Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2007

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Virgo October 10

The Sun and Moon meet once again, this month in Mercury's air sign, Virgo. The start of our new lunar cycle occurs within the lunar mansion of Chitra, which spans the latter part of Virgo and the beginning of Libra. Chitra is associated with creating beauty, so get out your art supplies and get ready to express yourself. Mercury, the lord of this new moon, is located in Venus' sign of Libra, while Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, is located in Leo. This puts two beneficial planets that are currently well charged for creative pursuits in the two signs that surround Virgo, supporting the initiation or resurgence of artistic endeavors of all kinds. Chitra contains the bright star Spica, and represents the brilliance of the divine that we carry within us. Now is the time to trust intuitive flashes that may reveal ideas that seek expression. Mars is the ruler of Chitra and also aspects this new Moon. Channel the power and passion of the red planet into your creativity and

Mercury Retrograde October 12 - November 2

While the new Moon gives strong encouragement to get creative, Mercury prepares to begin the third and final retrograde cycle of 2007. The first occurred in February in Aquarius, the second in June in Gemini, and the current cycle will occur in Libra. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are the three signs that represent different facets of the Air element. As Air is the realm of ideas, philosophy and things of an ethereal nature, we can expect Mercury's retrograde antics to manifest mainly in that realm. Be prepared for minds to play tricks, for memories to morph, and for ideas to leap wildly. While this three week period could be difficult for communication and coordination, it could be wild magic if one is pursuing intuitive, creative expression as recommended above with the New Moon in Virgo. During the retrograde period as well as during the week before and after that period, we could fall prey to unexplainable antics involving phones, computers and schedules. Be prepared by working hard to communicate clearly and don't be steamed when the best laid plans blow away like fallen leaves in the wind. Things may run more smoothly if conscious efforts are made to keep a light schedule and to not over-commit.

Venus-Saturn Conjunction October 13

Speaking of commitment, Venus conjuncts Saturn on October 13 as she makes her way through the Sun's sign, Leo. Venus has been near Saturn for months as if escorting him into his new position in Leo, where he remains for another two years. Venus, as the planet of love, beauty and relationships, generally acts as a facilitator among the planets, and is a natural friend of Saturn. (They relate on the topic of what it's like to own both an earth and an air sign.) Saturn can be a rather harsh task-master, constantly serving us lessons that teach us how our egos drive us to attach ourselves to concepts that make us believe that we are more powerful and significant than we actually are. He forces detachment, encourages discipline, gives no quarter and destroys anything that stands in the way of spiritual freedom. Sounds good, except for when one is attached to things that prevent one from realizing personal truths. This conjunction with Venus brings Saturn's wizened gaze to relationships. This month could be a key time for re-alignment in relationships of all kinds. The backdrop of this meeting between Saturn and Venus is the Sun's sign of Leo. Self-inquiry is encouraged in order to identify what personal needs must be met when interacting with others, as well as to identify what gifts can be generously given from the heart without creating imbalance.

Sun Enters Libra October 18

The Sun moves from Virgo to Libra mid-month, heading for a conjunction with retrograde Mercury, which will occur exactly on Oct 23-24. Generally, planets coming into close proximity to the Sun as they travel through the zodiac are considered to be

Saturn-Ketu Conjunction October 21

The last time Saturn and Ketu made a conjunction in the Sun's sign of Leo was September 10, 1802. What kind of meeting shall this be? Saturn and Ketu, the shadowy south node of the Moon, have similar interests. Saturn's function is to remind us constantly that life must be balanced by death, gain by loss, and growth by decay. The point of his rather dry and serious lessons are to lead us toward the realization that life is fleeting, is possibly illusory, and that clinging to it leads to pain and suffering. While somewhat depressing, this portion of truth is an essential ingredient in the great biscuit that is self-realization. In a similar manner, Ketu's function is to draw individuals inward, to lead one away from the bread and circus that is the world and towards the quiet, inner peace that can be found through self-inquiry. Each of these planets shares the qualities of withdrawal, separation, and detachment. Meeting in the fiery fields of Leo, the sign that represents aristocracy, cultural pride and dramatic self-expression, it is likely that detachment from these Leonine qualities may be forced or encouraged for us all. This could signal changes that disrupt the political status quo in many different ways. This conjunction supports revolutionary action, and we could see here the strengthening roots of a spiritually based revolution. Coming to terms with history and the past, letting go of outdated cultural phenomenon, and selecting the pith to carry forward and translate into currently relevant pursuits is the way to go. We could see a shaking of political foundation that targets legacy political parties and oldfangled rulership. Keep it real, peeps.

Full Moon in Aries October 25

Although the Sun may be slipping in brightness as the autumn progresses, the Moon will still be bright as it reaches the peak of its cycle in Mars' fire sign, Aries, on October 25. The lord of this full Moon, Mars, has only yet begun an extended transit through Mercury's sign, Gemini. All of those creative and artistic projects already underway will gain the added benefit of Mars' nearly endless power combined with the flexible ease of retrograde Mercury, who influences the Moon indirectly by being the lord of Mars at this time. An abundant supply of energy to work on projects that require Mars' skills: building, designing, farming, mining, organization, etc., may be available during the last week of October. Get it while it's hot!

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