Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2002

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter and Saturn Settle in August 1 - August 30

August of 2002 could be the first time in awhile that many of us feel that there is a sense of relief. With Saturn and Jupiter settled into their new positions after last month's shift, the time has come for us to move forward into the next phase. Because the changing of signs by two slow moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter seldom creates an overnight transformation, many of us may feel that we are riding the wave of transition at this time. As indicated in the last forecast, Saturn is a bit more comfortable in Mercury's sign of Gemini, so it may be that we all experience a shift at this time surrounding our perception of what becomes difficult or is in need of review, revision, or letting go in our lives. Saturn in Gemini is more likely to exercise his powers of detachment and responsibility in the way we think and communicate. Saturn, when he was in Taurus, seemed to bring many people into a state of reckoning with their material possessions and the practical side of relationship. Now, we may experience the same "sorting" effect with our ideas, perceptions, and exchange with one another. Use Saturn's serious, concentrated energy to examine these facets of your life during the next couple of years as he transits through Gemini.

The United States' birth chart shows a very Gemini character, with four planets located in that sign. With our media, emails, cell phones, and multimillion-dollar book industry, we Americans freely indulge in quick exchange and communication, and also are at risk of the pitfalls of these activities, which include a tendency toward ungroundedness, dishonesty, and nervous exhaustion. Hopefully, Saturn's transit through Mercury's air sign will bring a new sense of responsibility surrounding our Gemini habits. During this transit, I predict that the US will be held accountable in some way for both the gifts and gaffs caused by this active use of high speed, worldwide communication. Since most of you are reading this over the internet, you may be well aware of the "diseases" of our beloved computer world, such as viruses, tasteless porn and spam emails. Saturn in Gemini may see some forms of control and oppression of these types of negativity that come through our rampant and unregulated worldwide computer systems. Let's hope that we are wise enough to maintain our openness and freedom if we do make an effort to regulate some of the negative products of such a wide open network.

Jupiter's move into the nourishing and homey sign of Cancer last month helped somewhat to bring some rain and relief to some places that were suffering from fires and heat. Truly enough, Jupiter's expansive energy brought too much relief to some areas and caused some flash flood damage, perhaps brought about by Jupiter's current proximity to Mars. Jupiter's transit through Cancer in the coming year may help to bring the divine joy and awareness associated with Jupiter into our home life. The Moon as ruler of Cancer will have some influence over Jupiter, and Jupiter's beneficient energy may wax and wane with the Moon in the coming months. Jupiter is at his best while in Cancer, as the combination of Jupiter's good, joyful, intelligent energy with the nurturing, receptive nature of the Moon makes for excellent results. For many of us, Jupiter in Cancer will manifest somehow this coming year in the form of a better home life, the opportunity of parenthood, real estate acquisitions, or perhaps a new acquaintance with cooking. The planets act on many different levels for every different person, and their manifestations take infinite and unique forms. Perhaps you will develop a new interest in whale watching or move to a new level of relationship with your mother, just a couple of examples of what Jupiter in Cancer could mean.

Venus Transits Virgo August 1 - September 1

Venus enters the sign of Virgo, Mercury's earth sign, on August first, and makes her way through that sign as August progresses, moving into her own sign of Libra on September 1. Venus is debilitated in Virgo, which means that her innate ability to relate and shower us with beauty, love, and devotion is somewhat thwarted. The analogous image that arises in my mind is of a sculptor who winds up in a chemistry lab. The sensuality of Venus can be a bit uncomfortable in Virgo, known for its arena of practicality, hard work, and intellect. The best can be made of any situation, however, and a suggestion I have for this one is to bring your desires to relate, share, and enjoy the beauty of life, qualities associated with Venus, under the lens of analysis and organization provided by Virgo. This would be a good opportunity to identify some of the excesses that Venus can cause, such as too much comfort and glamor in our lives, and work toward achieving a balance with the associated physical ailments that can manifest from too much of a good thing. Owing to the fact that both Venus and Mars, the planets of sexuality, will be in their position of debility this month, we may be prone to feeling some degree of frustration in this arena. Know that this situation is only temporary, and take extra care to be sensitive and receptive toward that special someone in your life this month. It is August, and the summer heat can always bring intensity into our physical lives no matter what the planets may be doing.

New Moon in Cancer August 8

The New Moon occurs on August 8, in the sign of Cancer. The Sun and Moon are always conjunct and in the same sign during a New Moon. The Moon is generally considered to be weak during this phase, as her energy is eclipsed by that of the Sun. However, the Moon will be in her own sign of Cancer which gives her strength, and also Jupiter's position near his degree of exaltation will also lend power to the Moon this month as we begin the next lunar cycle. Things may get a bit hot, though, as the Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct with fiery Mars. There are a few factors at work here. Jupiter's presence in Cancer during Mars' transit through his least comfortable of placements has been excellent for maintaining the status quo as Mars plows through Cancer. Normally, Mars in Cancer can be quite disruptive and destructive, but Jupiter's accompaniment certainly has kept things more pleasant. While Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, Mars is debilitated, so often things become difficult when accident prone and forceful Mars blazes through the nest. With Mars, Sun, and Moon conjunct at the beginning of this lunar cycle, and owing to Jupiter's beneficial influence, we could gain both drive and blessing in any new projects or moves initiated during this New Moon.

Sun Enters Leo August 17

The Sun moves into its own sign of Leo on August 17. The Sun is strong in this placement, and here in the Northern hemisphere, could help to account for the potent solar energy that marks the ripening of summer and the transition into "Indian" summer. The Sun as symbol of the soul and literally as the source of life on this planet fully manifests during this season. Be sure to wish a happy birthday to all of your Leo friends; they love the attention, much as the Sun can do little else than shine generously as the center of our attention. Mercury, ever afoot, races through Leo from August 3 to August 22. This brief period could afford the ability to communicate what is in our heart, so don't miss your chance.

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