Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Full Moon in Aquarius September 4

The Moon reaches fullness mid-day on September 4, at about 19° Aquarius, reflecting the Sun's light back toward Leo, where the Sun is positioned near Saturn, who is traversing the final degree of Leo. The full Moon occurs in the lunar mansion known as Shatabishak, which translates as "The Hundred Healers." This nakshatra is ruled by Saturn, as is the sign of Aquarius, so there is a heavy Saturn influence that comes from this lunar mansion. Harmonizing with the energy of this full Moon will require a deep honoring of Saturn's energy, which generally requires actions that involve detachment from ego-driven desires and willingly taking karmic responsibility for all aspects of action and life. While this is the climax of the current lunar cycle, this full Moon is also symbolic in light of Saturn's final days traversing the sign of Leo. The theme of Saturn in Leo has been about deconstructing outdated power structures, questioning relationships to authority and those in leadership positions, and letting go of ego-driven striving for accolades and attention. Use the energy of Shatabishak to flood your field with healing, as it should be a balm to wounds caused by the necessity of letting go and detachment. It's a wrap. It's time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, analyze our positions and move forward in a state of growing health and balance.

Mercury Retrograde September 7 - September 29

Mercury slows himself down in preparation for his third retrograde cycle of 2009 on September 7. He begins the retrograde cycle at about 12° Virgo, makes an exact conjunction with Saturn on September 22, dips back into Leo on September 23, and then stations and goes direct on September 29. The usual recommendations for Mercury retrograde apply, including a week before and after the cycle begins and ends: avoid signing any important contracts or making moves toward establishing new offices or businesses, always double check travel plans and vehicles, backup and secure data, electronic equipment and computers. Take extra time to make sure communication is clear and understood and above all, practice patience and caution while conducting daily business. This will be a month that is good for review and reflection, especially for events that have taken place during Saturn's time in Leo, November 2006 until present. Try to integrate the lessons learned during this period, analyze emotional, mental and physical data collected during this time, and use it to plan for Saturn's next set of lessons, which will begin for all of us as Saturn moves into Virgo.

Saturn Enters Virgo September 10

Saturn ambles into Virgo September 10 to begin his transit of Mercury's earth sign, which will continue through November 2011. It is wise to be aware of where Saturn is transiting an individual's chart, because for most people, Saturn can cause challenges that force us into dealing with situations that ultimately drive our personal evolution. Virgo reflects Mercury's earthy side, so we see the physical manifestation of the changeable energy of the messenger planet. Physical health, the art and science of healing and medicine, analysis and application of data, and harvest and preparation of food are all associated with Virgo. Saturn's presence in Virgo will likely throw some emphasis on this arena of life. The energy of Saturn often drives us toward recognizing where we are attached or stuck, and ultimately forces our hand in taking responsibility for detachment and letting go of ego-driven desires. Willingly addressing Saturn's lessons is recommended, which while Saturn transits Virgo for the next couple of years, could mean voluntarily addressing the issues of personal responsibility as related to health, the physical body and how we acquire and distribute our food. In light of the current furor surrounding the health care issue in the US, we will likely see Saturn forcing one and all to pay the piper on some level: ultimately, each of us has the task of caring for our own physical form by choosing the correct food, exercise and rest for our body type, and we may see a trend toward self-care and preventative care as a remedy for a crippled health care system that is unable to meet the needs of the masses. The concept of insurance is a Saturn-related one, and we'll likely spend time collectively reviewing and analyzing the insurance system as well.

Venus Enters Leo September 15

Venus moves through the Sun's sign, Leo, from September 15 – October 9. While in Leo, Venus remains amazingly unaffected by the influence of any other planets, so her normal function as the planet of beauty, love, connection and relationship should serve us well during this time. Interestingly, Venus will occupy the space recently evacuated by Saturn, almost as a force of planetary feng shui, to clear the space of the lessons and experiences faced during Saturn's transit of Leo. This three week period feels like a cosmic pressing of the reset button in the realm of creative expression and relationship. It should be a good time to see clearly where we are, both within ourselves and as we relate to others. This period should also support productive creative work and self-expression. The latter half of September and the beginning of October could be a great time for redecorating and beautifying the home and the self, as well as for entertaining and sharing love of music, art and theater. For those who enjoy being in the spotlight, Venus will help enhance personal magnetism and allow one to shine and sparkle.

Sun in Virgo September 17 - October 16

September will be (and often is) a time where the Mercurial energy of Virgo is felt quite readily. The Sun's transit of Virgo brings the focus to the harvest and collection of the summer crops, both literally and figuratively. The autumnal equinox occurs on September 22, in the midst of the Sun's transit through Virgo. Mercury and Saturn's presence in Virgo will bring even more emphasis to the arenas of life represented by Virgo. While the Sun moves through Virgo, we have the opportunity to make transitions, although in this case, any major moves should be held off until Mercury's retrograde cycle subsides, after the first few days in October. Review, planning and mental preparation for imminent changes are excellent activities for the latter part of September.

New Moon in Virgo Conjunct Saturn and Mercury September 18

September's new Moon occurs at 2° Virgo, in the lunar mansion known as Uttara Phalguni, which spans the last few degrees of Leo and the first ten degrees of Virgo. The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mercury will all be within three degrees of one another on September 18, in the midst of Mercury's retrograde cycle. This marks this new Moon as a time for careful action as far as major new beginnings. Uttara Phalguni is associated with the ripening of the fruits of labor and with contemplation and individual thought. Self-reliance, honesty and independence are highlighted here. Exploring one's own point of balance is a good starting point for the current lunar cycle. This is a good time to sit back and observe how one's individuality and effort fit into the greater whole, and to make plans for creating and maintaining balance between the self and the collective.

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