Loretta Lynn Birth Chart Interpretation

by Kerry Shamblin

Loretta Lynn (born Loretta Webb)
April 14, 1932
4:00 pm
Van Lear, Kentucky, USA

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Loretta Lynn's ascendant is a strong foundation for a powerful chart. The ascendant falls in the Sun's sign of Leo, in the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni, ruled by Venus. The Sun is exalted in Aries in the auspicious 9th house of dharma and Venus is strongly placed in her own sign of Taurus in the 10th house of career. This also puts Sun and Venus into a temporally friendly relationship, and they work together to form a strong lagna, or rising sign for Ms. Lynn, which in turn sets the tone for an interesting birth chart and life story.

This strong Leo ascendant gives Loretta Lynn both leadership energy as well as the makings for an entertainer, comfortable with presence on stage. Certainly, with a successful music career spanning over 50 years and still going strong, Ms. Lynn has made good use of her strong ascendant and exalted planets.

The yoga karaka for Leo lagna is Mars, ruler of the 5th and 9th houses, causing raja yoga on his own. Mars is placed in the 8th house with Rahu and retrograde, debilitated Mercury in Pisces. This placement deserves some serious consideration.

Mercury's debilitation is cancelled by Jupiter's placement in Cancer, its sign of exaltation. Because Mercury rules two houses of finance in this chart, the 2nd house of resources and the 11th house of income, this cancelled debilitation of Mercury seems to have created a good measure of financial prosperity for Ms. Lynn.

The 8th house is known as the house of death and transformation, the place where the depths of life are reached and explored for good or ill. Along with the 6th and 12th houses, the 8th forms the trio of dushthanas, houses of difficulty. With yoga karaka Mars placed in the 8th along with Mercury ruler of the 11th house of gain, this shows good longevity. With Mars representing personal drive and power, we can also see a very willful person who would not be afraid to fight for what they want.

Adding Rahu to the Mars/Mercury energy in the 8th we see how the struggles that Loretta Lynn faces in her life ultimately are the basis for her fame. On her way toward the title “First Lady of Country Music” she pushed the boundaries of that conservative and male-dominated industry with her songs that portrayed the struggles of women in a man's world. By singing about topics such as birth control, double standards for men and women and the struggle for woman to gain respect during a time and culture that didn't support women exercising that kind of power, she was a champion for women's rights whether it was her conscious intention or not.

Rahu, the north node of the Moon that draws us karmically toward worldly actions that play a part in both personal and collective evolution, can bring fame, especially when connected with a powerful planet like Mars for a Leo ascendant.

Another auspicious planet for Leo lagna is Jupiter, ruler of Lynn's 5th and 8th houses. Jupiter is placed in another dushthana, the 12th house of loss and liberation. Jupiter is placed in his sign of exaltation, Cancer, along with the Moon, ruler of Cancer. This greatly ameliorates the difficulties offered by the 12th house, but does not eliminate them.

The Moon as significator for motherhood, combined with expansive and abundant Jupiter, bestowed Lynn with the motherhood of six children. While certain joy was brought to Lynn through her children, the 12th house theme of imprisonment did make its way into Lynn's life in the feeling of being helpless against the tide of what was expected of women (raising children and housekeeping) during the time when she was a young woman during the 1940s and 1950s.

Lynn's life exemplified the confinement often imposed on traditional women by the expectations of marriage and child-rearing. Her struggle for expression and respect as shown through her 8th house ultimately led toward the transformation from loss to liberation that is offered by the 12th house.

Exalted Jupiter conjunct the Moon also forms a gajakesari yoga, by nature of Jupiter's placement in an angle from the Moon. The results of gajakesari yoga generally include wealth, protection from hardship and intelligence.

Lynn has Saturn placed in his own sign of Capricorn in the 6th house of service and health. The 6th house is also a dushthana house, a place of difficulty and challenge, and it is also an upachaya house, or growing house. Malefics like Saturn do well in the 6th house.

Saturn is strong by being placed in its own sign, so brings fortitude and resilience to Loretta Lynn's personality and work, while also providing Lynn with obstacles and struggles throughout her life, especially when it came to her marriage. Saturn is also the ruler of the 7th house of partnership for a Leo lagna, and is considered an inauspicious planet for this ascendant.

The Moon is located in Cancer in the nakshatra Pushya, one of the most auspicious lunar mansions that happens to be ruled by Saturn. This caused Lynn to begin her life in the middle of her Saturn mahadasha, which shows her humble beginnings as a “coal miner's daughter.”

Loretta Lynn was married to her husband of 48 years when she was only thirteen years old during her Mercury/ Moon dasha/bhukti. With Moon located in the 12th house, which can signify places far away from the birth place, it was not surprising that thirteen year-old Loretta and her husband moved to Washington state seeking a better life than they saw presented to them in Kentucky.

The marriage between Loretta and “Doo” Lynn was reportedly passionate and tumultuous. Doo Lynn was known for abuse of alcohol and unfaithfulness to his marriage with other women. In describing their frequent fights, Lynn has said, “he never hit me one time that I didn’t hit him back twice.”

Doo Lynn died of diabetes in August, 1996, during Loretta Lynn's Moon/Mercury dasha bhukti. It is interesting to note that the relationship began during Mercury/Moon and ended during Moon/Mercury. With Mercury as the ruler of the house of gain and Moon as ruler of the house of loss, we see the relationship and its end bringing both gain and loss to Loretta Lynn.

With the opposition of Saturn and Moon in the 6th / 12th axis, both occupying their own signs, we see a possible struggle between expression as a woman and mother (Moon in 12th) and a desire for stability that may feel oppressive (Saturn in the 6th.) This struggle is confirmed by the fact that we see Saturn in the 6th and Moon in the 12th in the navamsa chart as well.

So we can see that there are six significant planetary places in the dushthana houses in Loretta Lynn's chart. This set up for her an amazing set of challenges in life that she was well-equipped to deal with, with an amazing measure of grace and success. We also see that the dushthana lords, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon are all located in dushthana houses, further giving foundation to the set of challenges that Lynn has faced and overcome during her lifetime.

The navamsa chart also reflects the fiery nature of Loretta Lynn's personal power. The yoga karaka of the rasi chart, Mars, is the final dispositer of the navamsa and located in the navamsa ascendant in its own sign of Scorpio. Exalted Sun in the rasi chart is vargottama, located in Aries in both the rasi and the navamsa charts

Perhaps one of Lynn's greatest assets via this birth chart is Venus located in Taurus in the 10th house of career. Venus as ruler of the 3rd house of power and motivation can show an interest in Venus-related pursuits such as singing and vocal expression. Venus' location in the 10th house indicates someone who could take this interest in singing and make it a career. Venus in Rohini

It was during her Venus/Venus dasha/bhukti that Lynn gained her first number one hit with the song “Don't Come Home A' Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)” in 1967. Her career, success and popularity continued to grow through the remainder of the Venus period and through the Sun period as well.

Venus in its own sign and in an angle also produces Malavya yoga. “Malava” was the seat of artistry in ancient India, and this yoga confers fame, talent, power, fortune, the ability to embody art and to enjoy the good things of life without craving or desire. We also see Amala yoga with Venus being a benefic in the 10th from the lagna, which confers the ability to complete good deeds through one's career.

This powerful 10th house of career is supported by examination of the 10th harmonic chart which shows her strong fiery planets Sun and Mars forming a Raja yoga (combination of 1st and 5th lords of dashamamsha) in the 1st house.

Loretta Lynn received a guitar from Doo on her 18th birthday, during her Mercury/Rahu period. She taught herself to play and began to sing and play in public in 1957, during her Ketu/Ketu period. Ketu is located in the 2nd house of resources in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. Singing and vocal expression are significations of the 2nd house, and we saw Lynn's rise to fame occur during her Ketu period, between 1957-1964.

Mercury is associated with communication and writing, and in her chart rules the house of resources and gains, has its debilitation cancelled and is also the atmakaraka of the chart. Her work as a writer, communicator and performer has made her a de facto representative for the rise to power and equality for all women.

Regarding this chart from the moon, using the Moon as the 1st house, we see confirmation of many of Lynn's powerful placements. Venus in Taurus is located in the 11th house of gain, Sun in Aries occupies the 10th house of career, and the Rahu/Mars/Mercury combination shows up in the 9th house of grace and fortune. Saturn is located in the 7th house of partnership, opposite the Moon/Jupiter combination and Ketu gets a spot in the 3rd house, where we can see the song writing talent of Loretta Lynn.

The isolation that Lynn may have felt as a woman in her culture, and which ultimately prompted her to find an outlet for her fiery spirit, can be seen with a kemadruma yoga, which is the absence of planets in the signs adjacent to the Moon's location. The expansive and positive nature of Jupiter conjunct the Moon may have given Lynn the hope and faith to keep pushing forward in her life, and Saturn's location in an angle from the Moon ameliorates the isolation of the Moon, as well. But the sense of struggling to express one's power as a woman and mother despite feelings of isolation and confinement seems to be a defining factor of Loretta Lynn's life.

At the time of this writing, Lynn continues to produce work and gain recognition through her Rahu mahadasha, which runs from 2007-2025. Her lyrics and music remain relevant and popular and she remains “The First Lady of Country Music.”