Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2003

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Enters Aquarius June 3

The first week of June will see a movement of several planets into different signs. Mars moves into Aquarius on June 3, after nearly a two-month sojourn, or more accurately, work camp, in Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and can function to his optimum drive and power in that sign. The planet of action, planning, and building moving into the air sign of Aquarius could allow us a bit more energy for ideas and philosophy. The abstract could come into play a bit more rather than the practical. Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn both, so Saturn's influence will remain on Mars. Capricorn is an earth sign, and Aquarius is an air sign; Aquarius is the realm of much of Saturn's detachment and is associated with humanitarianism and self-sacrificing behavior. This realm of self-negation, which is also the home to the silent yogi seated in meditation, is not the most ideal arena for Mars. Mars' propensity for action, ego, and intensity can be slowed down and dried out a bit while transiting Aquarius. The last time Mars drove through Aquarius was December 2001, and if I remember correctly that's when we all began to feel the economy come to a grinding halt after the explosive period that surrounded September 11, 2001.

While I wouldn't expect a big resurgence of the economy during Mars' transit through Aquarius, there are other arenas that could benefit from this position. I must preface this by saying that Mars will remain in Aquarius through the first week of December 2003. That's a mighty long time for Mars to remain in one sign; generally Mars transits through a sign in 4-8 weeks. He will occasionally spend months in a sign because of his retrograde cycle, which is the current case. The last two Mars retrograde periods have been: in Sagittarius/Scorpio in June/July 2001 and before that in Libra in Apr/May of 1999 (Mars was in Libra from Feb-Aug at that time.) So, there may not be a huge drive toward adventurous building and expansion for the remainder of the year, but let us not despair.

My hope-based prediction for the results of Mars in Aquarius is a slowing down of military action and aggression. Think of the "Age of Aquarius" archetypes that may exist in your mind. People live in a world where all differences are accepted, participate in relationships of mutual respect and act as responsible stewards of the earth. This "idealistic vision" well describes the potential of applying our energy (Mars) to the qualities of responsibility, detachment, and limitation (Aquarius/Saturn.) Perhaps as the people of the earth begin to feel the visceral ramifications of unbridled violence, we will reconsider our level of attachment to the material security we gain from our lifestyles and begin to re-evaluate what is really worth fighting for. Or perhaps not. At least we have until December to give it a go.

Venus Enters Taurus June 5

The next planet to shift position during the first week of June is Venus into Taurus on June 5. Venus spent May in Aries, and has made it back to her own earth sign, Taurus. The new Moon of May 31, 2003 was exalted in the nakshatra of Rohini, and laid the groundwork for the culmination of much planetary energy in Taurus this month. Venus was last in Taurus during April/May of 2002. This new arrival into Venus' proverbial beautiful meadow may lead us toward much more social and enjoyable times than we may have experienced during the busy push of May. This will be a good year for June weddings. Mercury also shifts from Aries to Taurus on June 9th. Mercury lends his tidings and celebratory tendencies to the Venusian celebration. People may feel they have more time and desire to get into contact and meet with friends this month, more than they have had this spring. The Mars-type hard work of the spring planting time is handing the baton off to Venus; it's time to smell the roses, apply some fertilizer, sit back, and enjoy.

Venus and Taurus indicate material prosperity, beautiful things, glamor, and attraction. While Venus can grant us these things, we must remember that Lord Shukra, Venus, was the mythological teacher of the demons. Venus, while allowing us to be attracted to and relate to others, as well as enjoy and honor the beauty of our surroundings, holds the power of drawing us too far into attachment to material comforts and prosperity. Venus holds the power of illusion and glamor; we can easily be led astray from our path by the promise of wealth, fame, comfort, and pleasure. Lucifer, the fallen angel, is associated with Venus, and is described in some traditions as seductive, attractive, and charming. I don't want to spoil the party; I'm just warning you that it's easy to be intoxicated by Venus' charm. Enjoy as much as you can, but know that there is a cost for everything in some way.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 14

The full Moon of June occurs at about 4:15 am PDT on June 14. The Moon will be in the late degrees of Scorpio, the Sun in the late degrees of Taurus. Venus will be rising over the eastern horizon at this time, and Mercury and Rahu will also occupy Taurus on that day. It happens to be a Saturday, our Western traditional day to have weddings. If anyone were to attend a wedding that day, I'd love to hear how it goes. Mars, from his position in Aquarius casts influence on this "wedding party" in Taurus throughout the month. Hopefully, the dry, reserved energy of Saturn as Mars' lord will obstruct temper tantrums and accidents. As June winds down, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all move into Gemini with Saturn and out from under Mars' aspect. But that's next month's story.

Summer Solstice June 21

The summer solstice occurs at about noon PDT on June 21, one week after the full Moon, and is a Saturday as well. Could be another awesome June wedding day. Remember, as you enjoy this green summer month, and indulge in a well earned vacation, or celebrate the love between people, that Mars is in Aquarius, and there are people in death camps, there are people who are suffering because of the greed of others, and that ultimately each one of us is responsible for the way things truly are. Finding a way to balance the extreme pain and extreme pleasure of these realities is what life's all about. We have a nice chance to practice this month.

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