goings on in Leo, which could give whatever we choose to do a sense of destiny, and will have the flavor much more of our outer, worldly journey than our inner. May the Sun light your path, may Mars bring you courage to your heart, and may Mercury allow you to share your ideas and creations with others.

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