Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2003

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Planets in Gemini July 1 - July 10

On this, the eve of July, 2003, I look at the planetary positions for this month, and my immediate thought is that there will be some changes around here this coming month. As I write, there are five planets in the sign of Gemini: Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. The new Moon occurred on June 29 in the thick of this conjunction of planets in Mercurys air sign. Gemini represents the field of intellectual communication, and such modern innovations as telephones, computers, newspapers, and other various media. Mercury and Gemini are adaptable, quick to learn, and skilled at communicating.

With this in mind, I feel that some of the planets that have moved into Gemini, and who were carrying the fixed, slow energy of Taurus, will change their tune and enable us to move on to our next phase or empower us to make the moves we need to make to enact change in our lives. The first few days of the month should be utilized to define, consider, and communicate what needs to happen as we transition. Connections via phone, email, or conversation are bound to productive at this time. Although not a lot of actual work may be accomplished, you may be able to connect with the right person, book, cd, or idea. This ephemeral quality of connecting is valuable in life, and Gemini is a particularly hospitable region for engaging in it. Put yourself out there during the first week of July, because Mercury will be out of his domain by July 10. Mercury is extremely powerful right now because he is essentially the Lord of all the he surveys.

Planetary lordship is gained by becoming the landlord of another planet. For example, Mercury, as the ruler of the signs of Gemini and Virgo, is the lord of any planet (and that planets subjects) that is posited in those sectors of the sky. Therefore, Mercury is the lord of every other planet in the sky at the moment. The partys at his house and everyones going. Mercury wants to tell everybody anything; it is that impulse one has to blurt things out at inappropriate times, it is the person who is not afraid to make a spontaneous short overseas trip for business, it is the connection and flow of information through our brains and nervous system. The Mercury in us will want to bop till we drop; he has an endless supply of energy (he thinks.) He is wrong. Compensate for fulfilling the urge to keep doing, talking, traveling, or internet surfing that Mercury brings by doing things that calm Mercury down: make time to have complete, nutritious meals, dont s

Independence Day on Fire July 4

July 4, everyones favorite day for using barbeques and setting off fireworks, looks like it has the potential to encourage explosions and fires. The Moon will be in Leo, and many other planets in Gemini. If Mars gets a chance to throw some fuel into the fire, the airy, adaptable nature of Gemini could cause it to spread. Use care and attention that day. Enjoy this whirlwind first week of July: the potential for moving, gathering, and spreading is great, as is the potential for overextending yourself. Find the balance!

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 13

While the first part of this month is Gemini flavored, as the planets move into Cancer, our focus may come back to our homes, families, and the comforts associated with that arena. Take the ideas and connections that are made during the first week of July and nurture them for the remainder of the month. Allow the ideas to mature and ripen in your mind as the Moon waxes and becomes full on July 13, and then allow your new charge to grow and become a part of your life as the month winds down. The full Moon on July 13 will be in the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign. This will create one last exchange of signs between the Moon and Jupiter before Jupiter leaves her sign. Celebrate your home, family, and community with a party or barbeque that day.

Sun enters Cancer July 16

Next to exit Gemini after Mercury on July 10 is the Sun, who moves on into Cancer on July 16. The Sun is more friendly with the Moon than with Mercury, so will probably burn our edges a bit less when it moves into the Moons sign. The Sun will be bidding farewell to Jupiter, currently in Cancer and remaining there only until July 29. Next to go will be Venus, exiting Gemini on July 24, leaving only Saturn to do the clean up work as he plods his way through. It is best to get used to Saturn being in Gemini; he will step into Cancer in the fall of 04, but a retrograde trip will take him back into Gemini until the summer of 05, so essentially two more years.

Jupiter Enters Leo July 30

As I said, Jupiter is spending his last month in his sign of exaltation, Cancer. Jupiter's one year stay there didn't bring as much expansion to the homeland as I had hoped, possibly due to Saturn's presence in Taurus for much of that time, which I felt was a pattern that kept our belts tight, with feelings of prosperity at a minimum. Jupiter in Cancer did see a trend of keeping the status quo in the homeland; this energy allowed many Americans to buy the line that going to war against the evil Iraqi empire, with its piles of hidden, subversive weapons of mass destruction would keep us safe in the good ole USA. Jupiter's move into Leo on July 30 may switch the focus of status quo stability from the comfort of home toward the state, the government, our rulers, and our reputation. Jupiter will remain in Leo through August 2004. I will talk more about Jupiter and the upcoming chapter next month.

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