Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2002

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Resumes Forward Motion October 6

Mercury stations direct on October 6. As a planet ends its retrograde cycle and stations direct, it slows down considerably, lingering for a while in one spot. For Mercury the Quick, this is momentous and not to be missed. Mercury will then gain speed and be off again, cruising through Virgo and into Libra on October 28. This would be a great month to solidify the changes that have been swirling around, to organize our affairs around whatever new paradigm may have entered (or crash landed) in our world.

New Moon in Virgo October 6

A conscious choice to tie up loose ends and to accept new modes of choice that have presented themselves over the past year is an excellent activity for this new Moon. The new Moon occurs on October 6, when the Sun and Moon conjunct as usual each month. This conjunction also occurs in Virgo, in addition to Mercury stationing direct in that sign on the same day. To add a bit of drive and power to any potential decision to utilize the "new beginnings" power of the new Moon, Mars also enters Virgo on that day. I feel that this configuration would be excellent for beginning a new health regime, or for healing chronic conditions, be they physical, mental, or spiritual. Use the energetic power of Mercury and Virgo to align yourself with the path of healing (whatever) this month. Notice the details and see how they fit together, organize your thoughts and see how they can be used to create something, discriminate between activities that hurt and help you.

Venus Begins Retrograde Cycle October 11

Now, enough of that dry, practical stuff. Most of these busy people I have encountered are also having a pretty good time. Venus in Libra has provided us with a very rich social environment. Exchanging ideas and having fun with one another, appreciating the beauty of nature, and relating our desires with those of others should be very accessible activities this month. Certainly, this outlet of enjoyment has made the busy work of Mercury a bit more bearable. Venus will stay in Libra until the beginning of 2003. This could be a very festive, entertaining autumn and holiday season coming up; with a few twists.

As if on cue from their friend Mercury, Venus and Saturn both begin a retrograde cycle this month. Venus turns retrograde on October 11, and Saturn does the same on October 12. Mercury seems to create the most palpable disturbances in the force while retrograde, but we should be able to detect some extra Venus and Saturn energy while they make their way closer to us on Earth starting this month. Venus' retrograde continues until November 11, and Saturn's plods steadily on through late February 2003. The combination of these two planets serves to reinforce the point that Mercury has been attempting to make this year. Both Saturn and Venus rule earth and air signs (like Mercury) and their slower and steady motion could aid us in settling into any new patterns.

Saturn Retrograde Cycle in Gemini October 12

On the other hand, Saturn, who ties into our financial paradigm by ruling security and shelter, hanging out in Mercury's sign of Gemini may prove to be a more stern force. Above all, Saturn is here to guide us toward discipline, responsibility, and a realistic view of life and its levels of manifestation. For those who insist on clinging to their unproductive, negative, irresponsible, and outmoded ways of creating security for themselves (like the United States), Saturn may provide the harsh reality checks that he is famous for. To avoid Saturn's harsh tactics of death, disease, disaster, and other cold methods of separation from that which we hold dear, make sure to ask yourself these types of questions often: How will this action affect myself, others, and the planet? Who am I really and how can I communicate that? What is the reality of the situation?

Full Moon in Aries October 20

The full Moon occurs late on October 20 this month in Mars' fire sign of Aries. Let's hope the Mars can influence us in constructive ways during this coming Full Moon. This ancient god of war was also the god of agriculture. I'm still pulling for seed planting rather than bomb dropping. Maybe someone should forward this to Dubya. Best wishes to all this month.

Venus and Sun Conjunct October 31

For those of you who actually observe the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars on a regular basis, I recommend keeping an eye on Venus. You may have noticed an incredibly bright "evening star" lately, which is actually Venus, appearing in the western sky after sunset. When Venus goes retrograde on October 11, watch as she drops closer to the horizon each evening. Venus will slip from our sight by the end of October, making a conjunction with the Sun on Halloween night. The mythological background of Venus' retrograde cycle outlines a trip into the underworld, a place of transformation. By mid-November, Venus emerges from combustion with the Sun, and we will again be able to view her in the sky, but then as the morning star, appearing in the eastern sky before sunrise. Venus' activity this month is also a harbinger of transformation in the realm of how we accept and relate with the other. The alchemy of human connection is Venus' area of expertise, so enjoy the new perspective that the morning star may bring your way.

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