Mitt Romney Birth Chart Interpretation

by Kerry Shamblin

Willard Mitt Romney
March 12, 1947
9:51 am
Detroit, Michigan

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The birth chart of the Republican presidential candidate for 2012, Willard "Mitt" Romney, reveals some clear, obvious strengths. The chart's lagna, or ascendant, is at 7o of Taurus, making Venus lagna lord. Venus is strongly placed in a friendly sign, Capricorn, in the trinal 9th house. The lagna also receives aspects from the Moon/Jupiter/Ketu combination in Scorpio and from Mars in Aquarius in the 10th house.

In addition, further adding attention to the lagna is the presence of Rahu, the north node of the Moon, on the Ascendant. Rahu in the lagna can often bring the desire for fame or the placement of the native in prominent positions.

Further strengthening the impact of this chart at first glance is the 10th house of career, in which we find Mars, Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Having all but two planets posited in the angular houses (1-4-7-10) creates a foundation for a strong chart that shows both great gifts and stiff challenges.

The lagna shows two different nakshatra influences. The lagna degree falls in Krittika, a fiery nakshatra ruled by the Sun whose motivation is kama, desire. And Rahu falls in Rohini, ruled by the Moon, with the motivation of moksha, liberation. This shows someone with both strong desires and the ability to fulfill them. Venus, lord of Taurus, is well situated in the 9th house of fortune, showing the fulfillment of the desires indicated in the lagna, especially those of a material nature due to Taurus' status as an earth sign.

A strong Venus influence on the lagna can grant the native a good measure of charisma and physical attractiveness. While Venus may very well the strongest planet in the chart, it could also be a source of trouble for Mitt Romney due to its lordship of the sign Libra, which falls in the 6th house of health/disease/friendship/enmity. The 6th house, a dusthana house that causes illustrates challenges to be faced in life can reveal a native's ability to overcome struggle or penchant for creating it.

Libra is an air sign and indicates a social and philosophical nature. With this influence on the 6th house, we can see someone who may be supported by their charismatic, social nature but also susceptible to the pitfalls that come when your strength lies no deeper than charm or surface- level social interaction. This is a basic indication that trouble can come through social networks or through insubstantial or wavering ideologies.

The higher vibrations of a Venus influence lead toward devotion and compassion while the lower vibrations of Venus lead toward materialism and illusion. Venus is placed in the 9th house, which can indicate spiritual or religious pursuits. Romney is a fifth-generation member of the Mormon Church and very much identifies with that position. Examination of Saturn, yoga karaka of the chart as lord of the 9th and 10th houses, reveals more about this path of religious devotion.

The impact of the father can be read from the 9th house and the condition of its ruler, Saturn. Mitt Romney's father was a self-made man who became successful in the auto industry, politics and was also leader of the LDS church in Detroit. George Romney was a candidate for the Republican nomination in 1968, and served as a living role-model and inspiration for his son, Mitt, who has been described as "idolizing" his father.

Saturn is retrograde and located in the 3rd house, which shows our vital energy and how we act in group of peers. The 3rd house is an upachaya, or growing house, which is generally a good place for malefics like Saturn. The strength of Saturn, and therefore Romney's 9th and 10th houses will increase over time. This Saturn is located in Cancer, not a favorite place for Saturn, but somewhat mollified by being placed in the 9th house from the Moon, in the Moon's own sign.

The Moon is the planet that indicates the mother, and Cancer is its sign. The presence of Saturn, lord of the 9th house of father in Cancer suggests a unity between father and mother in Mitt Romney's life, if not a bit of domination of the home environment by the father. Sun, a significator of the father, is also ruler of the 4th house of home and mother.

Romney's Moon is located at 4o Scorpio, just one degree past the Moon's degree of debilitation. It is joined at the exact degree by Jupiter, generally an auspicious planet, but slightly tainted as the ruler of the 8th and 11th houses for Taurus lagna. Jupiter in an angle from the Moon grants Gaja Kesari Yoga, which improves the condition of the Moon somewhat.

This Jupiter/Moon combination occurs in the 7th house of marriage and partnership, so we could see a possibility of a spouse who showed similarity to Romney's mother. Indeed, both Mitt Romney's mother and his wife seem to play the role of devout, religious wives and mothers who serve as supportive partners to their prominent husbands.

Moon/Jupiter are located in the nakshatra called Anuradha, which is associated with friendship, and grants fame and recognition through friendly alliances. Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, bringing the father influence to bear on the mother and on the wife in yet another way. While Mitt was away in France on mission during 1966-69, George Romney was influential on Mitt's future wife, encouraging her to attend Brigham Young University and to convert to Mormonism.

Joining Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio is Ketu, the south node of the Moon. The contractive, internalizing nature of Ketu in the sign associated with things hidden from sight could indicate a secretive nature and a spouse that supports and maintains the hidden agendas of the partnership. The Moon, though supported by Jupiter, is generally weak due to debilitation, waning condition and lordship of the 3rd house. Jupiter aspects Saturn in Cancer; this could also show the influence of the mother and wife as positive but weak in the sense of creating a moral nature.

Mars, as lord of the 7th house and of the Moon/Jupiter combination is located with Sun and Mercury in Saturn's air sign, Aquarius. This further dries out the condition of both Jupiter and Moon, subjecting those planetary influences to the domination of Mars and Saturn. Therefore, the focus on resources and power may outweigh moral consideration.

Mars is joined by the Sun and Mercury in the house of career. There are two raja yogas formed here. Sun, ruler of the 4th combines with Mercury, ruler of the 5th. Mercury, ruler of the 5th also combines with Mars, ruler of the 7th. This grants great power to Romney's 10th house. The Sun and Mars are both associated with leadership and allow Romney to carry forth the legacy of political, religious and business leadership established by his father.

Mercury is retrograde and ruler of the 2nd house of resources and the 5th house of children, creativity and also wealth. The indications for these houses are good due to Mercury's presence in the strong 10th house. The 2nd house is also associated with speech, granting Romney good communication skills which are an asset to his career.

This powerful Sun/Mars/Mercury combination also falls in the 4th house from the Moon/Jupiter combination, showing strength in 4th house matters such as real estate and vehicles.

While there is great strength flowing into Romney's 10th house, there are a couple of indications that there is vulnerability to loss of power. The first comes through Mars as ruler of the 12th house of loss and the second comes from lagna lord Venus' location in the 12th house of loss in the dashamsha, the 10th harmonic chart which we associate with power and status. The dashamsha is otherwise strong with a Jupiter/Mercury/Moon combination in the 5th and Ketu/Sun combination in the 9th. Strong, but not impervious.

Romney was born into Saturn mahadasha, showing a childhood strongly influenced by a father with a strong career, Saturn being the ruler of the 9th and 10th houses.

Mercury mahadasha ran from 1964-1981; Mercury is located in the 10th house of career and is ruler of the 2nd and 5th. During this time, Romney attended university, completed his LDS mission in France, got married (Mercury/Venus), fathered five children (5th house indication) and became vice-president of the consulting firm Bain & Company (Mercury/Saturn.) The Ketu mahadasha was next, from 1981-1988. Romney co-founded the private equity firm Bain Capital in 1984 and led the company toward making huge increases through his Ketu period.

Venus mahadasha ran from 1988-2008, during which time Romney enjoyed continued success with Bain Capital and Bain & Company. He also presided over the Boston Stake of the LDS Church from 1986-1994 (Venus in the 9th house.) During Venus/Mars, Romney ran for the election for US Senator for Massachusetts, losing to Ted Kennedy (Mars rules 12th house of loss.) Mitt was elected as governor of Massachusetts in November 2002, during his Venus/Saturn period. His tenure as governor continued through Venus/Mercury and Venus/Ketu. Romney did continue his political pursuits, campaigning for the Republican nomination for President in 2008, losing to John McCain at the very end of his Venus dasha (Venus/Ketu. Ketu's lord is Mars, also lord of 12th house of loss.)

Romney's Sun mahadasha runs from July 2008-July 2014. The thrust of this period seems to remain in the political realm, with Romney preparing to run again for president in 2012. Mitt Romney's bid for and winning of the Republican nomination coincided exactly with his Sun/Saturn period. The Presidential campaign occurs during his Sun/Mercury period, which begins May 1, 2012. With Sun and Mercury both located in raja yogas in the 10th house of career, Romney stands a good chance of giving Barack Obama a challenge during the presidential campaign.

At the time of the 2012 Presidential election, Saturn, very strong in Barack Obama's chart, will be exalted and transiting Romney's 6th house of enemies during the election. Sun, Romney's dasha lord, will be debilitated and transiting his 6th house, as well. Venus, Romney's lagna lord, will be debilitated, but transiting Romney's 5th house of luck.

Jupiter, also strong in Obama's chart, will be transiting Romney's lagna. The Rahu/Ketu axis will transit Romney's natal Rahu/Ketu axis, with Ketu transiting his Rahu and Rahu (joined by Mars and Mercury, agents of Romney's 10th house) transiting his Ketu, bringing a sense of destiny to this period in Romney's career via his 1st/7th house axis.

May the stronger chart win!