Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2002

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Enters Aquarius February 7

Venus had been moving very closely with the Sun for most of January, along with Mercury. The party appears to be breaking up by the beginning of February as they spread away from each other, although each of the trio is still in Capricorn. Venus will sail into Aquarius on February 7, where I'm sure she can find some thought provoking conversation, at least. Venus and Saturn, therefore, are visiting one another's houses. In Sanskrit, this is referred to as sambhanda, which means "complete connection". Western astrology refers to this condition as "mutual reception". Both naturally and temporally at this time, Venus and Saturn are the best of friends, and the condition of sambhanda makes their relationship particularly auspicious. Enterprises involving both Saturn's discipline and Venus' eye for beauty would be well pursued at this time. This could mean anything from a project involving the arts, redecorating your office, or even investing in real estate, to name only a few examples. Combined with the naturalsandhi condition of this new moon, one may even experience transition in relationship, of either the separating or the committing variety. Be creative. Let Saturn and Venus completely connect in your life. Experience the beauty of responsibility and the discipline of love. Things are never too sudden with Saturn; he places obstacles in our way so that we learn to slow down and detach ourselves. This gives us the experience and patience to reach our goals. Venus requires that we love and are devoted to the other; she will never admit that we are alone in a cold, harsh world. This aspect could be what keeps us stable during this particularly transitional time.

Mercury Resumes Forward Motion February 8

The January forecast predicted the usual Mercury retrograde mishaps: computer crashes, communication breakdowns, and unexplainable phenomena surrounding electricity. Like me, you may have either just noticed or been fully engaged by this energy, and may be wondering when Mercury will go direct again. You are certainly not alone. Mercury officially goes direct on February 8, but take heed before you go skipping off thinking that it's going to be smooth sailing from here. I have observed that Mercury's retrograde effects can be felt for a week on either side of the actual retrograde period. That translates to: keep it slow, double check, and don't skip steps at least until about February 15. (Or, you could learn Saturn's lessons once and for all, and continue those practices.) In addition, although Mercury will go direct in Capricorn on the 8th, he will remain in that sign until March 7th. Slow, silent Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will endow his disciplinarian nature on chatty, quick moving Mercury for as long as Mercury stays in Capricorn. For that matter, Mercury moving into Aquarius in March will still be ruled by Saturn. The coming period would be a good time to buckle down and pursue goals aimed at improving communication or to engage in a serious course of study. For musicians, it would be a good time to integrate melodies (Mercury) with rhythm (Saturn).

Saturn Resumes Direct Motion February 8

Speaking of Saturn, who has been retrograde since late September, he will actually resume direct motion on the morning of February 8th. It's as if he stops dead in his tracks and gives one final yank to the leash he's got on Mercury, who goes direct later that evening. Saturn is performing this feat from his station in Taurus, the earth sign of his good friend Venus. We may feel the return of some business as usual, although until Saturn exits Taurus, the sign of material prosperity, our resources may continue to trickle rather than to flow.

New Moon in Capricorn February 11

Just before the Sun's transit into Aquarius, the daystar will conjoin with the Moon at 10:45 pm PST on February 11. This is known as the new moon, and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. As always, the new moon is an appropriate time for beginnings, planting seeds, and the initiation of new projects. This new moon is also Chinese New Year, the first day of 4699, the year of the Black Horse. Officially, Chinese New Year is February 12. (Remember that it is already the 12th in China when it is late on the 11th in the US, which is when the new moon will occur this month.)

This new moon occurs at 29°34" Capricorn which poses an interesting twist on this new lunar cycle. The very first and last degrees of any sign are seen as places of transition. This is referred to as sandhi, which is a term that can be applied to various situations which could be described as transitional. Twilight, dawn, the change of season, the change of a planetary period, the change of sign or nakshatra (lunar mansion), new moon, all can be considered sandhi times. A feeling of transition, uncertainty, and/or transformation may thereby flavor this new moon. This could particularly manifest in practical affairs, business dealings, or long-term goals.

Sun enters Aquarius February 12

The theme of Saturnian influence continues as the Sun transits through the remainder of Capricorn and enters Aquarius late on February 12. Saturn indeed rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, but manifests a bit differently in each sign. Capricorn is an earth sign, which hosts Saturn's qualities of discipline, responsibility, and tenacity. Aquarius is an air sign, reflecting the realm of ideas more than the Capricornian earth plane. Aquarius can bring detachment, humanitarianism, and eccentricity.

Mars Enters Aries February 20

Mars bides his time in his friend Jupiter's water sign, Pisces, for the first few weeks of February. Wherever Pisces is in your chart, you may have been feeling some extra energy and power. Mars, the eternal engineer, doesn't balk at the oceanic Pisces. He has already built a sailboat and is charting the most direct course. The moment he's been so patiently (not!) awaiting will arrive late in the evening on February 20. He will sail right into Aries, his own fire sign. The mystic warrior returns home. Mars is very strong here, and we will all be able to enjoy this virile, capable, and dynamic placement wherever it may occur in our charts. Although Mars in Aries can give us the energy to build great things, it could also make us a bit hotheaded and self-centered. Try to remember Venus' lessons while you are trailblazing or designing the latest. This should help to keep things smooth and efficient.

Call it coincidence, but Mars rules the nakshatra (lunar mansion), called Dhanishtha, in which the sandhi new moon and unstable Uranus will conglomerate on the 12th. Hopefully, his sojourn at sea can calm his fiery nature during this potentially unstable time. Dhanishtha endows the gifts of insight, universal sympathy, and perception of truth. The auspices of this lunar mansion include pulling together of resources and the gain of recognition. This also bodes well for work on projects pursued during this time.

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