Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2002

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Planets on the Move July 1 - July 31

This month, we are going to see the shift of two important planets into new signs. First, Jupiter moves into Cancer from Gemini on July 5, and then Saturn leaves his station in Taurus and moves into Gemini on July 23. The other planets are on the move (as always) this month, as well. Mercury, never in one place for too long, moves into his own sign of Gemini on July 4, filling the void that Jupiter will leave, and stays there for only a couple of weeks. The Sun begins July in Gemini and moves into Cancer on July 16, closely followed by Mercury. Mars is moving in close rank with Jupiter in the beginning of the month, making the shift from Gemini into Cancer on July 4. Venus begins July in Cancer, and moves out of that sign the day after Mars and Jupiter move in. The new Moon occurs in Gemini this month on July 10, and the full Moon will be on July 24 in the sign on Capricorn.

The sector of the zodiac that includes the signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo will be most activated this month. The movement of planets from Gemini into Cancer is especially prominent. This could signal the development of some of the ideas, communication, and exchange born in Gemini into the fruition of actual projects that connect us with other people and more tangible results. Jupiter and Mars, who carry both fire and water energy with them, moving into the watery sign of Cancer from the windy sign of Gemini, may grant some relief from the extremely hot, dry, and windy weather that is fostering the many fires in the western US at this time. The energy of these two planets, expansion of consciousness (Jupiter) and ability to manifest on a material level (Mars) could be used well to begin new ventures that require sensitivity, nurturing, and interchange. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and thus carries the qualities of the feminine with it. This could be a good time to at least begin planning the building or purchase of a new home, perhaps even by letting the images of what you wish to manifest come to your mind. A good way to honor the Moon is to follow her cycle throughout the month, and while gazing at the Moon, to meditate on her reflection of the light of the Sun, which is our local source of the Divine light. The Moon represents the mind, the emotions, the part of our consciousness that reflects upon things, that muses and dreams. The Moon catches the light of the Sun on her face and reflects it in her own way, and each of us has the ability to use our minds in that same way. Pay attention this month to how light and inspiration come into your mind, and how you transform and project those energies.

Saturn Enters Gemini July 22

Around mid-day, July 22, Saturn slowly but surely enters into Mercury's air sign, Gemini. It's always notable when Saturn shifts signs. More than any other planet, Saturn, with his principles of discipline, responsibility, and detachment, can cause strife in life when human beings do not live by his principles. He demands that this attention to right conduct in our worldly actions be practiced and ordered, and when we are lacking in this attention, he reminds us of who we really are by holding us back, causing us illness, and slowing us down. Often the remedies for illnesses and obstacles require good doses of Saturn's discipline, restraint, and perseverance. Saturn stays in each sign for about 2 1/2 years and has spent that last stint of time in the sign of Taurus. Saturn's move into Gemini will not only take him into a sign that suits his own constitution a bit better, but he will also be moving out of opposition to both Pluto and Ketu, who are scheming together in Scorpio. This should relieve some tension and allow us to move on into a restructuring of our ideas. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes Saturn brings while stationed in Gemini. It may be a good idea to become more regular about computer maintenance in the coming years, especially with vigilance against computer viruses. On a more ephemeral level, Saturn's presence in Gemini could mean a slower, more detached way of approaching the frenetic, media-oriented, telecommunicative, American culture in which we live. Saturn could bring in the question, "Are all these emails, cell phone calls and weblinks flying around our lines of communication really necessary?" He may force us to draw some lines, and may even cause some writer's block while transiting through Gemini.

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