Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

January 2002

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Happy New Year January 1

For most of western civilization, January 1 marks the beginning of a new year, and many of us can relate this holiday to the beginning of a new cycle of the culture that claims this calendar as its own. Best Wishes for 2002.

Coming astrological highlights for the year 2002 include the ingress of Uranus into the sign of Aquarius in January, the movement of Rahu into Taurus in February, Saturn's change of sign from Taurus to Gemini in July, and Jupiter's change from Gemini to Cancer also in July. That accounts for the major shifts of the slower moving planets for 2002.

Mars enters Pisces January 10

Mars will move from Aquarius to Pisces on January 10. This should relieve some of the pressure that could be felt during December. While in Aquarius, Mars and Saturn were each aspecting the other, creating some tension surrounding the principles of action and limitation. With Mars moving into Pisces, we should all be able to resume working and building. Pisces is a friendly sign to Mars, and this placement often gives me the image of a fast boat, cutting through the sea. Mars will be aspecting Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, and Rahu from his new position. It would be a good time to apply our power and drive to our means of expansion and learning. For example, work on or research new avenues of learning or philosophy. Begin to plan a journey that may take some research, or set a new course of study for yourself.

New Moon in Sagittarius January 13

The new Moon in Sagittarius on January 13 could help with any new undertakings. Optimistic Jupiter will aspect and encourage projects begun under this new Moon, which occurs in his fire sign of Sagittarius. Venus and the Sun will remain in close quarters with each other during this new Moon, and throughout January. The principles of devotion, love, and relating, represented by Venus, are somewhat outshone by the independent, self-centered, yet generous and noble Sun when these two planets are so close. Jupiter's aspect on the lot of these planets in Sagittarius during the new Moon should help to inject some blessings onto new beginnings at this time. Jupiter can be associated with gambling and over speculation, so beware of this while kicking off new enterprises at this time.

Sun, Moon and Venus Enter Capricorn January 14

January 14 sees the Sun, Moon and Venus moving into Capricorn, joining Mercury who is already there. Goal oriented and disciplined Capricorn is excellent ground for making headway on anything initiated during the new Moon. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will stay in Capricorn for the remainder of January. Put your nose to the grindstone, for the last two weeks of January are an excellent time for focusing on work that is important to you. This conglomeration of planets transiting through Capricorn may energize the issues connected to the house that contains Capricorn in your birth chart.

Mercury Retrograde January 20 - February 8

Mercury moves from this opposition to the Moon shortly after its exact fullness. Mercury will enter Capricorn, a neutral sign for Mercury that is ruled by Saturn, and remain there throughout January, turning retrograde on January 20. Mercury's retrograde cycle is always something to watch out for as it can wreak havoc in various ways. This Mercury retrograde period runs from January 20 through February 8. Already quick, Mercury tends to get even hastier during retrograde, when it is actually moving closer to the Earth. Quantum leaps of thought are possible, but we can easily succumb to skipping steps and dropping the ball. Interrupted communication and computer ailments, especially with hardware or operating systems may become prevalent during this time. Mercury's position in Capricorn could even cause mishaps that result in broken bones. Blind determination may be your bane during Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Keep working, but take it slow and don't skip steps. I always suggest tidying up your personal communications networks before a Mercury retrograde period. Make sure your phones are working, do system maintenance on your computer, and take extra care in your verbal and written communication. Also, use this opportunity to forge ahead on projects that require a combination of mental agility (Mercury) and goal-oriented determination (Capricorn). Travel can also be difficult during Mercury retrograde. Watch out for car problems and delays on the road or in the air. Tapping into the Saturn energy of slow movement and responsibility could be a good remedy for anyone during this time.

Uranus Enters Aquarius January 27

Although Vedic astrology does not traditionally acknowledge the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, modern science has given us eyes to see what could not be reckoned before with the unaided human eye. This is an interesting quandary for Vedic astrologers, whose traditional system of planetary rulers works so well, and neatly. There has been no consensus among Vedic astrologers on how to handle this information gleaned in modern times. I personally like to see the positions of these planets represented in a chart, at least to note if they combine with or aspect other planets or crucial houses. Therefore, Uranus' movement into the sign of Aquarius on January 27, 2002 is certainly noteworthy. The influence of Uranus seems to be shocking, eccentric and disturbing, often stirring things up and forcing change. Western astrologers give Uranus rulership of the sign Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn in Vedic astrology. So, from a western point of view, Uranus is moving into a sign that it rules. Uranus' orbit around the Sun takes about 84 years, and it stays in each sign for approximately 7 years. Uranus entered the sign that it will be leaving this month, Capricorn, back in 1994. It is always interesting to note what house in your chart a planet is transiting to see if its effects manifest in that domain of your life. Uranus is unique among the known planets that orbit our Sun in that it rotates in the opposite direction as the others. Eccentric, unique, and individual are good words to describe Uranus.

Full Moon in Cancer January 28

The full Moon will occur the evening of January 28. The Moon, which when full is always opposite the sign that the Sun inhabits, will be in Cancer, the sign that it rules. Planets are strong when in their own signs, and the Moon is strongest when full, so the energy of the full Moon should be prevalent this month. Fruits of the projects begun during the new Moon should be coming ripe during this time. Saturn will aspect the Moon in its full, serving as a reminder that our work is not finished and motivating us to follow through to the end.

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