Jimmy Page Birth Chart Interpretation

by Kerry Shamblin

Jimmy Page
January 9, 1944
4:00 am
Hounslow, UK

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James Patrick Page, one of the greatest rock-n-roll guitarists of all time, was born during a full Moon during the pre-dawn of January 9, 1944. With the sign of Libra and the nakshatra of Vishaka rising at the time of his birth, we look to Venus as lord of Libra and Jupiter as lord of Vishaka to give us clues about his personal orientation.

Venus is located in Mars' water sign, Scorpio, in the 2nd house of personal resources and financial success. As the 8th sign, Scorpio is associated with resources that lie below the surface. On a material plane this could be gemstones, oil, or the mineral riches found in the earth which nourish crops. On the mental and spiritual levels this reveals interest in the subconscious, the psyche, research, the occult and magic. With the lagna lord positioned in Scorpio, we see a personality that enjoys playing in the realm of the hidden. It has been reported that Page is very private and keeps his affairs hidden from the public eye as much as possible.

The ruling planet of Vishaka nakshatra is Jupiter and the ruling deities are Indra-Agni, lords of transformation and fire. This nakshatra holds the power of vyapani shakti, the power to achieve many fruits in life. With no planets located in angles aside from the nodes in the 4th-10th house axis, we sense that the power of Vishaka to give patience and determination to accomplish work is very strong for creating the foundation of success for this individual. The symbol for Vishaka is an archway and another is a potter sitting at the wheel creating his work. We can substitute a guitar for a potter's wheel and get a pretty clear image of Jimmy Page crafting his simple and powerful guitar riffs.

One thing that is well known about Jimmy Page is his interest in the occult. He believed Aleister Crowley to be a misunderstood genius of the 20th century and owned Crowley's home, Boleskine House, from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. He also had an interest in astrology and used the "Zoso" symbol as his personal sigil, often having it embroidered with other astrological symbols onto his stage costumes. The Zoso symbol, a sigil consisting of zodiacal signs, originated from a tome entitled "Ars Magica Arteficii" dated 1557 by Gerolamo Cardano.

One of his costumes was called the "Dragon Suit" which included the symbols for Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer, which in western astrology are his Sun, Ascendant and Moon signs. Ironically, in Vedic astrology, his Rahu-Ketu axis falls in Cancer – Capricorn, bringing the "dragon" energy to those two signs. (Jyotish sees his Ascendant-Moon-Sun as Libra-Gemini-Sagittarius. His lagna lord, Venus, is located in Scorpio.)

The lord of Scorpio, Mars, is located in Taurus in the 8th house. The 8th house is also extremely supportive of interest in the occult. This also places Mars and Venus into parivartana yoga, exchange of signs. This gives extreme energy to the results of each of these planets and to the houses that they rule in the chart, 1-2-7-8. Also sambhanda because of mutual aspect.

Mars shares Taurus with Saturn, the raja yoga karaka for Tula lagna. Another raja yoga is also formed with the Mars-Saturn combination due to Mars' rulership of the 7th and Saturn's rulership of the 5th house (combination of trine and angle lords.) We're therefore seeing this 8th house, though a dusthana, becoming very powerful in this chart and giving strength to both Mars and Saturn.

Anapha yoga is caused by the presence of the Mars-Saturn combination in the 12th house from the Moon. This can confer a good reputation and regal appearance and also a tendency toward renunciation later in life.

The Moon in this chart also grants a great deal of strength to the chart, causing another raja yoga as lord of the 10th located in the 9th (angle lord in trinal house.) The Moon is also strong due to its waxing status and being nearly full. While the Moon is strong, it is also hemmed by malefics, causing the tendency for emotional dissatisfaction and difficulty in the pursuit of happiness.

The Moon is located in Ardra nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and the deity Rudra, lord of storms, a fierce form of lord Shiva. Moon in Ardra grants an inquisitive mind and the ability to commit to bold actions. The power of Ardra is yatna shakti, effort, and pushes natives to make gains in life through their own efforts.

Rahu further influences the Moon by its occupation of Cancer, the Moon's sign, in Page's 10th house. Rahu in the 10th can often confer fame, which in Jimmy Page's case is certainly true. This influence of Rahu on the Moon, especially combined with the 10th house indication of career and the indication of Ardra's effort, also manifested the use of drugs during certain parts of Page's career. He maintains that drugs played a part in the creation of the music of Led Zeppelin from beginning to end. From 1976 until the early 1980's, Page was admittedly addicted to heroin, but also had the power to overcome the addiction, probably due to the strength of his Moon and the other raja yogas in his chart.

Jupiter, generally an auspicious planet, is somewhat weakened from that status for Libra rising due to its rulership of the 3rd and 6th houses. Both are upachaya houses and the 6th is also a dusthana. Jupiter is located in Leo in the 11th house of gain in Page's birth chart, yielding yet another parivartana yoga between the Sun (posited in Sagittarius) and Jupiter. Jupiter from this position also aspects the Sun and Mercury conjunction. This improves the results of both Sun and Jupiter in this chart.

Page made his first public performances as a musician at age 13 at the beginning of Jupiter/Jupiter cycle in 1957, and this trend continued throughout that mahadasha. Through years of playing in various groups and intense daily work as a session musician for many famous groups through the 1960's, Page earned his chops as an upcoming rising star. He was sought after as a serious professional who had the stamina, versatility, precision and creativity to perform any style of music that was called for.

By the end of Jupiter mahadasha, in the bhukti of Rahu (located in Page's 10th house), between December 1970 and May 1973, he had established himself and his band, Led Zeppelin, as the most successful rock band of all time. "The Biggest Band in the World."

The Sun and Mercury are both located in the 3rd house, known as the house of will and vitality. It can show where we want to apply our energy and is also associated with ambition and how we operate within a group of equals. Since Page began his music career, there has been a long history of work with various musicians and groups, including what he helped to make the most famous rock group of all time, Led Zeppelin. The kind of focus it takes to become a skilled musician, including the drive to practice, innovate and push boundaries is also shown in this strong 3rd house.

The other very famous member and driving force of Led Zeppelin is Robert Plant, who has Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Leo in the 10th house; joining forces therefore with a very Leo type of individual is indicated by this Sun/Mercury combination in Page's 3rd house. (It can also be noted that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, although obviously having different charts, share roughly the same place on the vimshottari dasha system, their cycles differing by only 2 months. At the time of this writing in September 2012, they are both running the Ketu/Rahu dasha/bhukti.) Led Zeppelin performed for the first time as "Led Zeppelin" during the pair's run through the Jupiter/Moon dasha. Plant's Jupiter is in the lagna as ruler of the 2nd and 5th houses and his Moon also forms a raja yoga as ruler of the 9th in the 4th.

Although the commercial and critical success of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page continued through the 1970's, things shifted a bit at the outset of Page's (and Plant's) Saturn mahadasha in the spring of 1973. Various events caused the band to take time off from touring and to work on other projects including writing and recording more material and working on the film The Song Remains the Same.

The Led Zeppelin dream ended in the spring of March, 1980, when the band's drummer died from complications resulted to alcohol abuse, during Page's Saturn/Venus dasha. (Venus is the ruler of the 8th house, which can bring themes of death.) We can see a theme of loss that comes to Page through Venus' bhuktis. During his Jupiter/Venus dasha, early in his career, he chose to abandon touring with the group he was performing with due to continued bouts with infectious mononucleosis. He returned to art school during that time to pursue study of painting. Led Zeppelin decided as a group not to go on after the death of John Bonham and Page spent a period in grief before picking up the guitar again to begin new projects.

Throughout the remainder of the Saturn mahadasha, Page went through various projects, none of which granted him the success he enjoyed with Led Zeppelin. Though a raja yoga karaka as ruler of the 4th and 5th houses and strengthened somewhat by association with Page's strong Mars, the placement of Saturn in the 8th house somewhat isolated Page from the flaming success he reached during his Jupiter mahadasha. The first half of the Saturn mahadasha was marred by Page's heroin addiction and the second half by his recovery.

The Mercury mahadasha (May 1973-May 1992) involved many projects that played upon the strength of his success with Led Zeppelin. Reunion projects with other band members and remastering of all of the albums filled this period for Page. Mercury is ruler of the 9th and 12th houses, placed in the 3rd house with the Sun, ruler of the 11th. Continued income from his earlier success is indicated by this combination and dasha cycle.

It should be noted here that Mercury is retrograde in Page's chart, further strengthening the results of "re" during the Mercury period. Most of the success of the Mercury period was a revival of the success born during the Jupiter period. Interestingly, Page has four retrograde planets in his chart: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. This extreme retrograde energy shows the possibility for internalization of those planetary energies, perhaps explaining further Page's tendency to be the quiet, shy and private member of the most famous rock band in the world. Many planets retrograde can also show the need for the soul to work through karmic situations created in past lives, including paying debts and clearing past karma.

Venus, lord of the lagna, is the only planet (aside from the Sun and Moon, which can't assume retrograde motion) that is not retrograde in the chart, and while conferring a good income, also brought about situations that forced Page to face transformation and loss (as ruler of the 8th house.)

In both the Saturn/Venus and Mercury/Venus periods, Page ended relationships with the mothers of his children. Lord of the 7th house, Mars, occupies Venus' Taurus in the 8th house position. The relationships were initiated in the Jupiter/Mars and Saturn/Mars periods, respectively, again showing the influence of Mars (as 7th lord) on his relationships.

Page is the father of four children from three different marriages. Venus is the lord of the 5th house from the Moon and located in the 6th house from the Moon, showing the instability of his marriages and family life. This is further shown by the lord of the 4th and 5th house from the lagna being located in the 8th house.

In all, the chart of Jimmy Page is a good study on the power created by raja yogas, the internalization energy created by retrograde planets and the clear sequence of the dasha cycles giving the results of the planets.