Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

No Retrograde or Debilitated Planets June 1 - July 24

For the first time in months, we will enjoy some relatively calm weather from the planets; Mercury and Saturn are both moving in direct motion, Jupiter is in his own sign and Mars has finally made his way into Leo. This is no guarantee that money will start flowing from the sky in the midst of meeting your perfect partner, but at least there should be fewer obstacles in the way of making some forward motion on life's path, wherever that may lead. This weather pattern continues until Jupiter goes retrograde on July 24, which should only slow things a bit.

Mercury Transits Taurus June 6 - June 22

Mercury enters into his friend Venus' earth sign, Taurus, on June 6, putting himself into exchange of signs with Venus for a few days. Mercury's capacity for communication and exchange should be easing back into a good rhythm after his recovery from the last retrograde cycle, especially upon reaching more friendly territory. The Mercury-Venus exchange from June 6-9 would be a good period to jump start endeavors that require both the creativity and beauty provided by Venus and the communication and connection provided by Mercury (writing, singing, art, design, for example.) This energy continues with Mercury's transit through Taurus, until June 22, but may feel stronger at the beginning, while Venus still occupies Gemini.

Venus Enters Cancer June 9

After the brief exchange between Venus and Mercury, Venus hitches up her skirts and glides into the summer vacation territory of Cancer. Venus will take just under a month to make it through the Moon's sign. While in Cancer, Venus receives the positive aspect of Jupiter, bestowing luck on Venusian projects. As Cancer represents the mother and the home, this could be a good time to beautify the home or to entertain. It may also signal a time of renewal within the home, after any disruption of the peace that Mars may have left behind. With Mars occupying Leo, the adjacent sign to Cancer, the charge between these two planets that represent female and male, in the signs that represent the mother and father, could cause passion to run at an increased level. They should also look fabulous together in the western sky after sunset.

New Moon in Taurus June 12

The Sun and Moon meet this month at 27° Taurus, putting the Moon and Venus into an exchange of signs during the new Moon. The lunar mansion to host this month's Sun/Moon conjunction is called "Mrigashira" which is ruled by the planet Mars and associated with Soma, the Moon god. "Mrigashira" translates as "the head of a deer" and signifies the beginning of a search. Mrigashira spans the end of Taurus and the beginning of Gemini, and the Taurus portion is associated with manifestation on the material plane, due to the creative impulse of Venus. This is a good new Moon on which to conceive of creative projects, especially involving music or poetry. The nature of Mrigashira is soft and gentle and is also supportive of marriage and birth. For the first time in many months, the new moon, which marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, is in a position that is supportive of new endeavors and is free of negative influences and obstacles.

Sun Enters Gemini June 15

The Sun spends his annual month in Mercury's air sign, Gemini, from June 15-July 16. He joins Ketu in Gemini, moving into opposition with Rahu, which signals the beginning of eclipse season. Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon align with the Rahu/Ketu axis. The Sun represents the core self, that unique force that defines an individual's life purpose; like the Sun in the sky, we radiate that which we are without discretion or shame when we are aligned with our true purpose. When the Sun transits Gemini, we have the opportunity to explore how our true selves react to the territory of ideas, communication and exchange. Gemini can teach us about change, flexibility and multiple points of view. Our challenge this year in Gemini is that Ketu, the south node of the Moon, has a special power to subdue the power of the Sun. Whether we enjoy the feeling or not, we may experience the challenge of involuntary ego suppression. One has a choice to push against this challenge, which will likely lead to an experience of frustration, low self-worth or depression. One also has a choice to yield to the eclipsing energy and possibly experience the liberation of ego dissolution. Allow yourself to expand your perception so that you're able to view situations from multiple perspectives, rather than just your own.

Mercury Enters Gemini June 23

Mercury follows the Sun into Gemini and quickly rushes through his own sign, almost as if to escape that nasty eclipsing thing. Mercury's presence in Gemini during the last week of June and through the first week of July should support our communication, writing and speaking, as well as encourage movement and travel. Mercury, with its flexibility and chameleon-like nature is a great example of living humbly without submitting. Add that into the mix, and June is shaping up to be a good time to move forward with deliberation and grace.

Full Moon in Sagittarius (Partial Lunar Eclipse) June 26

The Moon reaches the point of fullness at about 4 am Mountain time on Saturday, June 26. This occurs at 10° Sagittarius, Jupiter's fire sign, in the lunar mansion called "Mula" which translates as "root." Mula is ruled by Ketu and associated with Nirriti, the goddess of death and destruction. The energy of Mula encourages the exploration of the necessity of dissolution and breaking apart in order to proceed in positive directions. Because of the full Moon's conjunction with the Rahu-Ketu axis, we will experience a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible for most of the Americas, the Pacific and eastern Asia. This is the first of two eclipses in succession, with the second being a full solar eclipse on July 11. Eclipses are considered to be powerful astrological events that should be regarded with respect and caution. The idea of our great luminaries being darkened, even for a short time, reminds us that there are forces in the universe that can eclipse that which we consider stable, reliable and supportive. They often act as a trigger point for events that could be classified as unexpected, abnormal, fated or even catastrophic. For individuals who have strong placements on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, these eclipses could trigger unexpected but not necessarily negative events. The time around the eclipse (June 25-27) is a sensitive time, and it would be advisable to avoid scheduling events that are essential to any important projects, for example: contract signing, marriage or large purchases. This would be a better time for retreat and reflection, as the Moon's conjunction with Rahu can sometimes cloud or confuse the mind and emotions.

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