Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2003

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Tightly Opposes Jupiter September 1 - September 18

The opposition of Mars in Aquarius (currently retrograde, hence the close encounter that we are experiencing) with Jupiter, newly stationed in Leo, is that underlying power behind the present planet positions. This configuration will last through December 2003. The confrontation that this brings about is between the power of the common man, as symbolized by Mars in Aquarius and the assumed power of our rulers who have been placed as leaders according to tradition and cultural guidelines, as symbolized by Jupiter in Leo. Most of the nations of Earth operate basically under the law of the jungle: the strongest rules. Humans have given their allegiance to warlords and kings habitually for thousands of years in some regions. This lordship model is represented in Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun, the sovereign lord of our solar system. Jupiter's transit through Leo represents a tendency toward expansion in the ruler/subject modality because Jupiter, as teacher and lord of the other planets seeks to uphold tradition and expand upon the wisdom gained from cultural history. Mars in Aquarius, however, represents the focus of energy on ideals that are based on the concept of human equality and common responsibility. Although the law of the jungle model comes naturally to many species on the earth, seemingly including humans, there are many examples of perhaps an evolutionary leap toward living together in community, outside the concept of ruler and subject. Such examples in recent centuries include political movements like communism and socialism. I feel that the current Mars Jupiter positioning will bring up issues that flow along this line of conflict.

This tension doesn't necessarily have to be perceived on only a global/political level. Even in our personal lives we enact these tendencies. We tend to idolize others: for lack of truly strong and noble rulers, we make our entertainers, athletes, and spiritual teachers into heroes and gods. The advantage of placing our personal power into the hands of a celebrity or ruler is that we then feel that we are doing our share to support human excellence. We, in essence, have hired out Michael Jordan to exploit his human potential so we don't have to. We can perceive that excellence through the media and be relieved of following our own path toward athletic prowess. Mars in Aquarius encourages us to wake up in a new reality in which we get out and play ball ourselves, using our focus and passion to exploit our own power. A good exercise for this month would be to identify someone in the public eye who has gained your fascination, respect, or attention. Examine what specific quality about that person has actually grabbed a part of your psyche and then find a way to introduce or increase that quality into your own life and actions.

Mercury Resumes Forward Motion September 20

Jupiter in Leo is accompanied by Venus, who will move into Virgo on September 11 and the Sun, who transits to Virgo on September 17. In addition to that trio in Leo, retrograde Mercury will move back into Leo from Virgo on September 4 and will remain in the Sun's sign until October 3. Mercury's retrograde motion opposite Mars retrograde motion puts the energies of these planets very much in the spotlight. Mercury, as ruler of communication and the part of our mind that compares and relates to others, will be influenced by Jupiter and the other planets in Leo: This could make it hard, or seemingly futile, to think outside of the box, even though our vital energy may pull us toward making plans based on ideas that seem weird or revolutionary. We may feel pushed toward making changes, but may not be able to actually adopt them until Mercury goes direct on September 20. By that time, there will be several planets in the sign of Virgo, which could definitely help us to make moves toward finding a new sense of flexibility as well as practical action. Mercury in Virgo will give synergistic support to Mars, and through communication and physical activity we could accomplish much toward the end of the month.

New Moon in Virgo September 25

A few general predictions for the month: because of Mars/Jupiter/Mercury, we can expect for our schedules to be full. Activity and work will be abundant. The full moon occurs on September 10 and will share the stage with Mars in Aquarius. During the middle part of the month would be a good time to tie up loose ends and get ready for a new cycle. When Mercury goes direct on September 20th, forward movement should be facilitated. New projects have a great chance for success if aligned with the new Moon in Virgo on September 25/26. Mars going direct on September 28 should also push us forward in our projects, plans, and transformations. The fallout from the Blaster virus and related incidents may continue through the third week in September. Keep current on your computer updates, and as always when Mercury is retrograde, pay special attention to both talking and listening. Communication snafus can often lead to unwanted conflict; slow down, double check and do things right in order to avoid potential frustration.

Even though Mars has already come its closest, it is still extremely close and bright in the sky. I recommend viewing our nearest neighbor in any way that you can. Mars rises in the eastern sky around 9:00 pm these days, and is best viewed through a telescope when he reaches the peak of his path across the night sky sometime around 1:00-2:00 am. Mars will be very near the Moon during the nights of September 8-10.

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